A transit the the Suez Canal requires some planning. Over there is a many paperwork to complete and also a pilot is required for the whole transit. In addition, over there is one overnight protect against at Ismailia and also clearance needs to be completed when the transit is complete. The is feasible to finish the formalities oneself when transiting from port Said however an agent has to be provided for a transit from Suez Port.

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Visas space not necessary by anyone traveling on a yacht transiting the Suez Canal and remaining in the harbor area. For more details watch Egypt Formalities.

It’s important to note that in march 2021 the port clearance fees for canal transits were hiked up drastically to over $900 (from $60). Agents the opposite this dues increase have actually been succesful in gaining it decreased substantially and it is hoped there will still be additional reductions.

Last update - respectable 03, 2021

Suez Canal transit

TRANSITING north TO south –Port SaidtoSuez Port

Captains of yachts intending to transit the Canal will be informed at the yacht club either by a club official or an main of the Canal Authority, on the exactly procedure to follow.

Although time-consuming, taking around 2-3 days, the formalities deserve to be brought out through the captain alone and also the organization of an agent is no essential. That does, however, do life a lot simpler as the agent will handle all of the below.

The captain an initial has to visit the little Craft room in the main building of the Canal government in harbor Said. He will certainly be instructed as to the assorted formalities come be lugged out and additionally the payments to it is in made. This payments include the transiting fee, insurance policy, ports and lights dues (see fees further down the page).

Pre-Transit Procedures:

The adhering to offices need to be saw in Port stated (southbound):Suez Canal tiny Craft Department:to existing ship’s documents and also request transit.Port Immigration: to complete arrival forms also by those who do not need a visa.Insurance company: to worry insurance certificate*.Return to the little craft office to present the insurance allowance certificate.The day prior to the transit the Customs and Quarantine offices should be went to to clean the yacht out of the country. The officers may visit the yacht too.Port immigrant office to current departure form.Red Sea harbor authority to concern the port clearance.Return through the harbor clearance to the small craft office who will offer it to the pilot prior to the transit.Inspection office for measurement and final inspection before the transit in stimulate to worry a transit permit.All yachts have to be searched through the Egyptian army before transit. The usual timing for army boarding is at 1900 the day prior to transit.On the job of the transit, the small craft office will call the skipper to collection the pilot and also take him come the yacht society to commence the transit.Pilot boarding time not before 10 to be (see notes additional down around the transit).


When asked because that the breeze in order to calculate the yacht’s volume, do not include the keel.No Suez canal certificate is issued for little craft, however your Suez canal pistol tonnage is registered under the yacht name in the canal government system, therefore if you happen the canal again you will not need to be measure again.* Yacht owners do not need to have prior i ordered it insurance because that the Suez Canal. Her agent will organise transit insurance.

Exiting at Suez Port:

Normally, southbound yachts prevent at the Suez Yacht Club before continuing into the Red Sea.

After the transit, once you have actually dropped turn off the pilot, you deserve to leavePort Suezany time friend wish, yet the new fees presented March 2020 might make a difference regarding how long you great to stay.

While going southern to your following Egyptian harbor you have the right to stop at any kind of anchorage on route. Friend cannot go ashore everywhere on route, friend cannot prevent at any type of Island except for Gifton Island at Hurghada. If there are military personnel close to an anchorage, they will most most likely come and check paperwork. Be polite and also courteous and also all have to be okay. They might in extreme circumstances questioning you to leave.

In theory, you are supposed to obtain to your following port of call in Egypt as quickly as feasible but passages of up to ten days to Hurghada have not to be censured.

TRANSITING southern TO north –Suez PorttoPort Said

It is necessary that you call your agent prior to you come at Suez. The agent has to finish clearance formalities with the authorities before your arrival.

Pre-Transit Procedures:

Submit a copy of the yacht’s it is registered certificate and also crew perform to the regional agent in advance of her arrival.The agent will then obtain all the approvals important to allow entrance to the anchorage.On come at the Suez anchorage, contact Suez port Control and request permission to enter the anchorage, i beg your pardon is in ~ the Suez Yacht Club.Port control will then contact the Agent and arrange for them to fulfill the yacht at the Suez Yacht Club.The Suez Yacht club is situated on the left-hand next of the Canal, just past the Canal authority buildings.All yachts have to be searched by the Egyptian military before transit. The usual timing for army boarding is in ~ 1900 the day prior to transit.On the job of the transit, the little craft office will contact the skipper to collect the pilot and take him to the yacht club to commence the transit.Pilot boarding time not before 10 to be (see notes further down around the transit).


No Suez canal certificate is issued for small craft, yet your Suez canal gross tonnage is registered under the yacht surname in the canal authority system, so if you pass the canal again you will not have to be measure up again.* Yacht owners do not have to have prior arranged insurance because that the Suez Canal. Your agent will certainly organise transit insurance.

Exiting at harbor Said:

If you space not stopping almost everywhere else ~ the transit, the outward clearance have the right to be derived while act the transit formalities. Yachts may then proceed to sea as quickly as they have actually dropped the pilot.However, you will certainly not be permitted to leaving the harbor in Ismailia. The alternative, if you have a visa, and wish to walk ashore at Ismailia, is to inspect out that the nation atPort Said.


On the job of the transit, the pilot will arrive in the morning (not prior to 10 am) to overview the yacht as far asIsmailiain the NW corner of Lake Timsah, where the yacht have to spend the night as yachts space not enabled to transit at night. The crew are not permitted to walk ashore. At an early stage the complying with morning, one of two people the same pilot or one more one will continue the transit to Suez or harbor Said.


Yachts need to be capable of a regular speed the 5 knots, which will be checked during the technological inspection. The speed limit in the canal is 9 knots. Yachts usually transit simply after the morning convoy.It is not permitted to sail in eitherin the canal or the bitter Lakes.If a yacht division down,you deserve to only be towed through a Canal Authority boat (at a high fee!). However, it’s wise to contact your agent first who may have the ability to sort out a cheaper solution.The Canal transit takes 2 days v a stop-over atIsmailia.

Note:There have been reports of several yachts being run aground, and one severely damaged, as result of the incompetence of the Egyptian pilot. The is because of this strongly recommended that at no time need to the pilot be enabled to steer the boat, the the latest charts that the Canal room constantly ad to and also that if it shows up that the pilot is giving wrong instructions, such as advising the human being at the helm to leave the key channel to cut a corner, the captain have to use his or her common sense before accepting together advice.


Suez Canal Transit and Pilotage Fees:

These will be suggested by the Suez Canal officials that board the yacht on arrival and measure the yacht.

The fee is US$8.50 per ton.

Total fee may vary indigenous US$300-700. It is recipient to visit theSuez Canal measurement office and check the calculation to ensure her agent is no over-charging.Once you are measured you go on record, so do not obtain measured again for subsequent transits.

The canal transit does not require any security fees to be paid.

The canal dues is a return fee, for this reason as lengthy as girlfriend return in ~ 6 months your return transit is free. Friend still, however, need to pay agent fees top top return.

Suez Canal agent Fees:

Note: top top 1 March, 2021, a decision to be made by the Red Sea Ports authority to rise the sailing permit (Port Clearance) fees for yachts transiting the Suez Canal northbound indigenous $60 to $930. In may 2021 this fees was reduced for northbound yachts to $540 and in august 2021 further diminished to $447. The is hope there will be more reductions still. Because that southbound transits the sailing permit is still $260.

Sample certified dealer fees 2021 native Prince the the Red Sea because that a Northbound Transit:

Port Clearance: US$ 447Immigration: US$ 36Health Clearance: US$ 35Port Police: US$ 20Insurance Certificate: US$ 4Canal transit dues: Approx. US$ 8.50 every ton that Suez Canal TonnagePort Dues: US$ 20Agency Fees: US$ 80

Sample agent fees 2021 native Prince of the Red Sea because that a Southbound Transit:

Port Clearance: US$ 260Canal transit dues: Approx. US$ 8.50 every ton the Suez Canal TonnagePort Dues: US$ 100Port Disbursement: US$ 120Agency Fees: US$ 120


No entry visa required prior to arrival or throughout transit.No PCR compelled for the crew during canal transit.Canal Transit in 2 work (80 miles) – through overnight in the center of the canal (Ismailia Yacht Club).Using 2 Canal Pilots throughout transit.Members of glossesweb.com still reap a 15% discount ~ above Prince that the Red Sea’s fees.All agents’ and also Suez Canal fees should be payment in us dollars, because of this some cash should be carried. The is recipient that, where possible, the solutions expected and also the fees to it is in paid need to be fully agreed beforehand.

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Do not count on the pilot understanding anything about piloting a yacht. Keep in 8-10m the water close to the buoys if the circulation is versus you and also 15-18m if the flow is through you. Girlfriend can get well in overfill of 1 node doing so.No yacht have the right to transit the canal if a warship is passing through.If you have troubles in the Canal, such together engine trouble, the is ideal to contact your agent an initial who may have the ability to find a solution. The tow clues agents in Port claimed for small craft are Prince and also Felix.If the Canal Authority are contacted they will certainly send a Canal tug and also the charges are extremely high.Be all set for the “baksheesh” society of the canal and also carry lot of of small change US$

Suez Canal Agents:

Take good care when appointing an agent for transiting the Suez Canal. Speak with other cruisers for recommendations and read reports on glossesweb.com. Part shipping agents may offer short prices at the outset, however, when they have your papers they may quote boost in fees as result of “changing of the canal dues” or some “tariff” they had actually overlooked. The yacht’s owner is obliged to pay.