See here the perform of all of Suez Canal transit cruises 2021-2022-2023 pearl schedule, lines, and transition itineraries (ports the call). Many Suez cruises offer cheap deals on one-way transit itineraries in between Europe (Mediterranean) and also Asia (Dubai, India, Singapore, or also China). Part transits are component of people Cruises, transiting Suez Canal.

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Repositioning cruise ships with Suez Canal gives a range from “affordable luxury” to yes, really cheap big-sized ship travel deals. Not to forget this is a unique opportunity to gain cruising come exotic destinations at some of the market’s best rates.

Suez Canal change cruises

Representing a very small segment of every cruise ships repositioning deals, Suez cruises may also be segment of around the world cruises. These distinct voyages space usually starting at the beginning of each year by some of the world’s major brands, and also done mainly by deluxe cruise present ships.

Passing v the Suez Canal is a unique experience related not only to setravel but also to the Africa-Asia region itself. The Egypt Nile cruise deals may be booked individually (they space optional) supplying the not necessarily cheap, but always so lot exotic Alexandria and also Cairo tours and also excursions.

The Egyptian resorts on the Red Sea offer a unique chance to sample so many things in this ancient region. You have the right to perfectly integrate visiting the Pharaoh’s mysterious kingdom, enjoy it the beautiful shores, the impressive coral reef and marine life with luxury ship amenities and also stylish experiences on board.

The diving holidays in the Red Sea are also really popular though optional Red Sea holidays deals. Know that snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing, glass-bottom boats, and even submarine trips space at their very best in the Suez Canal region. And, of course, the numerous archaeological sites, museums, the desert safaris. No to forget the great night-life in major seaside towns.

The “Egyptian Riviera” – Red Sea resorts and also diving tours

This information can be that some aid to you only if you take into consideration the choice of remaining in some of the good resorts in the Red Sea region. These space the main location points for touring the Egypt coast at the Red Sea:

from Cairo (Ain EL- Soukhna)from Safaga (Hurghada, El Gouna, Sahl Hashish, Giftun Island), Marsa Alam (has one airport).

Best Red Sea diving tours space operated in the adhering to areas:

the Northeastern coastline (El Gouna, Hurghada, Safaga)the Sinai Peninsular (Sharm el Sheik, Dahab, Nuweiba)the Southeastern coast (El Quseir, Marsa Alam, Hamata).

Best because that Red Sea diving trips is the seaside area between El Gouna and Safaga. The factor is this area perfectly combine the region’s amazing reefs and also wrecks v the practically proximity to Egypt’s most famous historical sites for touring – Luxor and Cairo.

Suez Canal facts

Suez Canal is an synthetic waterway in Egypt, i m sorry is sea-level and connects the Mediterranean and Red Seas. In November 1869 Suez Canal was accessible for sailing after ten-year construction works. The Canal allows vessel transport between Asia and also Europe without around Africa navigation.

Port claimed is northern terminus; Port Tawfiq is the southerly terminus in ~ the Suez city; Ismailia lies top top the west bank of Suez Canal, 3 km from the half-way point.After very first built, the canal was long 164 km, 8 m deep. After plenty that enlargements, together of 2010, the is lengthy 193.30 km, 24 m deep, 205 m wide.Suez Canal is composed of a northern access channel (22 km), the canal itself (162.25 km), and a southern accessibility channel (9 km).The Canal acts for a single lane that has actually passing places in an excellent Bitter Lake and “Ballah By-Pass”. There are no locks and also seawater freely flows v the canal. Generally, north of bitterness Lakes the canal flows southern in summer and north in winter. Southern of lakes the current transforms with the tide at Suez.

The canal is maintained and also owned through SCA (Suez Canal authority of Egypt) and is under international treaty. It might be supplied in peace and war times, by every courage of battle or of commercial ships without flag distinction. Learn much more at Wikipedia.

Suez Canal cargo delivery transits

On February 24, 2016, a new Suez Canal shipping roadway was inaugurated through the canal’s authority. The new line is parallel to Port claimed and effectively lowers canal transition times. It permits vessels to sail in both directions and increases the containership traffic.

In 2015, the canal was expanded at the price of USD 8,5 billion. However, the low crude oil price now allows cargo ships to protect against paying the costly Suez Canal change prices (USD 465,000 top top average) by taking the long way around southern Africa instead.

Between October 2015 and also February 2016, a full of 115 westbound cargo vessels loaded with goods native Asia to north Europe or the USA took the around Africa route instead of transiting the canal. Statistics display that the South African course saves USD 235,000 on typical per voyage. The Suez Canal government reported for 2015 an increased number of passing ships (17483 vessels, or 2% increase). The report additionally revealed decreased mass cargoes (5,7%) and container cargo pearls (3,1%). To complete with the fallout’s oil prices, the Suez Canal needed to cut transition prices by about 50%.

The south African shipping path has a large environmental impact. The was calculated the the route’s increased fuel usage results in additional 6800 tons of CO2 on mean per voyage.

Cargo ship cruises v Suez Canal, transit routes

One of the world’s biggest container ships CMA CGM Marco Polo offers continuous Suez Canal transitions ~ above its route in between China and the UK/Germany. Itinerary options on cargo (freighter) cruise delivery transits v Suez Canal include the adhering to ports:

1. Cargo cruise indigenous Singapore come Barcelona – visits Piraeus (for Athens), Naples and Genoa.2. Cruise native Malaysia (Tanjung Pelepas port departure) to Trieste, Italy – visits Port Said, Piraeus, and Rijeka (Croatia)3. Cruise indigenous China (Shanghai harbor departure) to Hamburg, Germany – visits China (Ning-bo, and Yantian) and Felixstowe (UK)4. Cruise from India (Mundra port departure) to Southampton UK – visits Salalah, Djibouti, Jeddah, Malta, and Tangier.

Suez Canal cruises native Asia to Europe

Choose a Freighter Cruise native AU$4,600 for 23 days v the Suez Canal. This option includes a trip by freighter from asian port to Europe. You can return earlier to Asia on the very same vessels. Keep in mind that cabins proceeding to Sydney or Melbourne from Europe space booked usually six months in advance.

Felixstowe Freighter trip via the Suez native Asia come Europe uses all year round weekly departures via Suez Canal in either direction. The tariff indigenous AU$4,600 pp includes meals and also port fees. For booking or inquiries call: 02 8270 4899.

Onboard facilities incorporate open deck area, passenger lift, TV/VCR room, passenger lounge, self-service laundry, indoor pool and sauna, fitness room (with table tennis, practice bicycle, rowing machine).

Special requirements imposed for yellow fever injection and also travel insurance which are compulsory. Passengers have to possess a precious passport (at least six month of validation).

Suez Canal cruises native Australia to Europe

Choose a Freighter Cruise native AU$5,730pp because that 48 days v the Suez Canal. This option includes a voyage by freighter indigenous the Australian harbor to Europe. The Round-trip term is 91 days because that AU$10,180 pp. Because that each voyage, four cabins are obtainable (one single, two dual bed, one pair bed) but there space only 4 cruises every year, so publication early. Visit Genoa, Italy, and also Chennai, India with Freighter Expeditions. For booking or inquiries call: 02 8270 4899.

All cabins are carpeted, with air conditioning, small refrigerator, wardrobe, desk, and also chair. Facilities encompass an elevator, tiny fitness room to add sauna, exterior pool, and also onboard steward.

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Special requirements implemented for yellow fever injection and also travel insurance money which room compulsory. Passengers have to possess a precious passport (at least six months of validation). A visa forced for Sri Lanka, India, and also Egypt. The ship only takes approximately 79 years of age. Top top container ships embraced for carriage are only travellers of an excellent physical and mental health. Container pearls don’t administer a medical officer or doctor onboard, only basic first aid therapy is available.

Suez Canal cruises 2021-2022-2023 change schedule

Cruise present / shipsSpring 2020-2021-2022-2023 SummerFall 2020-2021-2022-2023 Winter
AIDA Cruises and TUI Cruises (Mein Schiff)
AIDAbella2021 Oct 13 – 19day Palma De Mallorca come Dubai
AIDAblu2022 Mar 15 – 17day Mahe to Iraklion2021 Nov 5 – 18day Iraklion come Mahe, Seychelles
AIDAcara2021 Oct 8 – 15day Iraklion come Dubai
AIDAcosma2021 Nov 6 – 20day Palma De Mallorca to Dubai
AIDAnova2022 Apr 9 – 18day Dubai come Palma De Mallorca2021 Nov 6 – 20day Palma De Mallorca to Dubai
Mein Schiff 52022 Nov 5 – 17day Antalya to Dubai
Mein Schiff 62023 Mar 20 – 16day Dubai come Antalya2022 Oct 15 – 15day Antalya come Dubai
Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity Beyondnew ship 2020
Costa Cruises
Costa Firenze2022 Mar 19 – 19day Dubai to Genoa2021 Nov 28 – 19day Savona come Dubai
Costa Venezia
Cunard Line
Queen Elizabeth2022 Feb 20 – 32day UK/Southampton come Singapore2022 Oct 10 – 20day Barcelona come Singapore
Queen mary 22023 january 11 – 22day Southampton come Dubai
Fred Olsen Cruise Line
ms Borealis2022 Mar 25 – 23day Dubai to Southampton
ms Boudicca2022 Feb 17 – 15day Fujairah to Limassol
Viking Cruises
Viking Mars2022 Oct 25 – 20day Piraeus (Athens) to Mumbai
MSC Cruises
MSC Musica2022 may 11 – 24day Durban come Venice2021 Oct 24 – 25day Venice to Durban
MSC Opera2022 Apr 4 – 19day Abu Dhabi to Trieste2021 Oct 25 – 18day Venice to Abu Dhabi
MSC Orchestra
MSC world Europa2023 Mar 18 – 25day native Dubai (UAE) to Genoa

2023 Mar 22 – 21day native Damman (Saudi Arabia) to Genoa

2023 Mar 23 (from Doha Qatar) – 23day to Marseille, 22day to Barcelona, 20day to Genoa, 19day to Civitavecchia-Rome

2023 Mar 25 (from Dubai) – 21day to Marseille, 20day to Barcelona, 17day to Civitavecchia, 16day to Naples

2023 Mar 27 (from Abu Dhabi UAE) – 15day come Civitavecchia, 16day to Genoa, 18day to Barcelona

new delivery 2022
MSC Virtuosa2021 Nov 7 – 20day Genoa come Dubai
NCL Norwegian Cruise Lines
Norwegian Jade2022 Feb 13 – 18day Dubai to Piraeus (Athens)

2023 Feb 13 – 18day Dubai come Piraeus (Athens)

2021 Nov 15 – 18day Piraeus (Athens) come Dubai

2022 Nov 13 – 19day Piraeus (Athens) to Dubai

Norwegian Spirit
P&O Cruises (UK, Australia)
Arcadia2023 Mar 26 – 18day Dubai to Southampton
Aurora2022 Mar 26 – 18day Dubai come Southampton
Oceana2022 Mar 21 – 19day Dubai to Southampton2021 Oct 11 – 20day Southampton to Dubai
Princess Cruises
Island Princess2022 Mar 13 – 22day Dubai to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Sea Princess
Pullmantur Cruises (Royal Caribbean Spain)
mv Horizon
Royal Caribbean International
Jewel that The Seas
Marella Cruises (Thomson UK)
Marella exploration 22021 Nov 10 – 8day Limassol to Aqaba

Small and Luxury cruise lines delivery relocation

(Phoenix Reisen) Amadea2021 Nov 27 – 26day harbor Louis to Villefranche (Nice)
(Phoenix Reisen) Amera / previous MS Prinsendam2022 Dec 22 – 21day Monaco to Colombo
(Phoenix Reisen) Artania2022 Dec 13 – 21day Savona come Dubai
Azamara Journey2022 might 13 – 23day Singapore come Piraeus (Athens)2021 Nov 2 – 16day Piraeus (Athens) to Dubai
Azamara Quest2022 Oct 29 – 17day Piraeus (Athens) come Dubai
Oceania Insignia
Oceania Nautica2022 Jun 10 – 20day Dubai come Istanbul2021 Nov 12 – 20day Istanbul come Dubai
Seabourn Encore2023 Apr 5 – 18day Dubai come Athens2022 Nov 20 – 17day Athens come Dubai
Seabourn Ovation2022 Apr 8 – 18day Dubai come Athens2021 Oct 23 – 18day Athens come Dubai
(Silversea) silver- Moon2022 Mar 14 – 16day Dubai come Piraeus (Athens)2021 Nov 1 – 16day Piraeus (Athens) come Dubai
(Silversea) silver- Shadow2021 Nov 24 – 10day Piraeus (Athens) to Aqaba
(Silversea) silver- Spirit2023 Mar 24 – 17day Mumbai to Piraeus (Athens)2023 Oct 29 – 18day Athens come Dubai
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