Best answer: If you desire a bigger iPhone in ~ a reduced price, the iphone phone 8 plus is a good option thanks to its 5.5-inch screen, massive battery, and twin cameras.

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Still going strong: iphone phone 8 to add (From $549 in ~ Apple)

The iphone phone 8 add to is still a compelling package because that those trying to find a larger phone

At simply over two-and-a-half years old, the iphone phone 8 to add is solid a flagship anymore. But it"s still a really capable phone for many people. It"s rocking Apple"s A11 Bionic system-on-a-chip, the very same processor the was top top the iphone phone X, and also thus this phone call has plenty of of the same capabilities together that one, simply with a house button and also Touch ID rather of confront ID.

For those wary of face ID, the iphone 8 Plus offers the twin comforts the Touch ID and also a home button.

In fact, the inclusion of Touch ID might just be a selling suggest of the phone. If plenty of people have relocated to phones v Touch identifier and, consequently, there is no a home button, there space still a lot of world out over there who want both. The Home button is a nice, reliable physical place that you use to get ago to your house screen, if some are still wary of face ID if trusting Touch ID.

The iphone 8 add to is likewise less expensive 보다 the iphone 11, yet still has actually two cameras on the back (albeit, there"s no ultra-wide). It"s still capable of shoot photos in Portrait Mode and also using Portrait Lighting effects to modify them.

You also get a fairly big display. The display is one inch smaller than the one the similarly-sized iphone phone 11 agree Max, however the iphone phone 8 to add is also half the price. In ~ 5.5 inches, the iphone 8 Plus display will be huge enough for her on-the-go content viewing.

Why you may want come wait

Apple has recently released a new, low-cost iPhone, an updated iphone phone SE. Current reports suggest that the might likewise be set to unveil an iphone phone SE Plus at some allude soon-ish (they were supposedly due for a simultaneously announcement, yet recent occasions have led to a hold-up for the huge phone).

If you"re willing to wait, an iphone SE Plus may be ~ above the way

Where the new iPhone SE offers the same chassis as the iphone phone 8, the iphone SE plus will reportedly will execute the very same for the iphone 8 Plus. You can expect similar internals on both phones, primarily the same A13 processor uncovered in the iphone phone 11, and it"s most likely we"ll watch a double camera system similar to the one top top the iphone 8 Plus, however with much better image signal handling for more advanced computational photography.

The brand-new iPhone SE is rumored to cost the exact same as the old one, $399. Given that Apple often tends to charge a $100 premium to go up a size class, the wouldn"t be how amazing to watch an iphone SE add to come in in ~ $499, under $50 indigenous the present price that the iphone 8 Plus.

Our pick

iPhone 8 Plus

Still a good large call if you need it.

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Despite that is age, the iphone 8 plus is still a capable phone for those that need something large, but less costly than the iphone 11 lineup. Plus, it has two Portrait Mode-capable cameras.