Which Hulu plan is best? We explain all the pricing plans for one our favorite cord-cutting platforms.

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In a crowded video streaming market, Hulu and Hulu + Live TV stand out as top-tier cord-cutting services. They encompass tons of an excellent TV shows and movies, a live TV option for dropping cable entirely, and a bunch of add-ons for various other premium streaming platforms. Hulu is accessible at a variety of price points and also configurations, for this reason if you’re wondering if Hulu is the right streaming organization for you, read on to find out more.

The recent Hulu news

Hulu’s contents library updates regularly, with titles coming and also going top top a monthly basis. 

Some that the top titles leaving Hulu this month:

Gone GirlDeadpool and Deadpool 2You’ve acquired MailYoung Frankenstein

Some the the optimal titles coming to Hulu this month:

500 work of SummerThe A-TeamI to be LegendThe iron Giant

What is Hulu?

There are two straightforward versions: Hulu beginning at $5.99 a month and also Hulu + Live TV starting at $64.99 a month. But these are just the entry-level prices, and as you’ll quickly see, Hulu can be broadly configured with much more content and features.

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The traditional Hulu has substantial on-demand contents library, including classic and original collection and movies, and up-to-date episodes of renowned shows native network TV. Hot TV shows and movies we’re city hall now include the dystopian drama The Handmaid’s Tale, the reboot that Animaniacs, a dark comedy duration piece called The Great, and also the Andy Samberg attribute film comedy Palm Springs.

As the surname suggests, Hulu + Live TV contains live accessibility to 65-plus channels you would certainly otherwise find on cable, and all the on-demand contents you would uncover on traditional Hulu. This is a solid alternative for cutting her cable cord entirely. The channels you can access vary by region, however you can expect to find large name networks choose ABC, CBS and FOX, together well more niche networks like Lifetime, TLC and Vice.

No matter which version of Hulu girlfriend choose, you’ll be able to create increase to 6 user profiles, so every member that your household can develop watchlists and also receive personalized content recommendations. In addition, girlfriend can collection up a youngsters Profile, i beg your pardon filters content to develop a family-friendly experience for the youngest members of her household.

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How much do Hulu and Hulu + Live TV cost?

Whether you’re trying to find something to change your cable subscription, or you simply want affordable access to her favorite shows, Hulu has a setup for you. The streaming company offers subscriptions in ~ a variety of price points, with expanded content offerings easily accessible at extr cost. A Hulu totally free trial is available, and a good way to evaluate the organization for a complete month without having actually to commit.