"They"ll have actually to lug me the end of right here in a pine box": The coaches who said they wouldn"t leaving ... Then left

Hugh Freeze, who has steered Liberty"s soccer team to the finest start in program background this season, has actually agreed come a new deal v 2026, the school announced Wednesday.

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Financial details were not announced, however sources called glossesweb.com that the transaction would ar Freeze amongst the peak 5 highest-paid non-Power 5 head coaches in university football -- i beg your pardon would median his typical salary would be $3 million-plus every year.

"All elements of our routine are ~ above the rise under Hugh"s leadership, and we are placing the framework in location to do this one of the top team of 5 program in the country," Liberty strong director Ian McCaw told glossesweb.com on Wednesday.

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This is Freeze"s 2nd season at Liberty, a exclusive institution that has actually won nine straight games dating earlier to critical season, many recently a 38-35 win on the road against Virginia technology on Saturday.

"That was without question the greatest win in the history of our school," stated McCaw, who included that the 2 sides had been functioning on an expansion for number of weeks.

The Flames (7-0) room ranked No. 22 in the latest linked Press poll in just their 2nd full season in ~ the FBS level after gift a provisional program in 2018. They own two wins end ACC adversaries after defeating Syracuse 38-21 ~ above the road earlier in the year and also face a 3rd ACC enemy on Nov. 21 as soon as they take trip to NC State.

Liberty closes out the regular season through a game at unbeaten and No. 15-ranked seaside Carolina on Dec. 5.

Freeze, among the top offensive mental in the college game, has also been discussed in link with the Southern miss out on head-coaching vacancy. He speak to Alabama, Auburn and also Tennessee around various coordinator/assistant duties two years ago before taking the Liberty job.

"I to be thankful because that the strong commitment and support from chairman Prevo and also our leadership and look front to continuing to develop this program," Freeze said in a statement. "Our family along with the coaching staff, support personnel and also players are grateful to have the possibility to represent this University."

Liberty is tied for 19th nationally in scoring offense this season and also averaging 39 points per game. Quarterback Malik Willis, in his very first season after transferring from Auburn, is ranked 14th nationally in total offense. He"s averaging 323.7 yards per game and has accounted for 19 touchdowns.

Freeze was additionally given a contract expansion by Liberty critical December. In ~ the time, that expressed his gratitude to the Liberty fans, football player and administration after crippling earlier problems maintained him away from preseason practice. He coached the first couple of games from a hospital bed and also then a dentist examination chair in the press box.

In august of critical year, freeze underwent surgical procedure after a perhaps life-threatening strand of staph infection gone into his bloodstream and complicated severe pain he was already experiencing native a herniated disk in his back.

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Freeze, 51, was the end of coaching for two years ~ resigning at Ole Miss prior to the 2017 season as soon as school officials uncovered what they dubbed a pattern of improper phone call on Freeze"s university-issued cellphone. Freeze won nine games in 2014 and also 10 gamings in 2015 at Ole Miss and also beat Alabama both seasons. The Rebels winner the Sugar bowl to cap the 2015 season, but Ole miss was fight with serious NCAA sanctions, including a two-year key ban, that emerged on Freeze"s watch. Freeze was cited through the NCAA for failure to monitor his staff.