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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton watch on throughout her main night collection at the Philadelphia Convention center on April 26, 2016. (AP Photo)


A YouTube video clip mash-up the Hillary Clinton comments cases to show "Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minute straight." It’s been viewed an ext than 7 million times as of might 2016. (You have the right to watch the video clip at the bottom that the story.)

But go the video clip get things right?

It starts with a back-and-forth between Clinton and CNN’s Anderson Cooper during the democratic primary controversy in las Vegas in October 2015.

"You were against same-sex marriage. Currently you're because that it. You safeguarded President Obama's immigrant policies. Currently you to speak they're also harsh. You supported his trade deal dozen of times. Girlfriend even dubbed it the ‘gold standard.’ Now, suddenly, last week, you're versus it," Cooper asked. "Will you speak anything to gain elected?"

"Well, actually, I have actually been very consistent. Over the food of my entire life, ns have constantly fought because that the same values and principles," she responded. The video cuts off the remainder of the sentence, "But, like most people — consisting of those of us who run for office — I do absorb new information. I do look at what's continue in the world." has recorded Clinton’s changing stances on a variety of issues due to the fact that 2008, consisting of most mentioned in the video -- and also a couple of not mentioned. Ours Flip-O-Meter ratings room not worth judgments on readjusted positions, which some say demonstrate flexibility and capability to compromise and others say room born native a lack of conviction or politics expediency. The video, for instance, describes them together a lie.

That gift said, we want to carry out some extr context come the video clip of Clinton’s statements.

On same-sex marriage

The first Clinton contradiction highlighted by the video is on same-sex marriage. offered Clinton a full Flop for she stance top top the issue, but there’s some nuance the video leaves out.

From 1999 come at the very least 2007, she repeatedly opposed same-sex marital relationship while repetitively supporting civil unions because that gay and also lesbian couples. She additionally spoke top top the Senate floor versus a proposed federal ban ~ above gay marriage in 2004 and also said she supports states making the decision for themselves in 2006.

Clinton reversed course and also announced her support for gay marriage in 2013, together the viral video clip accurately notes. However, the video samples a 2014 interview Clinton did through NPR’s terrycloth Gross in which she seems to deny her adjusted position.

"You’re trying come say the I provided to be opposed and also now I’m in favor and I walk it because that political reasons. And also that’s just level wrong," Clinton is heard saying in the video, "I have a solid record. I have actually a good commitment to this issue."

But that’s no all the entirety story. Prior to the excerpted component in the video, gross asked, "Would you speak your check out evolved since the '90s or the the American publicly evolved, enabling you come state your real view?"

"I think I'm an American," Clinton responded. "And i think we have actually all evolved, and it's been among the fastest, most sweeping transformations."

On ‘core principles’

The video then segues to Clinton shifting in between calling herself a progressive and also a moderate. When it’s accurate and also fair to charge Clinton v wearing multiple political labels, the video’s most damning evidence requires some added context.

The video features CNN’s Cooper asking Clinton, "Just in July in brand-new Hampshire, girlfriend told a crowd you, ‘take a backseat come none once it concerns progressive values.’ critical month in Ohio, you claimed you, ‘plead guilty come being kind of moderate and also center.’ carry out you change your politics identity based upon who you’re talking to? simply for the record, room you a progressive or a moderate?"

"I’m a progressive," Clinton claims in the video before it cut out come the next topic.

Here’s her next sentence: "But I'm a steady who likes to get things done. And also I know just how to find common ground, and also I know how to stand my ground, and also I have proved that in every place that I've had, even taking care of Republicans that never had a great word come say around me, honestly."

On her emails

There room still countless unknowns in the email controversy, and the FBI is at this time conducting an investigation. Though Clinton may be able to make the instance that she "complied" through the rules, specialists on government transparency and also records preservations have actually told united state her action are difficult to defend. On the various other hand, it’s no clear at every whether she breached nationwide security laws.

The YouTube video includes a clip the Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of southern Carolina saying with Clinton over how plenty of emails she’s turned over to the State Department.

Clinton says she has turned over around half. The end of over 60,000 emails top top her personal server, Clinton and also her staff deleted 31,000 emails she claims were an individual and released the remaining 30,940.

But the video suggests the deleted emails might not have been personal by sampling a clip of former President bill Clinton saying he’s only ever before sent 2 emails. However that’s taken out of context and it was a joke, one that he’s do repeatedly.

The bill Clinton quote comes from a panel Clinton moderated for the Clinton Global foundation in June 2015. Clinton was referring come his email practices once he to be president (starting about 46:50), much more than a decade prior to Hillary Clinton set up her email server.

On wall surface Street

Next, the video features Clinton’s ties to wall Street. This ar is a combined bag of information in regards to accuracy.

A clip that Clinton from the 2015 ras Vegas controversy saying she told wall surface Street come "cut the out" in 2007 is adhered to by chopped up comment Clinton actually made in 2007, in i beg your pardon she appears to organize homebuyers, not wall Street, responsible because that the real estate crisis. This offers a misleading impression.

The 2007 comments are taken native Clinton’s speech at the Nasdaq share exchange that December. Part argue the the speech was much more sympathetic come the gaue won sector than Clinton has suggested, and she does say homeowners and also borrowers should shoulder several of the blame for the housing crisis.

But the video clip leaves the end the part when she additionally names irresponsible mortgage lenders and also brokers, the government and also regulators, credit rating agencies, speculators and wall Street "which no only enabled but often encouraged reckless mortgage lending."

As has previously reported, Clinton called for an ext oversight and also transparency in the financial sector in numerous speeches and also dating back to march 2007. From then to 2008, she continuously suggested and also introduced a invoice to establish national standards and also regulations for loan brokers and lenders.

The video clip also point out out wall surface Street has been contributing come Clinton’s campaign. This is accurate. looked right into a viral photo highlighting Clinton’s optimal 10 donors and also found that 5 were gaue won firms, 2 were law firms that execute a the majority of corporate work, and two were media conglomerates.

On universal healthcare

Continuing the theme, the video clip then exhibits Clinton’s (somewhat hypocritical) waffling top top universal health care in between her 2008 campaign to she 2016 bid. This is accurate.

When she was to run in 2008, Clinton aired one attack ad that said she "has the only health and wellness care plan that covers every American." We uncovered that she was the just candidate the year, consisting of then-Sen. Barack Obama, through a health care mandate for anyone — in various other words, universal coverage.

"Since as soon as do Democrats attack one an additional over universal health and wellness care?" she said, together excerpted in the viral video.

In 2016, Clinton and also her surrogates repeatedly have criticized rival Bernie Sanders because that his universal health care proposal. Together we’ve previously reported, Clinton said single-payer "will never, ever pertained to pass" and also now desires to develop upon and also defend Obama’s Affordable treatment Act. And her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, received a largely False rating for saying Sanders would certainly empower republic "to take away wellness insurance for low-income and middle-income functioning Americans."

On Bosnia visit

Up next, the video clip highlights Clinton’s trousers on Fire claim that she landing "under sniper fire" once she saw Bosnia a te earlier.

As the video aptly demonstrates, she arrived on the tarmac under no clearly shows duress and also was greeted by a boy who readily available her a copy that a poem.

Flying into Bosnia was dangerous in 1996 and Clinton later said she misspoke, but "it's tough to understand just how she could err on something so significant as whether she did or didn't dodge sniper bullets," we composed in 2008.


Finally, the video clip concludes with Clinton’s flip-flop top top the north American free Trade covenant — one more accurate charge.

This is a allude that Obama made in 2008, as soon as he said that Clinton "was saying great things around NAFTA until she started running for president."

Despite the Clinton campaign’s protests, Obama’s insurance claim is True. Clinton publicly supported NAFTA in 1996, in her 2003 memoir living History, and in 2004. However as a 2008 presidential candidate, Clinton stated NAFTA to be a mistake.

Clinton’s complimentary trade zigzagging is not minimal to simply NAFTA. Throughout her an initial bid for the White House, she opposed the bilateral totally free trade deals with South Korea and Columbia. Together secretary the state, however, she supported both.

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Similarly, Clinton referred to as the Trans-Pacific cooperation the "gold standard in trade agreements" in 2012, but opposed that in the 2016 race. Us rated her position on TPP a complete Flop.