Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh looks on from the sideline in the an initial quarter the their large Ten football game versus Penn State at Michigan stadion in Ann Arbor, ~ above Saturday, November 28, 2020. (Mike Mulholland | glossesweb.com)Mike Mulholland | glossesweb.com



A Michigan football assistant had actually the highest possible base salary of all the coaches in the university’s strong department in 2020.

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Defensive coordinator Don Brown received a basic salary that $1.1 million, follow to UM’s 2020 value report, yet he hardly was the highest-paid coach. Part head coaches, like Jim Harbaugh (football) and also Juwan Howard (men’s basketball) received many of their income through compensation, such as bonuses and incentives.

For instance, Harbaugh was set to earn simply north that $8 million in 2020, however received much less than $1 million in basic salary.

Note: countless head coaches welcomed a pay reduced during the coronavirus pandemic as the university tasks steep revenue losses. For part coaches, your base value in 2020 doesn’t complement the salary stipulated in your contracts.

According come USA Today’s yearly coaching value database, Harbaugh was set to it is in the fourth-highest paid coach in college football this year at $8.05 million. V Michigan’s athletic department projecting a large deficit following year since of the coronavirus pandemic, Harbaugh welcomed a 10% pay reduced – this comes after a 10-percent raise in January 2020.

He’s also able to draw from an annual $2 million life insurance allowance policy, a compensation addendum the was tacked top top in 2016.


Michigan coach Juwan Howard yells the end to football player in the an initial half the their large Ten Basketball game versus Nebraska in ~ Crisler facility in Ann Arbor, on Thursday, march 5, 2020. (Mike Mulholland | glossesweb.com)Mike Mulholland | glossesweb.com

Howard was set to do $2.1 million in total compensation in 2020, v $400,000 in basic salary. Prefer Harbaugh, Howard welcomed a 10% percent pay cut.


Michigan soft ball head coach Carol Hutchins cheers on the Wolverines throughout the NCAA softball regional Finals between the university of Michigan and James Madison college at Alumni Field, Monday, might 20, 2019 in Ann Arbor. (Ben Allan blacksmith | glossesweb.com)Ben Allan smith | glossesweb.com

Hutchins completed her 37th season as Michigan’s head coach in 2020, earning a base salary that $429,300.

Her existing five-year transaction is collection to expire June 20, 2022. She obtain $80,000 yearly in compensation.


Michigan baseball Head Coach Erik Bakich speaks with members the the media after ~ the team went back to Wilson Baseball facility Thursday, June 27 2019. The team to be welcomed earlier by fans after earning second place in the College human being Series.

Bakich signed an expansion in July 2019 the runs v June 30, 2024. That earned $400,000 in base pay. Per his contract, the is slated to get at least $200,000 in supplemental pay each year through the duration of his deal.


Michigan coach Mel Pearson yells the end to his team in the third duration of their huge Ten hockey game against Michigan State at tiny Caesars Arena in Detroit, on Monday, February 17, 2020. Michigan winner the game, 4-1. (Mike Mulholland | glossesweb.com)Mike Mulholland | glossesweb.com

The fourth-year Michigan head coach got a base salary the $315,000 in 2020. The signed a five-year transaction in April 2017 through an yearly base salary of $350,000. The receives a $50,000 “stay bonus” annually as lengthy as he stays the head coach though the finish of his contract.


Michigan head coach Kim Barnes Arico yells at she players native the bench throughout the game versus Northwestern in ~ the Crisler center in Ann Arbor top top Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020Jenna Kieser

Barnes Arico is in her ninth season in ~ Michigan and also earned $360,000 in basic pay in 2020. She signed a five-year expansion in may 2018 through an yearly base value of $400,000.

She likewise receives $275,000 each year in compensation, to add supplemental pay based on performance purposes such as winning the large Ten regular-season championship and also advancing in nationwide tournaments.

Plocki has guided the women’s gymnastics regime for 31 seasons. She deserve a base salary that $244,149 this year after receiving $257,000 in basic pay critical year.

Bottom has coached 12 years at Michigan, security the last eight coaching both the men’s and also women’s teams. He earned $200,000 in base salary, the same as 2019.

He earn $183,150 in basic pay after ~ receiving a basic salary that $198,500 in 2019. He is entering his seventh season together Michigan’s head coach.

Pankratz has coached the Wolverines for 21 seasons and also earned $182,700 in basic pay in 2020. She do $166,000 in base salary in 2019.

Bernstein is entering her 14th season at Michigan. She received $178,200 in base pay after earning $184,000 in 2019.

Conry signed a five-year attend to an annual base salary of $190,000 in July 2017. He received $171,000 this year ~ earned $190,000 in 2019.

Rosen earn $171,000 in base pay after receiving a base of $190,000 in 2019. The is the winningest coach in Michigan volleyball program background during his 21 seasons.

Bormet is in year three of his five-year contract the signed in march 2018. The earned $157,500 in basic salary in 2020.

Nielsen obtained $156,060 in basic pay in her third season at Michigan. She signed a five-year expansion in June 2019, beginning with a base salary of $170,000 that rises to $184,000 in year five.

Henry and also Clayton have actually shared head coaching duties of the men’s and women’s program for three years. Henry earned $154,800 in basic pay after receiving $172,000 critical year.

McGuire has been coaching the women’s program for 30 years, earning a base salary the $133,200 in 2020. He got $144,000 in 2019.

Golder has actually been the head coach for 25 years. He got a base salary of $128,000 ~ earning $138,400 in 2019.

Leonardi has actually led the Wolverines’ water polo team for 6 seasons. The made $121,638 in base pay after earning $129,000 in 2019.

Dowling got $120,000 in basic pay, the exact same amount she earn in 2019. She is entering she eighth season in ~ Michigan.

Hilde has actually coached six periods at Michigan and also earned a basic salary that $93,425. That earned $101,000 in 2019.

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