Every cast Member the Duck Dynasty's net Worth The Duck dynasty craze might have involved an end, but each significant cast member managed to do a ton the money both on and also off the show.

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At first glance, the actors members and also family that consist of A&E"s hit television series Duck Dynasty might seem prefer they don"t have a ton that cash, yet looks can be deceiving. The Robertson"s are an very wealthy family thanks to their effective business and also their extremely popular series.

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Whether they made your money from the Duck command or from your time ~ above the tv series, the world who starred on Duck Dynasty managed to knife a ton the capital. Below are the main actors members and their network worth (with married couples grouped together due to the fact that their assets space shared).


10 Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca Robertson join the family at the age of 16 once she emigrated from Taiwan come the United claims as one exchange student. It wasn"t long before she became their foster child, and not lengthy after that, the Robertson"s officially embraced her.

Rebecca is an aspiring fashion designer that hasn"t made countless appearances on the television series since involvement the clan, yet she did present up in the series" 5th season. Additionally, she co-edits the family"s fashion blog, "Duck & Dressing." She resides in Los Angeles where she interns in the fashion industry and also has an approximated net worth of $100,000.


9 man Luke & mary Kate Robertson

John Luke and also Mary Kate Robertson have actually a combined net worth of about $400,000. Man Luke was finest known on the series for being one of the couple of gentlemen that didn"t sports a big and impressive beard, though he has due to the fact that stopped shaving favor the remainder of the family.

John Luke is the son of Willie and also Korie Robertson, and the second-oldest following Rebecca. He an initial stepped right into the spotlight in ~ the period of 14 yet has branched off and written 2 books, a children"s publication titled be Your own Commander, and also his many recent, Young and Beardless, i m sorry was released in 2016.


8 Sadie Robertson

Sadie is the daughter that Willie and Korie Robinson and one the the numerous stars of Duck Dynasty, yet her career hasn"t maintained her exclusively on the series. She to be the an initial runner up on season 19 of Dancing v the Stars and also has tried her luck at professional acting (not on fact television).

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Sadie is additionally a famous social media influencer with an ext than three million followers on Instagram. She additionally sings and also spends lot of her life in former of one camera or another. Sadie"s approximated net precious is approximately $500,000, yet with she career just starting, she"s likely to make lot more.

7 Justin Martin

Justin boy name isn"t a member of the Robertson family, however he"s to be a part of the family members business since 2008. As soon as the collection debuted in 2012, Justin was among the business" employees who made a surname for self as among the show"s renowned stars who has actually been a pan favorite since the beginning.

Justin"s job-related centers around physically structure the Duck Commander and also the company"s other impressive duck calls. He"s taken some flack from the other cast members for his huge size, even earning the nickname "Friar Tuck" native Phil, however he takes that in stride. His network worth is approximated to be around $500,000.


6 john Godwin

John Godwin is an additional employee that the agency and star that the series who isn"t regarded the Robertson family, however that hasn"t held him ago in the least. Godwin very first met Phil Robertson as soon as he was a teens participating in a duck call competition. Phil was one of the judges, and he also tuned increase his call.

Godwin finished up working for Duck command in 2002 and also remained through the agency well right into the creation of Duck Dynasty. He"s an expert at decoy placement, build duck calls, monitor the shipping department and supply management, and also a championship fisherman. His network worth is approximated at about $1.5 million.

5 Jep & Jessica Robertson

Jep Robertson and also his mam Jessica space sitting nice on a hill of cash many thanks to their time top top the show. Jep is the youngest of Phil"s children, and also like his siblings, he has been crucial part of both the family members business and the television series since that is inception.

Jep, whose genuine name is Jules Jeptha, likewise specializes in videography. That films and also edits every one of the DVDs the the Robertson"s family members duck hunts, which are sold on the company"s website. Jep and Jessica have a substantial sum the money to your name v an approximated net precious of $8 million.

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4 Si & Christine Robertson

Silas "Si" Robertson is Phil"s brother and also the uncle come his children. He combated in Vietnam whereby he carried the Tupperware cup his mother sent him, i m sorry he also carries through him pretty much all over he goes come this day. Si operated at Duck Commander till he retired in the series" eleventh season.

His specialty to be the production of each and also every reed that entered the company"s plenty of duck calls. Si married Christine who only showed up on the series finale having decreased to show up in any other episodes. The couple has an estimated linked net precious of $8 million.

3 Jase & Missy Robertson

Jase Robertson is the 2nd child that Phil and Kay that works together the COO the Duck Commander. He"s a experienced duck hunter that loves to go fishing and hunting whenever the opportunity strikes. He"s one of the company"s ideal innovators whose responsibilities include creating new and innovative duck calls as well as fine-tuning the company"s consistent stock.

One the his biggest inventions was the "Triple Threat" duck call, which offers three reeds rather of the normal two used in other calls. Jase is married come Kay, and they have three children, Reed Cole, and also Mia. Their linked net precious is an estimated $10 million.

2 Willie & Korie Robertson

Willie Robertson works as the CEO the the company and is one of the most energetic members of the family members in terms of the show. He"s a respect businessman, hunter, outdoorsman, actor, and also author. In addition to certification on Duck Dynasty, he"s additionally appeared on Last guy Standing and listed a cameo in God"s not Dead.

Willie and his wife Korie have actually six children, all of whom have appeared at one time or one more on the series. The couple spends most of their time working at the agency or fostering it with their various activities, which have helped them knife a combined net worth of about $10 million.

1 Phil & Kay Robertson

Phil Robertson and also his wife Kay have actually an approximated net precious of $15 million, and it"s all thanks to Phil"s invention. In 1973, Phil developed the Duck Commander, which was such a successful duck speak to that it ended up being the gold traditional duck whistle among professional hunters.

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Phil, along with his mam Kay and also their four sons, worked together to revolve the success of the Duck Commander right into a multi-million dollar business. From the business, the family members grew their name and reputation until they managed to land their very own television collection on A&E, i m sorry is where most of the human being knows castle from.