Gisele Bündchen has been strutting she stuff in fashion shows and also appearing on magazine covers for the last 25 years. End the food of her career, she created her status as a significant supermodel, walked on few of the most famed runways and also earned an huge net worth.

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Gisele is valued in ~ an approximated $400 million in addition to her $40 million salary, according to Celebrity net Worth. Per the outlet, the Brazilian beauty’s happiness is different from husband Tom Brady‘s, yet when combined, Gisele and also the NFL star have actually a net worth of nearly $650 million.


Gisele secured she spot in the sector when she signed v IMG Models in 1999, and that July, she made her magazine debut top top the cover of American Vogue. 5 months later on in December, she as soon as again graced the cover of Vogue, and in 2000, she was called “The many Beautiful Girl in the World” through Rolling Stone.

Gisele’s trip in the fashion sector only flourished in the 2000s. After signing a $25 million contract through Victoria’s Secret, she appeared in dozens the commercials and also campaigns. The Brazil indigenous eventually finished her contract through Victoria’s an enig in may 2007, however not before wearing few of the many expensive lingerie ever before created, consisting of the $15 million Fantasy Bra.


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The doting mom — who shares youngsters Ben and Vivi with Tom, and is also the stepmother the his eldest son, Jack — ongoing to earn a big paycheck thanks to her modeling gigs right into the 2010s. Also though she retirement from runway modeling in 2015, she was Forbes’ highest-paid design for eight continually years.

Per the outlet, she took home $44 million in 2013, $47 million in 2014 and also $44 million in 2015. She’s likewise earned much more than $500 million through endorsement deals with a variety of designer clients prefer Chanel, H&M, luigi Vuitton, Carolina Herrera and also numerous others.


In addition to modeling, Gisele has received an superior amount that cash together an actress. After ~ making her debut in 2004’s Taxi, she appeared in 2006’s The devil Wears Prada and her animated TV series Gisele & the environment-friendly Team the ran for one season native 2010 come 2011. She likewise authored the new York Times-bestselling book Lessons: My path to a meaningful Life in 2018.

Considering Gisele has plenty of sources of income, it doesn’t show up her net worth is going to decrease in spite of her current decision to leaving IMG Models. According to Page Six, Gisele left the modeling company after 22 years in February 2021.

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Good point Gisele is a multitalented lady!

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