The number marks an ext than a 3% boost from the ahead year. However, that still does not accomplish the target collection by NATO of spending 2% that GDP ~ above defense.

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Germany is hope that an increase in spending would improve trans-Atlantic ties

Germany report a document high in NATO defense spending because that 2021, submitting a budget plan of €53 billion ($63.8 billion) because that the present year.

That number marks a 3.2% increase over the year before. In 2020, spending to be capped at an approximated €51.4 billion.

Countries consisting of Germany have hoped that boost in NATO spending can ease a trans-Atlantic dispute around burden-sharing amongst members.

Former us President Donald Trumphad accused Germany of no contributing enough to NATO, and also susbsequently withdrew thousands of US pressures stationed in the country.

Earlier this month, however, united state President Joe Biden announced that there would be a frozen on united state troop redeployment native Germany.

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Will NATO miss out on Donald Trump?

Stoltenberg expects push from Biden

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg claimed multiple times the he expects come receive pressure on the issue from united state President Joe Biden, who has actually vowed to rise ties through NATO, uneven his predecessor.

"All us presidents end the past decades have advocated more defense safety by Europe"s NATO partners," Stoltenberg claimed in one interview through German news company dpalast year.

Biden, that said, had already called on europe allies to invest an ext before his election.

In 2018, trumped had available the possibility of the us withdrawing native the alliance if partner did instantly meet the goal of safety 2% of their gross residential product (GDP) on defense.

German defense security in 2020 was in line v NATO calculations, thatGermany"s spending have to be indistinguishable to 1.57% of GDP – increase from 1.36% the previous year.

Spending to continue to be the same regardless of pandemic

According to Der Spiegel magazine, one internal analysis for 2022 likewise shows chronically underfunded armed forces and argues the NATO planning purposes of having actually Germany and other countries add 2% that the GDP within the next few years, "can"t be initiated or realized on time," under the existing budget.

In light of the financial results of the coronavirus pandemic, however, Stoltenberg has said the defense financing need to remain the same, if not increased.

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"All of this has produced a brand-new security environment that renders investment in our security proceeds to be necessary," the said.