Frontier are a low-cost airline. This means that they shot to save prices because that their simple fares together low together possible.

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In bespeak to make up for the lose of profits, they charge fees for extra solutions such together bringing a full-size carry-on or confirm luggage.

When friend fly through Frontier the only luggage you can carry for free is the an individual item. This is an 8 x 14 x 18 inch (depth x broad x height) bag that have to fit under the seat in front of you.

The Frontier personal item bag might not it is in as little as friend think. A bag that size deserve to hold 33 liters whereas a full-size carry-on usually only holds about 40 liters.

If the cost-free personal item bag doesn’t market you sufficient packing space then you’re going to encounter baggage fees either for a larger carry-on bag or for a confirm bag.

Let’s take a look at what Frontier charges because that baggage.

Frontier airlines Baggage Fees

The price Frontier fee for bags depends as soon as you publication it and also where you room flying.

This screengrab is for a trip from Denver to ras Vegas. It will offer you a stormy idea of exactly how much Frontier fee for bags however to get an exact price for your journey you have to visit the Frontier website and also enter specific flight information.


Frontier prices For carry On Bags

The cheapest price for a carry-on bag will certainly be if you add it throughout the early stage booking of your flight.

Paid carry-on bags have the right to be a maximum size of 24 x 16 x 10 inches and also could organize 57 liters. That’s bigger than the 22 x 14 x 9 carry-on size limit the is usual with numerous airlines in the unified States. However, you more than likely don’t very own a carry-on suitcase this large and it would certainly make small sense to buy one uneven you fly through Southwest and also Frontier a lot.

Frontier paid carry-on bags additionally have a weight limit of 35 pounds i m sorry is inexplicable for an American airline.

In our example, a carry-on bag expenses $40 if added during booking on the website or mobile app, it expense $42 if included after booking the flight.

It cost $44 if friend wait until check-in to add it.

If you waited until you reached the airplane ticket counter or kiosk it price $55 and also it additionally costs $55 if you include it at any kind of time by calling client service. The costs more to speak to a person than to execute it online.

Lastly, if you get recorded at the gate with a personal item bag that is end the dimension limit climate they’ll do you pay for a carry-on and at that stage it expenses $60.

If you understand you will need a full-size carry-on bag climate it’s best to add it as early on as possible during the booking process.

Frontier prices For checked Baggage

In our example the package fees for the first checked bag had actually a comparable structure to the carry-on baggage.

The checked bag fee began at $38 and went up to $60 in ~ the gate.

A checked bag ~ above Frontier can be 62 straight inches and weigh 50 pounds.

Make certain you weigh your luggage prior to going come the airport since the overweight fee is $75. Over there is one more $75 fees is her bag is oversize. One overweight and oversized confirm suitcase would cost you $150 in baggage fees every way.

Any bag end 100 pounds or 110 straight inches will not be accepted.

The Bottom Line

Frontier prices for carry-on bags variety from $30 – $60 depending on where you space flying and when you book.

Your 1st checked luggage is likewise priced but bringing a 2nd or third checked bag would cost more.

If you find a bag that is close to the an individual item size limit for Frontier it’s no actually that lot smaller than a regular carry-on.

This post will aid you find good personal item bags for Frontier that help you make the most out the the under-seat allowance.

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Traveling light deserve to save you money, especially due to the fact that the Frontier bag fees apply both ways. If you deserve to learn just how to pack a small lighter then you can enjoy the low-cost flights there is no the annoyance of package fees.