Way earlier in 1926, “The Galloping Ghost” Red Grange signed a contract v the Chicago Bears the earned the $100,000 because that the season, which lasted because that 67 days. This remained in a time when many players were offered $100 per game, and also many credit Grange v legitimizing the sports of football. Grange led the method for the NFL to come to be a major force the American sporting activities industry.

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These days, people often talk about the vast salaries that room earned by NFL superstars. Those conversations reflect a pretty straightforward truth: there space a many super rich NFL stars! However, Grange mirrors us that this isn’t a brand-new conversation at all. Football’s most competitive and also beloved players have been do a ton the money for nearly a century.

Need part examples? simply look in ~ the optimal 10 wages for NFL football player in the 2019 season:

10. Alex Smith, Redskins: $23.5 million

9: Khalil Mack, Bears: $23.5 million

8: Andrew Luck, Colts: $24.594 million

7. Drew Brees, Saints: $25 million

6. Derek Carr, Raiders: $25 million

5. Matthew Stafford, Lions: $27 million

4. Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers: $27.5 million

3. Kirk Cousins, Vikings: $28 million

2. Matt Ryan, Falcons: $30 million

1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers: $33.5 million


And those are just the salaries! Players likewise get signing bonuses, roster bonuses, practice bonuses, and also option bonuses. As soon as you include in endorsement deals, the total take house of the NFL’s biggest stars is quite impressive. A lot of youngsters dream of making it large in the NFL, and the salary is component of that dream. High school and college athletes alike aspire to be signed to a pro team so that they can play professional and get paid for it.

What around Everybody Else?

But what around the mean NFL player’s pay and bonuses? exactly how does the salary of a skilled football player that isn’t a vast star to compare to these large names?

The NFL’s collective Bargaining commitment that walk into impact in 2012 will stay the governing document for team salaries till 2020. The sets a one-year contract for a rookie active roster player at $480,000.

According to CNBC, every year that they are on the roster and active, players space guaranteed rise in your pay. Kerri ann Renzulli writes, “A player with three years’ experience would command a salary equal to at least $705,000, while football player with 7 to ripe years ~ above the field must be payment at least $915,000. That’s great news for those lucky sufficient to critical that lengthy in the NFL, but many won’t ring in a saturday year ~ above the job. The average career size is less than 3 years, an interpretation most players never breakthrough beyond the lower rungs of the payment ladder.”

In 2018, the LA time ran a series debunking NFL myths. Among those myths was that everyone in the NFL is “rich.” They said that also though the “average” salary for NFL players is $2.7 million, those significant player salaries that are in the $20-30 million selection inflate the mean to misrepresent what simple pro football player make.

LA Times journalist Gary Klein writes, “The NFL salary cap this season to be $167 million, divided among 53 players. If the earnings were separated evenly, that would be $3.2 million per player. The Patriots roster attributes three players with salary-cap number of $10.9 million or more. 3 players earned in between $6 million and also $8.5 million, eight make $3 million come $5 million and 17 earned between $1 million and $3 million. Twenty-one to be paid less than $1 million.”

Are the dangers the very same for all Players?

Being an NFL superstar means you have fame, irreversible money-making potential, and also celebrity status. However, part argue that the “average” player may be taking on a lot an ext risks 보다 their an ext famous teammates, and also for much less payoff.

Most NFL players only stay in the organization for an median of 3 years. That way that young players begin their careers in ~ 22 or 23 year old and are likely retired well before they room 30. The $480,000 beginning salary sound pretty great, but when you only have around three years of earning potential in her career, the cost/benefit evaluation changes pretty significantly!

Many retired NFL players have debated the challenge of finding work, supporting their families, and also funding your medical costs in the year after their brief careers end. Although there are certainly a many retired players who find successful careers, over there is one undeniable financial strain on retirement players. In fact, in 2009, there was a report that 78% of retired players declared bankruptcy or gone through far-reaching financial stress.

Every day the they practice or play, NFL players hazard concussions and Traumatic mind Injuries, and also other injuries. Zach Binney indigenous Football Outsiders conducted an analysis of NFL data, and also he freshly looked into some the the injury threats for players. He argues, “NFL injuries are complicated and challenging to predict. We"ve displayed that a player"s team, coach, and also even the stadium he"s play in combine with his own injury proneness and a healthy dose of lucky to determine whether he provides it with the week.”

He likewise questions the statistics that have actually been turned by the NFL the quarterbacks room experiencing fewer far-ranging injuries 보다 in vault years and argues that players room still being hurt at similar rates, even if the numbers room calculated in different ways from year to year.

What walk it every mean?

Ultimately, that is hard to identify who the “average” NFL player is. The only people who deserve to really say even if it is or no the pay justifies the risks are the ones making the decision. Clearly, there is no shortage of athletes working hard to obtain drafted into the NFL, and plenty of world who would love the possibility to pat football for practically a fifty percent million dollars a year.

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Still, when we hear human being talk about all the money the is made by NFL players, it is more than likely a an excellent idea to remember that there space a most players that aren’t coming to be millionaires and that there are a many of threats to playing one of America’s most beloved sports.