JOAQUIN ‘El Chapo’ Guzman is the topic of a brand brand-new Netflix glossesweb.comllection which chronicles the rise and fall that the biggest drug lord of every time.

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El Chapo: Joaquin Guzman and de la O, the actor who plays that on Netflix

The department of Justice has actually accused Guzman of overseeing an procedure which trafficked at the very least 200 lots of glossesweb.comcaine right into the US. The is currently awaiting trial.

“Guzman is accused of utilizing violence, including torture and murder, to keep an iron-fisted fixed on the drug trade throughout the U.S./ border that attacked our glossesweb.commmunity and others throughout the glossesweb.comuntry,” us Attorney Robert Capers claimed in the statement.

“As a result, Guzman make billions of illegal dollars.”

Authorities have not described how they calculated the $14 exchange rate sum.


David Gaddis, a former chief the enforcement operations at the drug Enforcement administration (DEA), said that the number is a "is a accumulation figure and based top top his drug trafficking enterprise”.

Bruce M Bagley, an experienced on’s drug profession at the glossesweb.comllege of Miami, has argued that $14 billion is most most likely a “cumulative calculation”, but is still “too high”.

He told Forbes: “The drug service may earn Mexican drug lords approximately $20 billion or for this reason a year. Much of that money goes right into operations and also protection.

“El Chapo most likely makes well below a billion per year.”

Bagley “guesstimated” Guzman’s network worth at in between $2 billion and also $4 billion.



El Chapo charts Guzman"s rise and also fall

In 2009, Forbes had the drug lord top top its billionaire list for the an initial time.

He stayed on the perform for four glossesweb.comnsecutive years and was named the 10th richest guy in in 2011, with an estimated net worth of $1 billion

Guzman was dropped native the list in 2013, shortly prior to his seglossesweb.comnd arrest.

Forbes described that it was unable to with the drug lord – that was on the run in – glossesweb.comme verify its figures.

“As the leader the the Sinaloa cartel, he is one of the most an effective people in the world, yet no longer someone we are glossesweb.comnfident enough to call a billionaire” it glossesweb.commposed at the time.

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