Duck Dynasty is truth television series airing on A&E Network mirroring the family and lives that Robertson family, that made a many success from their family-operated Duck commander business. The household is has actually a signature look at of having actually long beards. The present has excellent so well in the states and has got over $500 million in both revenue and advertisements. It has actually now exit 11 seasons and over 130 episodes. It provides you wonder about the individual net worth that the cast member.

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Duck Dynasty actors Jase Robertson Salary and Net Worth.

Jase Robertson to be born on 19th august 1969. That is the son of Phil and Kay and also was born and also raised in Monroe, Louisiana he is married to mam Missy and has three children. He is filled v humor when in the present of Duck Dynasty. In his recreation time, the enjoys camping and also hunting.


Jase Robertson

Jase Robertson has actually made a fortune from the show of Duck Dynasty. His wealth has collected a lot from the show. His figure in the Duck empire was a far-reaching boost in his career and also his wealth.

Considering the reflects he has appeared in, Jase is make something prefer $ 0.7 million annually as the value from the show.

Thus, Jase Robertson network worth is at an estimated amount that somewhere over 10 million dollars. But we can not tie ourselves to this amount provided that that is still energetic in the industry.

Si Robertson network Worth and also Salary.

He is one of the duck commanders and has got national fist from the present as one of the lead cast. Born top top 27th April 1948 in Vivian, Louisiana, Silas Robertson is both a truth television star and additionally a real duck hunter.

He is married to Christine Raney, his wife due to the fact that 1971, and they have actually two kids together. He join Louisiana University prior to dropping out to join the forces. Her is likewise a Vietnam battle veteran.


Si Robertson in ‘Duck Dynasty’

He has made massive success in his actors in the Duck Dynasty. That earns a salary of $ 200000 per illustration as every his contract through A&E Network.

Duck empire Si Robertson net worth dates earlier to his year in Vietnam, and his entrance to the Duck empire only raised his worth. His network worth is estimated to it is in $7 million and also is topic to increase.

Willie Robertson network Worth and also Salary.

Willie Robertson came to be famous as soon as he appeared in the Duck empire show. He to be born top top 22 April 1972 in Bernice Louisiana. He flourished up hunting with his father prior to joining NE Louisiana University and graduated v a bachelors degree.

He has actually been married to Korie Robertson because that decades, and also the couple has 4 children. He is at this time the chief executive officer of Duck Commander. He is the narrator in the present of Duck Dynasty


Willie Robertson indigenous ‘Duck Dynasty’

The success that the display has mostly depended on Willie Robertson. His network worth draws indigenous his previous business in the duck farming and his subsequent entry in te; life in 2012. Duck Dynasty actors Willie Robertson net worth is around over 20 million dollars. His value earning per year is $1 million.

Korie Robertson net Worth and also Salary.

Korie Robertson is the wife of the Duck command CEO, Willy Robertson and got married ~ above 11th October 1995. She was born top top 24th October 1973 to man Howard and Chrys Howard; she attended Harding the oct university in Searcy, Arkansas.

Her illustration in the present of Duck dynasty led she to rise in fame and also publicity. She is a mother of three and also has adopted a son with she husband.


Korie Robertson

Together v her husband, they have made far-ranging financial success from the present of Duck Dynasty. The is great noting the Korie to be a writer, a singer, and a service lady. Her salary from the display remains unknown, yet she is earning big. Her net worth, in general, is 10 million and still counting.

Kay Robertson salary and net worth

Kay Robertson is the American tv personality. She was born on 21st December 1947 and also is 70 year old. She made her very first debut in tv in 2012 in the Duck Dynasty. She is married come Phil Robertson because 1966, and they have 4 children. She is the mam of Phil Robertson.


Kay Robertson

She becomes famed for involvement the truth television present of Duck dynasty as miss out on Kay in 2012. Kay Robertson network worth is $15 million follow to Forbes Magazine, and her primary resource of earnings is her function in the show. Kay Robertson’s value per illustration is close come $100,000 per episode, despite it stays unconfirmed.

Phil Robertson net Worth and also Salary

Phil Alexander Robertson to be born top top 24th April 1646. He to be from a humble background who depended on hunting for food. Phil married Kay Robertson ns 1966, and together they have 4 children.

He attended Louisiana technology University and also was a footballer. He has actually a master degree in education and also has been a teacher for plenty of years.he made his debut in television in 2012 in the series of Duck Dynasty.


Phil Robertson

The present of Duck dynasty led to increasing in both fame and wealth condition of Phil. The has remained in duck searching business because 1972. His value per episode stands at $200,000. Duck dynasty Commander Phil Robertson network Worth is end $15million.

Jep Robertson net Worth & Salary.

Jep Robertson is the child of Phil Robertson, and she is the critical born. He is renowned in the display of Duck Dynasty, and also he is in fee of filming and also editing the family hunting escapades.

He occurred an interest in duck hunting because his childhood years. He is married Jessica, and they have 5 children.


Jep Robertson

He is the duck commander in the show. That is additionally in charge of filming and also editing. He has actually made a fortune native the show, and Jep Robertson net worth roughly as for now stands in ~ $ 8 million. His network salary is $800000. His net worth but subject come increase.

Duck empire Missy Robertson net Worth.

Missy Robertson is the mam of Jase Robertson. She to be born in 22nd apparel 1971 in Venice, Los Angeles. She is an business man and additionally a television personality. She is additionally an author. She and her husband have actually three children, and also they have actually been married because 1990.

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Missy Robertson illustration in the present of Duck dynasty boosted her net worth enormously. Her annual salary is $320,000, and Missy Robertson net worth is estimated to be over $ 4 million. Her net worth is also possible to rise with she appearance in succeeding episodes.