Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the unified States. If you’re considering a career together a flight attendant, this is one of the airline you must consider applying with.

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This guide will provide you some background on Delta airlines, their salary, schedule, hubs, and other needed information to come to be a flight attendant for them. This article will likewise show you exactly how to become a trip attendant for Delta.

Delta Airlines

Delta is among the biggest airlines in the world. They right now have a fleet of end 900 airplanes. Together with their subsidiaries, castle fly over 5400 flights every day. They at this time employ over 80,000 civilization including 25,000 flight attendants. Their headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia and also they have hubs in 9 other cities.

Delta has been in business for practically 100 years and has annual revenues of end $47 billion.

How to end up being a flight Attendant v Delta

In bespeak to become a trip attendant with Delta airlines, you’ll an initial have to accomplish the an easy requirements that a trip attendant. Although some of the demands are collection by the FAA because that all flight attendants, there are also some the are certain to Delta.

Here is a list of the needs for Delta airlines according come Delta Airlines:

Although these space the requirements to be considered, Delta considers the best candidates to also have this qualifications:

A university degree1 year or much more experience working in customer service or guest care

If you meet these requirements, you should go ahead and also submit an applications on their employment website found here.

Getting Hired

If you’ve never ever been a trip attendant before, make certain to review through our overview written particularly to assist people in her situation. It’s a overview to help you end up being a trip attendant through no experience.

Delta flight Attendant Salary

The pay for trip attendants in ~ Delta is an extremely competitive.

The beginning range because that a new flight attendant is in the variety of $29/hour (according to Glassdoor) and also $31 /hour follow to Payscale. This are based upon flight attendants who job-related there currently reporting their income.

As you progression in your career, you have the right to expect come earn fairly a little more. Experienced flight attendants with over 5 year of seniority have the right to expect come make much more than $38/hour.

Once you’ve fight the 10 year mark you can expect to do over $52/hour.

Bonuses, Commission, and also Profit Sharing

Delta flight attendants likewise report that they also have the capacity to earn money on peak of their standard hourly pay.

There room several factors that get in this added pay including components like the profitablity the the airline and also your very own performance. Top top average, the yearly bonus for trip attendants is $900. The typical profit share is $4,000 and also the average annual commission payout is secondary $600.


Delta trip Attendant cultivate Program

Delta is among the airlines that offers paid maintain for new flight attendants. This is an excellent since it method you deserve to join the organization and not just save money through not having to pay for trip attendant training, friend actually get paid come learn.

The pay for attending cultivate is listed as $1822 every week. This likewise includes room and board if needed.

Delta’s training routine for new flight attendants takes 8 weeks to complete. It includes a variety of topics consisting of customer service, passenger safety, aircraft certain training, Delta’s culture, and more.

Delta airline Hubs & residence Bases

Delta airline Headquarters is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Below is a perform of their existing hubs:

AtlantaBostonDetroitLos AngelesMinneapolis/St. PaulNew York – JFKNew York – LaguardiaSalt Lake CitySeattle

As a flight attendant functioning for Delta Airlines, you will most likely be based the end of one of these hubs.

Delta trip Attendant Schedule

The system for requesting flights to work at Delta (called a bidding system) is based on seniority. After ~ you complete training and also begin your career, you’ll likely have to take everything shifts are available. This will encompass flights ~ above weekend, evenings, and also holidays.

There is no a set variety of flights or hrs you have to work, and you are complimentary to pick up other shifts that space open. This contains flights that other trip attendants had actually assigned to them but for whatever reason no much longer want.

As you build seniority friend will be able to have your choose of the an ext desirable flights. Experienced flight attendants not only earn more money, but can put together a schedule the works best for them.

For much more detailed details on how flight attendant schedule work, view our overview on the here: flight Attendant Schedules

Is Delta a good Place to Work?

Popular employed staff websites enable for employees to price their endure working in ~ Delta as a trip attendant. We’ve taken the moment to compile few of these scores because that you. Here are the typical scores because that a few of the greatest airlines.

Delta airlines – 4.1/5.0United airlines – 4.0/5.0Southwest airlines – 4.3/5.0American airlines – 4.0/5.0Jet Blue – 4.1/5.0

Fortune newspaper also noted Delta airline as one of the 100 finest places to job-related for 2019. The is an tremendous honor because that an employer to earn. Feel cost-free to read through that article here.


How to Apply

According to Delta airline themselves, the finest place to use is straight on your website. You have the right to view positions and also apply directly on their work site.

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Delta Airlines is among the largest airlines in the world and also a an excellent place to start your career together a flight attendant. They have actually hubs situated in many parts the the country which provides finding one near you much easier than countless other airlines. They salary well, have good benefits, and offer payment training.