I obtain a lot of men asking exactly how they have the right to look favor Daniel Craig indigenous the contemporary James link series.

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…and the not hard to see why. Daniel Craig has brought a lean, thick physique to Casino Royale, Quantum the Solace, Skyfall, and most recently, Spectre.

Nobody knows what workout regime Mr. Craig follows, as well as him and also his personal trainer, yet from my 10 year of endure in the fitness industry, the isn’t difficult to guess.

Daniel Craig’s physique is dense and also lean—a type of “macho,” yet not overly shredded appearance. A lot of of guys crave a physique prefer this, and also today, ns going to breakdown how ns think Daniel Craig attained it.

Principles Behind The Workout


As you can see, Daniel Craig’s physique isn’tthat lean.Like i said, he’s gained a low body fat percentage, however it isn’t listed below 12%. You can tell, since he has a really vague abdominal outline, yet they no super defined.

For the Daniel Craig physique, you nothing necessarily have to do abs. You can gain a vague abdominal muscle outline simply from dieting down to 10-12% human body fat.

But, if you desire to have more defined abs, you have the right to do my Alpha ab Workout double a week. It’s got a combination of weighted exercises and also body load exercises, to no only give your abs some nice definition, but also deep grooves.

If you execute decide to add in some abdominal muscle exercises to the Bond body workout, i recommend you execute them after your workouts. So, putting it altogether, it might look choose this:

Monday: work B,Abs, 15 minute jogWednesday: job A, 15 minute jogFriday: day B, Abs, 15 minute jogSaturday: HIIT

Then, every various other day, you will do rest. I favor doing abs after ~ my constant workout routine, since I desire to have a whole rest day to myself, without any type of exercise, however it’s honestly approximately you.

Want A finish Muscle-Building Blueprint?

In summary, you also can accomplish the body of Daniel Craig… if you just follow this workout, eat the best foods, and are ready to work-related a bit.

It might take part time because that your an individual transformation to take it place, yet mark my words—if you put in the work, you will obtain the results.

Like the Daniel Craig workout? If you want to take points to the next level, and also follow a certain blueprint to structure a lean, shredded physique, then examine out human body of an Alpha.It’ll present you exactly how to develop lean, proportional muscle, and also build huge strength…at the same time. The covers recovery tactics, diets, supplements, and also more.

If you delighted in the article, feel complimentary to autumn me a keep in mind down below. I always love hear from my fans. Ns hope you learned other today, and I’ll talk to friend later.

Frequently asked Questions
❓ How have the right to I get A Body favor Daniel Craig?

The best method to gain a body choose Daniel Craig is to follow his exercise routine, which consists of an intense weight lifting regimen. You"ll also have to count her calories, have actually a an excellent diet, and also get enough recovery time, to ensure you develop muscle and also lose fat to get a physique like his.

❓ how Did Daniel Craig gain in form to beat James Bond?

Daniel Craig acquired in good shape by complying with a strict workout routine, consists of stamin training and also mass training, adhered to up through a pristine diet, where he likely had ample protein and also low carbohydrates, merged with obtaining 8-9 hrs of sleep each night come recover.

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❓ exactly how Much go Daniel Craig sweet As James Bond?

In most of the James bond movies, from Casino Royale come Skyfall and No Time to Die, Daniel Craig weighs about 180 pounds the lean, thick muscle. Craig has actually visible six fill abs, an interpretation he"s likely around 10% bodyfat in most of his James link roles.