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Christopher Matthews is one American journalist and political analyst ideal known as the anchor the MSNBC's night talk show Hardball v Chris Matthews. Matthews is additionally known because that his frank and also forthright interviewing style.

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Christopher john Matthews to be born top top December 17, 1945, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That is a roman Catholic and of British and also Irish descent. His mom was mar Teresa Shields, and also his father was Herb Matthews, a court reporter. He has a brother named Jim Matthews, a former county commissioner in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

In 1967, kris graduated indigenous the university of divine Cross located in Worcester, Massachusetts. He later studied in ~ the college of north Carolina, located in Chapel Hill, and graduated in economics. Matthews served as an advisor because that trade breakthrough in the united States tranquility Corps based in Swaziland indigenous 1968 until 1970. The was additionally a visiting other at the academy of national politics at Harvard University. The holds 34 honorary levels from various scholastic institutions, including Fordham University, Washington University, and Howard University.


Chris Matthews married the award-winning news anchor catalen Matthews in 1980. She was an anchor at WJLA-T, i beg your pardon is an abc affiliate situated in Washington, D.C. She later came to be the executive vice president at J.W. Marriott. They have actually three youngsters named Michael, Thomas, and Caroline.


In 2002, kris Matthews spent time in the hospital to be treated for Malaria. It has been speculated the he contract the condition during one of his countless visits to Africa earlier that year. The has also had pneumonia and acknowledged publically throughout a broadcast of Hardball in 2009 that he likewise has diabetes.


Chris Matthews served as a police officer in ~ the United says Capitol Police in Washington, DC. That was later made part of four democratic congress members, consisting of Edmund Muskie and Frank Moss.

He launched an unsuccessful project for the 4th congressional district seat in the residence of representatives in 1974. He was likewise a speechwriter because that President Carter and also later spent six years as Chief of employee to reminder O'Neill, the speaker of the house of Representatives. The was connected in numerous political activities with the Reagan Administration.

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Although he is firmly rooted in the democratic party, the considers himself pretty conservative and even admits to voting because that George W. Bush in 2000. There have actually been accusations that he supports Republicans and also screens his guests for right-wing tendencies. The briefly considered running because that United says Senate representing Pennsylvania in 2008, follow to The Colbert Report. Kris Matthews go on the document in 2009, stating the he had actually to decision between becoming a journalist or pursuing a job in politics.