It’s regularly said the the longtime host of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ has actually a cushy gig, yet after running the numbers, you know what? it is absolutely true.

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chris Harrison is fantastic TV host. The is a wellspring that gravitas, qualified of seeming suave and composed in any type of potential reality display scenario. He is handsome, yet not therefore handsome the it distracts native the handsome males who are claimed to be the focus of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the mirrors that have actually made that famous. His stilted however television-perfect technique of speaking provides me think he’s in reality a robot design by a mad scientist that was attempting to create the ideal TV host. His hosting prowess has now grown past the franchise: In addition to The Bachelor and its budding slew the spinoffs, he’s additionally become the organize of Who wants to it is in a Millionaire and the miss out on America pageant.

One problem, though: The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have never ever really needed a host. Most reality competitions call for a central authority figure to function. Take Survivor: Jeff Probst is everywhere. He describes the complicated an obstacle formats come the cast; the leads discussion at the lack council meetings; the reads the ballots that disclose who has been vote off; and also he is the one to drastically snuff every player’s torch once they leave the show. Yet in the Bachelor universe, the lead — the titular Bachelor or Bachelorette — is the one who leads the action. The lead is generally the one who explains what’s going to happen on dates, the one that talks come contestants to gauge their emotions, the one that announces who’s staying and also who’s going, and the one who says the last goodbye come those eliminated. The command does countless of the things a hold would do; so chris Harrison i do not care an auxiliary overview who occasionally aides the lead with logistical elements of your journey.

There simply isn’t a lot for Harrison to do. He barely mirrors up in many episodes ; in some, the doesn’t display up in ~ all. If Harrison mirrors up exterior of the rare cases in which he is expected, the a major surprise for contestants:

Harrison figures an ext prominently ~ above Bachelor in Paradise, where there is no command character to give the display direction. His most prominent on-air job is on the Tell every and After the last Rose specials, wherein he’s tasked v coaxing discussion amongst former actors members. But for the most part, his job is act voice-overs. That is come the Bachelor universe what Kristen Bell was to Gossip Girl. (Honestly, The Bachelor would be much better if the voice-overs were excellent by Kristen Bell in her Gossip Girl voice.) (Honestly, all reflects would be much better if lock featured voice-overs by Kristen Bell doing her Gossip Girl voice.)

Thus, the hypothetical confront of the Bachelor franchise is hardly ever on screen. Which renders me wonder: Does chris Harrison have the best job in the world?

To answer the question, I present to girlfriend the kris Harrison value Calculator. Ns watched every minute the every illustration of this season the The Bachelorette come tally how frequently Harrison shows up on screen and also how much he does when he’s top top screen. I counted every 2nd he appears and every word he says — and climate calculated just how much money he gained paid because that each of those seconds. After ~ the most! dramatic! rewatch! in Bachelorette history!, i learned a few things.

(A rapid explanation of methodology. My tally go not include Harrison’s voice-overs — just the time he actually shows up in the show’s plotline. Because that calculations the Harrison’s display screen time, I began counting at the an initial evidence the his presence in a scene — whether it to be his actual picture in the frame, or merely the clacking the his pull close shoes throughout a rose ceremony — and quit counting at the critical evidence. As for Harrison’s salary: many posts suggest to a TV Guide overview of reality TV hold salaries that indicate Harrison make $60,000 an illustration in 2011, back the TV Guide article has been scrubbed from the internet. That probable Harrison’s salary has increased over the past six years — the present is much much more popular now, and episodes room two hours instead of one — so it’s reasonable to assume Harrison provides significantly more per second than I was able to estimate.)

Screen Time

In nine episodes the Season 13 the The Bachelorette thus far, Harrison has been on screen for 36 minutes and also 33 seconds. The average episode features a tiny over 84 minute of non-commercial programming, and also Harrison averages 4 minutes and three seconds per episode. In total, this season Harrison has actually been featured in 4.83 percent that the show’s airtime.

If we ran every one of Harrison’s segment back-to-back-to-back and also aired them all at once with every full episode of the show back-to-back-to-back, Harrison’s segments would stretch just to the point in the season premiere when the 18th of the 31 contestants emerged from a limo. (In instance you’re wondering, that was Jonathan, the “tickle monster.”)

The rose Ceremonies …

I obtain why Harrison reflects up because that the rose ceremonies. He is the show’s host, and the increased ceremony is the show’s large ritual, the moment roughly which whole episodes are based. Yet have you ever before thought around what the does at rose ceremonies? Because, of course, he’s not the one to give out the roses — it would certainly be really weird if this male in a fit handed out symbols of an additional person’s love.

So instead, he waits till one rose is left and enters the room v as much pomp together he can muster to announce the one increased is left. Buddy, we know: One is the simplest number to counting to. That an obvious and needless interjection, prefer the show’s creators reverse-engineered it — they want Harrison to arrive at this moment to provide extra load to the show’s many dramatic moment, yet couldn’t figure out what he would certainly say. (Either that, or alphabet believes we struggle at differentiating between “one” and “numbers greater than one.”)

His rose ceremony appearances room pointless, however still make up a far-reaching amount of his work. The repeat of his rose ceremony mantra (“Rachel, gentlemen, the final rose tonight. Once you’re ready …” and “Gentlemen, ns sorry, if you did not receive a rose, take a moment, say your goodbyes.”) accounts for 10.38 percent the the full words he has spoken thus much this season. And his climbed ceremony screen time accounts because that a lining 20.79 percent the his total appearances. (I had actually a little of a philosophical crisis counting this display time — technically, he leaves the room in in between announcing the final rose and also addressing those eliminated, yet I left the clock running even when the was out of the room due to the fact that it was part of the exact same scene.) That method of the $540,000 he’s earned throughout these ripe episodes, $112,284.54 was earned simply for this formulaic scenes.

… and also the Times external of climbed Ceremonies

If you thought Harrison was unnecessary in the increased ceremonies, he’s substantially less necessary outside of them.

Harrison was mildly essential in the an initial four illustration of this season. In the season premiere, he introduce Rachel come the audience and eases her right into her role as Bachelorette. In episode 2, he explains the principle of the one-on-one day to the men, hand them a day card, and later assists with an unexpected case when DeMario return to the house after being eliminated. He proceeds assisting v the DeMario case in illustration 3, and again speak to the men around their week. But Episode 4 to be his biggest duty by far: He offers his help to Rachel once she gets emotional — “Everybody’s below to assist you. Friend just need to tell me what friend want. I deserve to facilitate anything.” — tells the guys that Rachel has made decision to publication the remainder of the evening’s cocktail ceremony, and later shows up on a group date for the only time every season as organize of “The Bachelor nation Spelling Bee.” The spelling punishment alone lasts for over nine minutes; in the complete episode, Chris claims 466 words and appears on screen for 659 seconds.

In the five episodes since, Harrison has not showed up outside of the paper definition of a rose ceremony, totaling just 249 words and also 371 secs on air. It is an average of slightly under 50 words and 75 secs per episode. In episodes 7 and also 9, Harrison just didn’t appear — in the former, Rachel eliminated two men on a group date; in the latter, nobody was eliminated. Harrison walk greet Rachel at climbed ceremonies in episodes 6 and also 8 to briefly comment on her mindset, however only ~ skipping entire weeks precious of activities. (“You look solemn,” that tells she after she arrives to the climbed ceremony in Norway, a nice thing to say come someone that you know just spent hrs on hair and makeup. Fellas, use this top top dates.)

Part the the factor for Harrison’s drop-off has to do through the circulation of the season. Harrison’s function is to make everybody — from Rachel come the contestants to the viewers — feel favor they recognize the instances in play, and by the moment the season is half-over, everyone is acquainted with everybody and everything. But it’s precious noting the direct correlation between the quantity of time the show spends in Los Angeles and also the quantity of time Harrison security on screen. The did travel overseas — he was at increased ceremonies in Norway and also Denmark — but he is unlikely to execute anything much more than the bare minimum as soon as the show shifts locales.

chris Harrison is no the highest-paid human being in display business. Not by a long shot. For example, that same TV Guide report the revealed Harrison’s salary as $60,000 one episode stated Jeff Probst provides $200,000 an episode. Yet Harrison’s worth for his time is turn off the charts. He it s okay $343.73 per word and also $246.24 per second, or $14,774.28 per minute. LeBron James make $30.96 million play for the Cleveland Cavaliers last year, yet if we divide that over his 2,794 minutes played, he made simply $11,082.12 per minute. Therefore, Harrison’s time is more valuable than LeBron’s.

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As ns note how minimal his task is, ns should add that he is really great at it. Yet we’d also probably love The Bachelor and also its spinoffs if Harrison no there. A replacement-level hold would do fine. The show can even it is in fine through no host, so lengthy as the premise and contestants stayed ludicrous. And yet Chris coasts along, acquiring paid handsomely for a tiny job he no really should perform. He gets to fly to exotic locations, awaiting a contact that periodically doesn’t come. And also if he doesn’t appear, the examine still clears. Ns salute kris Harrison, owner of the world’s perfect job.