Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines completely took over HGTV through their popular show, Fixer Upper, in 2013. Because then, the power pair has produced a substantial home improvement empire and dominated several locations of the entertain circuit. Your incredible merged net worth renders it clear the the couple is winning at life.

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 Chip and Joanna have a linked estimated network worth the $20 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth. Joanna was elevated in Texas and originally want to seek a transfer journalism career. Chip played baseball because that Baylor University, the exact same school his future mam attended. Though they visited the exact same school, they never ever crossed routes as students. It to be at her father’s auto shop a few years later on that they had their very first encounter.


While earning a steady paycheck from your hit home advancement show, Chip and also Joanna chose to take it the Magnolia sector concept and also turn it into a successful online shop. Their first book, The Magnolia Story, to be released quickly after in 2016. Eventually, the proud parental of five made decision to reopen Magnolia sector at the Silos in Waco, along with starting their very own magazine, Magnolia Journal. Chip and Joanna shockingly decided in 2017 the they would not be continuing with Fixer Upper.

 “We realized we didn’t necessarily love the side of the camera, and also that component became a full-time job,” Joanna told The Hollywood Reporter in June 2021. “We’ve obtained a huge family. We’ve got a business. The display ended up whereby we had actually to constantly be feeding it.”

Both Chip and Joanna have actually authored multiple books and included to your fortune with Hearth & Hand, a design collection marketed at Target the was introduced in 2017. They opened up the doors to your Texas restaurant, Magnolia Table, in 2018. The happy couple also announced in an figure on The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon the year that they to be launching their very own television channel, Magnolia Network.

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The organization ventures have actually kept on coming because that the HGTV stars together they went on to open up a coffee shop referred to as Magnolia press in 2019. In 2021, they went back to television with a brand-new iteration that the present that do them famous, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home on discovery +. The pair has revealed the an enig to all of their success after every one of these year in the spotlight.

“Early ~ above in ours marriage, we had actually some conflict,” Chip told Closer exclusively in July 2019. “Jo and also I care about each rather hearts, we care about each rather souls. We were like, ‘No issue what come our way, that you and also me matches the world.’ The secret to our success is simply to pull for one another.”