Chelsea Clinton landed a financially rewarding job at NBC after graduating college, however her salary wasn"t $900,000, and she wasn"t working for her parents.

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Published18 July 2016

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Rumor going roughly that Chelsea Clinton was paid $900,000 to work for she parents best out of college. Is this true?

Shortly ~ Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of previous President invoice Clinton and also Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, completed she Master’s level at Columbia’s Mailman school of Public health and wellness in 2010, she landed a rather financially rewarding job. However, that project didn’t pay she $900,000 every year, nor did the involve working for her parents, together was widely claimed online.

Chelsea Clinton to be hired through NBC News as a distinct correspondent in 2011. She was apparently paid $600,000 a year by the network until 2014, when she switched from an annual salary come a month-to-month contract as result of the opportunity of she mother’s running for president:

Chelsea Clinton earn an yearly salary the $600,000 in ~ NBC News prior to switching to a month-to-month contract earlier this year, resources with expertise of the commitment .

Clinton, that joined NBC News as a unique correspondent in November 2011, was up for renewal or nonrenewal this year. Instead, the sources said, the network determined to save her ~ above the payroll top top a month-to-month communication so the two parties might sever ties if Clinton’s mother, Hillary Clinton, runs because that president.

Chelsea Clinton announced in respectable 2014, a month before the bear of her first child, the she would be leaving NBC to emphasis on philanthropic job-related at the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

NBC News most likely awarded Chelsea Clinton together a hefty contract in part due come her name recognition, however she also came come the position with an superior résumé: a B.A. In history from Stanford University, a understand of windy Health degree from Columbia’s Mailman institution of publicly Health, and a DPhil degree in global Relations native Oxford University, in addition to task stints with the consulting certain McKinsey & firm and Avenue capital Group.

Moreover, her place with the network did no involve “working for her parents,” and also her rental was no out of the ordinary. In 2009 Jenna Bush, the daughter of former President George W. Bush, was additionally hired by NBC together a news correspondent on Today, and Senator john McCain’s daughter, Megan McCain, has actually held plenty of positions in ~ MSNBC, Pivot, and Fox News.

The discrepancy between the size of Chelsea Clinton’s yes, really contract v NBC ($600,000) and the amount typically reported together her salary ($900,000), as well as the misperception the Chelsea was “working for her parents,” likely stemmed native conflation involving Clinton’s pay because that her various other positions as Vice Chair of the “Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton structure ($0) and also as a plank member the IAC/Interactive Corp ($300,000):

In enhancement to her gig in ~ NBC, Chelsea also serves vice Chair that the newly renamed “Bill, Hillary and also Chelsea Clinton Foundation,” wherein she was “a significant force in steering her parents’ charity work” in the final years of she mother’s time in ~ the State Department.

Chelsea likewise benefits indigenous a project as a board member because that Barry Diller’s IAC/InteractiveCorp. Salary because that Chelsea: $300,000. The board position also pays an yearly retainer of $50,000 and also a $250,000 approve of limited stock.

Although Chelsea Clinton’s relationships may have actually helped her land a role at IAC, she parents perform not make the rental decisions for that net media stop company:

Paul Lapides, head that the this firm Governance facility at Kennesaw State university in Georgia, claims those connections may have helped her. “There’s no question that she to know a the majority of people,” the said.

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“Ms. Clinton is a keenly intelligent, insightful and inspirational young woman with suffer in consulting and public policy,” a spokeswoman because that IAC said.