In his 16-year career, brand-new York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia‘s weight has actually been a object of discussion however it benefits him more than we realize.

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Upon his entrance right into the American organization in 2001, CC Sabathia was a unique pitcher. Not simply with his blazing speed and take-charge attitude, however mainly since of his more heavier stature.

When it pertains to discussing weight, the only reactions you acquire are as soon as someone is taken into consideration “too big” or “too small.” remain in the center ground and also you’re safe from any criticism over how your load is affecting her play.

When it comes to brand-new York Yankees southpaw Sabathia, however, as soon as he’s in ~ his heaviest, he at some point is at his best.

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A portly pitcher in all phases that his career, he likewise had part instances where he lost weight in an effort to avoid more injuries. However, the never worked out for him.

In his beforehand years v the Cleveland Indians, Sabathia weighed in at a hard 300 pounds. His time in Cleveland earned him 3 American league All-Star appearances and also a CY Young Award, every while boasting an ext weight 보다 every other pitcher in the league.

As his weight began to fluctuate in Cleveland, for this reason did his record. When he got to 290 pounds in 2005 and 2006, it to be reflected in his 15-10 and also 12-11 records.

Then 2007 rolled around and the weight became a element once again. In his CY Young Award-winning season, Sabathia weighed over 300 pounds and dominated ~ above the mound. With his 19-7 record and 3.21 ERA, Sabathia confirmed that the extra weight worked to his advantage.

Mar 7, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA; brand-new York Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia (52) throws a key in the very first inning the a baseball game against the Tampa bay Rays throughout spring training at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA this particular day Sports

Even better, in the previous 17 years, Sabathia is the only pitcher end 300 pounds to win the CY Young Award. The rest weighed less than 250 pounds, with the exemption of one Bartolo Colon.

His come in new York was significant with success ideal away. In his an initial three seasons with the Yankees, Sabathia won at least 19 games in each. All while weighing over 300 pounds, once again.

The load loss began in 2012 and Sabathia withered under to 275 pounds come 2014. That significant Sabathia’s worst season yet, translate into a 5.28 ERA during the injury-shortened campaign. Functioning his means back approximately the 300 mark, Sabathia didn’t find his groove the following two seasons.

According to FanGraphs, during this time frame, Sabathia threw substantially fewer fastballs, what was frequently his bread and butter. Likewise during this time, Sabathia’s win percent dipped below .500 because that the very first time in his career. And also it taken place for 4 seasons straight.

Now here he is, draw close his 17th season in the game, earlier in his lull zone that 300 pounds. He’s additionally in the zone where he often tends to do his best.

He has already shown the this human body is donate him fine in spring training. That tossed two scoreless innings, offering up 2 hits and also no runs. When he offered up his 2 hits in the an initial inning, Sabathia settled of trouble, partially due to the fact that of his sweeping breaking ball.

We missed the breaking ball.

CC’s #NYYSpring debut: 2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 2 Ks.

— brand-new York Yankees (
Yankees) march 7, 2017

Overall, he’s looked good from what we’ve watched of him, yet if history means anything, the included weight will certainly only advantage Sabathia this season.

Is it since he has much more weight behind his fastball, enhancing his velocity? Is it due to the fact that he has much more weight to push off the mound with? Is that all simply a coincidence?

When Sabathia lost his load from 2014 until 2016, the velocity ~ above his fastball diminished incredibly. According to FanGraphs, 2014 witnessed Sabathia’s lowest fastball velocity at 89.6, far below his 92.9 typical he has sported his entire career.

The load may have nothing to carry out with CC Sabathia’s performance, yet the facts speak because that themselves.

When there’s much more of Sabathia, over there is an ext success. Who are we to argue v his an individual choices? If that weight renders him feel more comfortable on the mound, so be it.

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His success is dependence on his own confidence ~ above the mound. However, gift a comfortable load helps him carry out that.