Millions the Americanstune in to clock the Victoria’s secret Fashion display in December every year. The production of a fashion show of this magnitude consists of a far-ranging number the paychecks being cut. So, we decided to take a depths look into the salary and pay data of everything “Victoria’s an enig Fashion Show”. Indigenous the greatest paid supermodels, come the sustaining staff/production team, we’ve uncovered it all!

Averagemodel salary

Victoria’s secret Models are amongst the highest paid models in the world. These females make anywhere between $100,000-$1,000,000 a year, on average. However, the paychecks increase as result of seniority and fame. Several of the many experienced models, prefer Gisele Bundchen and also Adriana Lima, earn significantly more.

Highest paid (senior angels)

Let’s dive right into the payrolls of the height 10 highest paid Victoria’s secret Models, starting with those that get the largest paychecks. It is vital to remember that the earnings of this models room not exclusively from your appearance in the annual fashion show, but likewise from their exterior fashion endorsement deals. Evidence proves the Victoria’s an enig may be turning into a supermodel beginning pad come fame. The idea is because that models to build their brand, rise their fame, and also fatten your paychecks through endorsements and other opportunities.

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Gisele Bundchen is the highest possible paid Victoria’s an enig model of all time. Bundchen earned an estimated $44 million in 2015 alone and also has one outside resolve Under Armour. She has an estimated net worth of $386 million. Complying with Bundchen, we have actually Adriana Lima with a $9 million yearly salary. Lima additionally has an endorsement address Maybelline. Doutzen Kroes is next with an yearly salary of $7.5 million. Alessandra Ambrosio renders $5 million a year and has her own swim line dubbed “Ale by Alessandra Ambrosio”. Candice Swanepoel and also Karlie Kloss, likewise make $5 million a year.


Lower paid (newcomer angels)

The Angels bringing in the least amount the money yearly are frequently newcomers. Kendal Jenner, the challenge of Calvin Klein and Vogue, brings in about $4 million a year from her modeling career. Gigi Hadid functions externally indigenous Victoria’s secret with CoverGirl and also makes about $2.5 million annually. Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt end off the list through $2 million each in yearly earnings.

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Show production

Victoria’s an enig President and CEO Sharen Turney, has actually disclosed the the fashion show expenses an estimate of $22 million approximately date. The manufacturing of the show costs about $12 million, whereas the promo for the display is around a $10 million expense. “It’s no as lot as you would certainly think and also it in reality pays because that itself five times over”, Turney explains. Part of the shows recuperation expenses even occur throughout the show. With the millions of viewers tuning in come the show, CBS payment Victoria’s mystery over $1 million for the licensing of the show. Nothing forget around the commercials! Reports speak that part 30-second ads expense $200,000.

Total paychecks?

The Victoria"s secret Fashion show is a massive/complex production and also hundreds that paychecks get reduced for every contribution. The full $12 million production cost is divvied up multiple times and trickles down right into the deserving pockets. Very first you have actually the prices for the venue, staff and equipment. Victoria"s secret also needs to pay the world’s finest makeup artists, hair stylists, dressers, assistants, occasion coordinators, and security. You likewise have the expenses of the performers that grace the stage annually alongside the Victoria’s secret models (this year’s show has Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and also The Weekend).

Other interesting (at least to us) facts...

The “Million dissension Bras” watched on the runway room actually worth millions! The Victoria’s mystery Fantasy Bras are collection in 18 karat gold, 16,000 gemstones and also have diamonds, rubies and also sapphires. They room usually valued at $2,000,000 each.In 2000, Gisele Bundchen wore a bra with a $15 million price tag, which earned a location in the Guinness human being Records as the many expensive article of lingerie ever before created.Victoria’s an enig spends about $220 million a year on catalogs sent to customers.A bulk of the Victoria"s secret payroll comes from their substantial high seasonal sales during and also following the fashion show. One-third that Victoria’s Secret’s highly-seasonal sales occur in the fourth quarter, which is the most financially rewarding quarter. All in all, the marketing that originates from the show purposely overlaps with holiday sales.So who precisely is Victoria after ~ all? The Victoria’s an enig brand is named after Queen Victoria, England"s 19th century monarch.