Fox News an elderly political analyst Brit Hume has actually signed a new multiyear contract through the network, extending a tenure that began in 1997.

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Hume, 77, to be a longtime fixture at alphabet News for 23 years as a White residence correspondent and also a "World News Tonight" and also "Nightline" contributor before joining Fox News. The anchored "Special Report" because that 12 year before coming to be a political analyst for the network.

“After years of reporting and also anchoring, I want to shot it together an analyst. FOX News enabled me to perform that, because that which i am many grateful. I love the work and also I’m an extremely excited to proceed doing it," Hume stated in a explain Wednesday accompanying the announcement.

Hume recently safeguarded Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin for her reporting on chairman Trump

Donald TrumpSix big off-year elections you can be lacking Twitter suspends GOP Rep. Banks for misgendering trans health official Meghan McCain come Trump: "Thanks for the publicity" MORE"s alleged comments regarding fallen service members as "losers and suckers" after a network contributor questioned her reporting.

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"This is bullshit. Jen plays it directly and constantly has," Hume claimed in solution to Steve Malloy after ~ he wondered about whether Griffin suffers from Stockholm Syndrome and is starting "to identify with the civilization they"re so claimed to be reporting on."

This is bullshit. Jen dram it straight and constantly has. Https://

brithume) September 5, 2020

Hume has actually won number of journalism awards, including the national Press Foundation"s sol Taishoff Award because that Excellence in broadcast Journalism and an Emmy Award because that his coverage the the Gulf war in 1991.

"Brit is an exceptional journalist who has played an integral duty in our unequaled political coverage — his comprehensive knowledge that the intricacies the Washington have made that a incredible asset to our team and also a renowned favorite with our viewers," Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott stated in a explain Wednesday. "We look front to his continued expertise for many years ahead.”



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