You may have come throughout online listings for civilization who want to market their breast milk to other women.

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You probably thought it to be a small strange.

Is this a legit thing?

Do world really buy breast milk over the internet?

My answer: Absolutely, and yes, lock do.

It go sound a small strange if you stumbled throughout these species of listings and also had no idea that this human being existed.

But, if girlfriend think about it, it’s not much different than donating sperm, eggs, or even blood to civilization in need.

Breast milk is quiet what experts claim is the healthiest food because that newborns and also infants.

According come the American pregnant Association, chest milk has all the nutrient your baby needs, and your infant is more likely come stop when he’s full while breastfeeding than he is with a bottle.

Unfortunately, some moms no able come breastfeed due to health problems or schedule limitations with your jobs.

Moms who embrace babies also won’t be able to produce breast milk however may still desire to offer their boy breast milk.

There are a most reasons the someone would desire to go the course of buying breastmilk and also why you could want to sell your extra for a tiny cash.

I believed it was essential to re-superstructure this post, i m sorry delves into the why’s and also how’s so that you deserve to see if this is something that might work because that you.

Selling breast Milk: Why and How to execute It

According to Medline Plus, babies have to be offered breast milk because that at least the first six month of life.

The civilization Health company (WHO) claims that females should shot to feed your babies chest milk because that the first two years of life, while additionally introducing solid foods during that time.

Of course, this is every dependent on even if it is a woman have the right to breastfeed and wants come breastfeed.

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Let’s watch a little deeper into why women might buy and also sell their chest milk to others.

Why would certainly Someone market Their breast Milk? Why would certainly Someone to buy It?

Many women merely can’t breastfeed.

Either their milk never ever comes in properly, they nothing make sufficient milk to save their baby satisfied, or there’s part other problem with their milk supply.

It wake up to the ideal of us. Around 2% of ladies can’t develop enough milk to feeding their infant properly.

For other women who don’t have actually this issue, they can still feel overwhelmed by breastfeeding.

It have the right to be painful, time-consuming, and also downright stressful, specifically if you have actually a baby that doesn’t latch ~ above well.

Which brings me to an additional point: part babies no able come breastfeed.

Things choose physical disabilities, mouth deformities, too much colic, and other problems can avoid a baby from gift able come breastfeed.

Regardless the the problem that mommy or baby could have, mom might still want to feed she baby breast milk.

It’s difficult, though, to save up a supply when you’re not physically feeding your baby.

Even pump regularly have the right to diminish a milk it is provided after a while, i m sorry could reason a woman’s supply to eventually run out.

Some women have hectic jobs, too, that makes it practically impossible to breastfeed a baby.

As you deserve to see, there room several factors why a woman could want come buy who else’s breastmilk.

Just since she’s not physically breastfeeding her baby doesn’t mean that she doesn’t desire her baby to have all the nutrients breast milk provides.

Other women choose to help these females by offering the chest milk the they have left over.

Not only does it offer them part extra cash, but it also ensures the their excess milk doesn’t go to garbage and, instead, walk to someone who demands it.

Is It for sure to Buy chest Milk from someone You nothing Know?

Yes, once you buy that from a reputable place or person.

The problem with buying breast milk online is the the world you buy milk from space strangers to you.

You don’t know just how they pump and also store their milk, what they eat, if they smoke, etc.

However, reputable sources will ensure that breast milk is safe before it’s sold to various other mothers who want to to buy it.

Therefore, it’s important to take fee of this issue and also only offer to reliable places, i beg your pardon I’ll get to in a moment.

A reputable listing website or milk donation bank will have actually procedures in location for women to extract and store their breast milk so the it’s for sure to sell.

They regularly have a screening process, even, come ensure that you’re in an excellent enough health to be offering your chest milk come others.

If you’re walk to sell your milk, girlfriend should also be open to honestly pointing out your way of living with civilization who desire to buy it.

By gift open and transparent, friend can develop trust in buyers and can potentially have actually buyers keep coming earlier to you for her milk.

What threats are affiliated with buying or offering Breast Milk?

As much as marketing breast milk, the biggest risk you’ll encounter is scams.

However, if you recognize what to look because that in a scam and you’re diligent around avoiding them, this shouldn’t be one issue.

There is one vital risk connected with buying chest milk the you need to be aware of.

Breast milk is distinctive to a woman’s body.

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It’s amazing, actually.

Breast milk adjusts based on the things you eat or drink and what her baby needs.

Therefore, no two women’s chest milk will certainly be precisely the same.

What walk this average for girlfriend if you buy the from someone rather to feeding to your baby?

Your baby could have a reaction to it or it may not provide your infant the right amount of nutrient his body needs.

When girlfriend breastfeed your baby, her milk takes information from your baby’s saliva and naturally adjusts chin to give your infant what he needs nutritionally.

Breast milk the comes from one more woman won’t be able to do that, unfortunately, which might leave your baby lacking in part nutritional areas.

However, plenty of pediatricians state that the best method to tell if your baby is getting enough from milk is to track his growth, which the doctor does through every well visit.

If your baby appears to it is in growing and acting normally, then you shouldn’t have actually much to worry about.

Still, that is miscellaneous to think about if you desire to usage milk that comes from a body other than your own.

How Much have the right to You sell Breast Milk For?

You deserve to sell your breast milk for anywhere between $2 and also $2.50 every ounce, ~ above average, yet this number have the right to be even higher in some cases.

The typical baby drinks about 25 ounces of chest milk every day, and also some babies drink even more.

Supposing that a mom involves you to buy sufficient breast milk to feeding her infant per week and you do $2.50 per ounce, you have the right to make $437.50 a week, or end $1,600 every month.

That’s not to speak that will certainly happen.

Some women might only buy enough breast milk to supplement their own for when their baby is at a avestor while castle work.

Still, that quite feasible to make a kind amount by offering your breast milk alone.

Of course, you’ll also have come deduct the cost of shipping your milk from her profits, which can be rather expensive.

To store the milk fresh, because that example, you must ship the in a cooler through dry ice, which will cost much more for shipping 보다 a little envelope or box.

Remember, too, the your money you do from selling your milk is taxable, therefore you’ll need to keep good records and remember to report that on your earnings taxes.

In short, offering breast milk most likely won’t do you enough money come live off of, yet it have the right to be a an excellent way to knife extra money on something that your human body is producing anyway.

Options for Making Money from her Milk

You have a pair of choices when it comes to selling her milk.

Although I’ve checked out these ads on Craigslist, I very suggest no going the route.

You might be able to find buyers, but you’re not really structure your call there, and you additionally may not be able to get top dollar for your milk.

Craigslist is likewise ripe through scams and sellers don’t yes, really have any selling protections there.

If someone wants to case that you offered them negative milk, girlfriend don’t have much the a leg to was standing on if they decide to carry you come court or reason issues because that you.

It can save money to sell locally, yet I would certainly only think about doing so if friend personally recognize the human being you’re offering to.

Better alternatives are marketing your milk online using trusted sources and also selling your milk to a milk bank.

Using this methods, you’ll have actually some protections in place.

Plus, sellers are compelled to follow strictly protocol as soon as it concerns storing and also shipping their chest milk, which help others trust that your chest milk is safe.

Sell breast Milk Online

Yes, you have the right to sell her milk online and it’s totally legal to perform so.

You simply need to make sure you’re following the best safety practices possible for collecting and also storing your milk.

Remember, your breast milk is going to other tiny babies whose moms count on you to administer safe, healthy, nutritious milk for your babies.

It’s a huge responsibility!

Here’s whereby you have the right to go to market your chest milk online:

Only the Breast

Only the breast is favor a Craigslist for breast milk.

It’s set up prefer a classifieds website where women have the right to go come sell and buy chest milk.

Only the Breast has several steps in ar that women need to adhere to before and during the marketing process.

These no necessarily mandatory, however a buyer deserve to ask that any type of of the measures be done before she buys your milk.

You’ll probably have an easier time finding a buyer if friend commit to complying with the simple safety steps that boost your reputation together a seller.

For example, you’ll have to be screened before you can start selling.

You can acquire the screening labs done through AccesaLabs.

They’ll ship you the kit, you take it it come a regional lab, and also get the results earlier in simply a few days.

The kit costs $259, however once you’re cleared, you’re collection to sell.

It will test everything from HIV to Hepatitis to ensure the you don’t have actually anything in your chest milk the might carry over to one more woman’s infant.

You may additionally be request to get a letter from your medical professional that says that marketing your chest milk won’t threat the wellness of your very own child.

In other words, she not marketing your breast milk to another person while staying clear of breastfeeding your own child.

You might additionally be asked to pasteurize her milk, due to the fact that unpasteurized chest milk – similar to cow’s milk – have the right to contain bacteria.

Shipping have the right to be quite involved too.

Sellers should always contact the receiving family prior to shipping their milk come make sure they set up a date and time the they’ll be house when the shipment involves keep it together fresh together possible.

You should additionally use a cooler through dry ice cream and marked with “Human Milk.”

It sounds prefer a lot, and also it can be until you gain used come the process.

But, know that every action you take it helps you become more trustworthy to buyers and also can aid you offer your milk faster.

Breastfeeding Moms Unite

This is an additional online classifieds site for moms who want to offer their chest milk to various other moms.

Breastfeeding Moms unite isn’t fairly as energetic as just the Breast, yet it can be a great option because that you to usage as a secondary place come get an ext eyes on her listings.

The site has helpful guidelines for females who want to sell, including detailed instructions for pumping and also storing your milk and placing ads.

You’re even permitted to note that guys are not enabled to respond to her ads if friend don’t want them to.

It’s a an individual preference, but it could be the right one for you if you prefer that just women that really need the milk for your babies are the ones who gain it.

There space different advertisement packages you’ll need to purchase to market your milk here, for this reason be certain to take into consideration the price that the package girlfriend choose and roll those expenses into the expense of her milk come make sure you’re gaining a profit.

Breastfeeding Moms Unite allows you to buy a $20 advertisement package because that a 90-day listing, or girlfriend can pick to pay only a few dollars more for a life time listing (a great idea if you plan to perform this because that a while).

You can likewise pay a little amount to obtain a featured listing the helps your ad stand the end from others.

You’re permitted to include images and also play roughly with listing settings, like setup up a mass listing, to important customize your advertisement and aid you market your breast milk.

Find Body builders to offer To

This mom was able to sell an ext than $6k precious of chest milk to human body builders.

Say what?

Apparently, body home builders can consume breast milk because it’s therefore healthy.

More specifically, it targets muscle fixed growth, do it easier for castle to develop muscle 보다 it would be because that them come consume protein shakes or do it in various other ways.

The mother says that guys started approaching she after she began donating her extra milk to other women who required it much more and it type of go out up native there.

So, it can be possible for you to hang around Instagram or Facebook groups to find bodybuilders who can be interested in your stash.

They probably won’t be fairly as stroller, stick as another mom would about how the stored and also what your lifestyle’s like because they’re greatly using it because that the muscle-building benefits fairly than whole-health feeding prefer a baby does.

Approach body building contractors with her offer and you might just find yourself a brand-new demographic to target!

Sell on on facebook Groups

Again, I want to stress and anxiety the prestige of making certain you’re communicating with and selling to world you understand well, even if they’re moms you’ve gotten to know well virtual only.

But offering breast milk in Facebook groups is a legitimate way some moms are obtaining money for their excess milk.

This post explains why moms room using facebook to carry out it and also how it services them.

There are groups dedicated to this process, which friend can uncover easily through a rapid Facebook find – but only if castle public.

Many that these teams are hidden, meaning that just those with invites come the team can join and you won’t be able to search for them publicly.

You might need to begin out interacting in a couple of the general public groups, obtaining to understand some the the moms there, and building relationships.

Over time, you could get invited to other private groups that can be more close-knit areas that can make it simpler for girlfriend to find buyers you trust.

Or, you could always start her own!

Do you recognize a team of females in your neighborhood who have recently had actually babies and have milk come spare?

If so, you deserve to start with simply your team of friends and acquaintances and also have everyone invite people who can be interested in authorized to her group.

It should begin to grow, and also you’ll have actually a solid team of women locally who both sell and also buy breast milk!

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Sell chest Milk to a Milk Bank

The other alternative for marketing milk is donating come a milk bank.

And, back it’s referred to as donating, plenty of donation centers will certainly actually compensate you.

It’s comparable to donating blood plasma, where centers will pay friend for the time you spend donating because the process can take it an hour or more.

Pumping and storing breast milk deserve to be time-consuming, and also many donation centers for breast milk understand that and also are willing to pay you for her gracious effort.

You won’t make rather as much money doing that this way, yet it can also save friend time finding and connecting with feasible buyers.

Mothers Milk Cooperative

Mothers Milk Cooperative lets girlfriend donate her milk online for $1 one ounce.

Perhaps you’re not breastfeeding her baby anymore and also can contribute 25 ounces a day.

That’s $175 a week, or $700 a month.

You’ll acquire your money via direct deposit about 90 work after the MMC receives it.

MMC has actually this procedure in place so the it has actually time to test your breast milk utilizing its an innovation to make certain it’s in great shape prior to being sent out to who in need.

To walk this route, though, you’ll have to gain screened.

It’s a requirement, and you can not donate there is no doing so.

MMC will certainly send you a blood check kit the you can take to your local lab because that testing.

Once that receives the results and also you have a cleared profile, you’ll be able to start donating.

You’ll also have to wait till your baby is at least three months old (if you’re right now nursing) come donate her milk.

And, the very first 100 ounces you send in won’t be payment for.

This helps cover the price of the program.

MMC likewise has strict actions in ar for expressing and also shipping your breast milk, so you’ll desire to make sure you check out over everything before going too much in the process.

You’ll need to fill out a W-9 for taxation purposes.

On the plus side, all her pumping gives you use space things you can deduct as service expenses, which might make all her pumping initiatives worth her time!

Tiny prizes Milk Bank

Tiny prizes Milk financial institution is one more bank that offers payments to its donors.

You’ll acquire $1 because that every qualifying oz of breast milk that you donate to the financial institution to aid other mothers that can’t breastfeed.

This bank operates v Prolacta Bioscience, for this reason you’ll should sign her contract commitment through that organization prior to you’re welcomed as a donor.

The benefit is that Prolacta will certainly pay for every one of your prices as a donor, consisting of the shipping fees, any type of tests you’re forced to take, etc.

It’s additionally the organization that will compensate you for your chest milk upon donation.

You’ll need to go through a pre-screening process to obtain the sphere rolling, i m sorry you have the right to start on the website by click the “Join” button.

Helping hand Milk Bank

Helping hand Milk financial institution is one more center that goes through Prolacta Bioscience to aid mothers obtain the breast milk they require for your babies.

A unique thing around this facility is that not only can you knife $300 for 300 ounces that donated breast milk, however the financial institution will likewise donate $1 per oz to the Susan G. Komen money for breast cancer awareness.

So you won’t just acquire paid yourself – you will do it also aid contribute to terrific cause that can help the futures of both moms and also their babies.

You can likewise start the pre-screening procedure online to have actually someone indigenous the bank contact you, gain some much more information, and also explain the process.

If you do come to be a donor, you’ll get a inspect within 6 weeks upon the milk financial institution approving her donation.


Last but not least – there’s always donating (and through this, we average actual donating, free of charge)!

I know, it won’t make you any type of money, yet if you only have actually a pair of preventive ounces every day, friend might as well donate them rather of wasting them.

Mothers Milk participating will additionally let friend donate your milk if friend choose.

The Human Milk banking Association of north America is an additional bank that will certainly gladly take your donations.

Or, try National Milk Bank.

Both places have their own requirements for females who desire to donate, therefore make certain you read over the guidelines and also FAQ sections for an ext info.

At the an extremely least, you deserve to feel an excellent knowing the your excess milk visited someone else that really demands it for their very own baby.

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Conclusion: sell Your breast Milk for part Extra Cash

This way to do money may sound strange in ~ first, however I expect I had the ability to clear up any of the questions you could have had.

Honestly, the a an excellent way for mother to make some money.

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But, the best component is that it helps other mothers give the services of breast milk to your own children when they can not it is in able to.