is an immersive playground, all rolled into a large and vivid space. Litter an axe, wander through a bamboo volcano, race on a zip line, or explore other mesmerizing realms. Native the futuristic come the thrill-seeking, there’s an suffer for everyone here.

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Every Table is a Chefs Table

Renowned chef, restaurateur, and also four-time James Beard award winner Todd English gift this maintain map of spices to guests at the whimsical human being of

Craft Cocktails served in a Twinkling Digital Forest

Sip handmade cocktails under Oddwood’s astonishing 25-foot-tall digital maple tree together the LED leaves dance come the beat of the DJ and also create trends from a myriad that colors.

Craft Cocktails served in a Twinkling Digital Forest

Sip handmade cocktails under Oddwood’s astonishing 25-foot-tall digital maple tree together the LED leaves dance come the beat of the DJ and also create trends from a myriad the colors.

Ice Cream the Rocks

An award-winning, Boston-based agency specializing in ice cream cream, vegan ice cream cream, chocolates, specialty cones and smoothies. Prevent in and try a scoop or two, or five.

Part Market. Part Playground

The boutique features one-of-kind, handcrafted, sustainable apparel, accessories, art, and eco-friendly health and also wellness assets from both local and an international creators. Unleash your “inner weird” come the fullest—try things on, play dress up, and dance come the rhythm of your own drum.

Blast turn off to candy Confection

This is not your old-fashioned soda pop and also candy shop. Swing by this sweet clues that will (pop) rock her world.

Blast turn off to candy Confection

This is not your old-fashioned soda pop and candy shop. Swing by this sweet spot that will certainly (pop) rock your world.

Accounting ManagerNovember 26th, 2019

Job Overview ras VEGAS is searching for an accounting Manager to take it the lead on all accounting matters at the venue. The appropriate candidate will have the opportunity to job-related with every departments within ras Vegas and also become a key part of’s as whole development. The audit Manager will report to the VP that Finance at global (the this firm NY headquarters) and also will take component in designing, implementing and monitoring all bookkeeping policies and processes when working with the team to further the all at once goals and also objectives that The ideal candidate is highly analytical, familiar with all aspects of full cycle accounting, technologically inclined and would prosper in a fast-paced startup environment. This is a good opportunity to take on a lead accounting duty as well as obtain great experience in operational and technical accountancy in the experiential retail and also entertainment industry.

Responsibilities and duties:

• Must have actually experience and also be well-versed in cash tracking, reconciliations and also controls• complete A/P processing, from ensuring acquisition Order approvals through setup up ACH payments• seller Management• A/R• basic ledger management• Balance paper reconciliations• execute Intercompany entries and also reconciliations• cost reviews and also tracking against budget• help with period closes and financial declare preparation• list management• Cash circulation forecasting• Payroll processing• Monitor fixed assets and also related depreciation schedules• aid with yearly budget process and interim forecasting• Develop and maintain miscellaneous statistical and financial analyses• help with tax and audit initiatives• help with activation of NetSuite ERP• various other related requests as determined

Skills / Attitude:

• A sound knowledge of complete cycle bookkeeping and solid awareness of typically accepted bookkeeping principles• Clear expertise of cash controls and also safeguards• solid computer skills, including proficiency in Excel• solid written and oral communication abilities• strong organization and analytical skills with an eye because that detail• capacity to multi-task and also be flexible with adjusting priorities• Comfort working in a rapid paced, start-up environment• ambition to enhance upon repeated or otherwise inefficient processes• ability to occupational comfortably within a group or independently• capacity to connect in English, both verbally and also written

Required Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, hospitality or appropriate field• At least 7+ year of directly relevant bookkeeping experience• A sound understanding of complete cycle accountancy and a solid awareness of usually accepted bookkeeping principles• computer literacy

Desired Qualifications:

• preference will be provided to candidates v a working understanding of NetSuite, Square and also other third-party software integrations• Hospitality, sleeve and/or Entertainment suffer a plus

About Area 15, located minutes native the ras Vegas Strip, is the world’s first purpose-built experiential retail and also entertainment complicated offering live events, role play activations, significant art installations, extraordinary style elements, ground-breaking technology, bars and also eateries and also much more. With a growing collection the dynamic destinations including Nomadic, Emporium, Oddwood, Dueling Axes and also its anchor experience, Meow Wolf las Vegas,’s ever-changing art, retail and also entertainment attractions will draw locals and also tourists of all ages when it opens in 2020. represents a cooperation venture in between real estate advance firm Fisher brother and an innovative agency Beneville Studios, both of brand-new York.

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For much more information visit and also follow ~ above Instagram and Twitter:

TO APPLY, SEND covering LETTER, RESUME and also SALARY demands TO CAREERS with “ACCOUNTING MANAGER” IN THE topic LINE is an equal chance employer and also values diversity. We room committed to adhering to all federal, state and local laws giving equal opportunities and all various other employment laws and also regulations.