With much more than 900 areas worldwide, including in Brazil, Mexico, and even Slovakia, Olive Garden offers excellent restaurant project opportunities. This casual dining restaurant special Italian-American food has end up being one that the many beloved restaurant chain in the joined States.

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Below, you will do it see:How much does Olive Garden pay to start?If you acquire paid weekly or biweeklyWhen the pay duration starts and also endsOlive Garden raises in payFull-time hours you may be able to workPart-time hoursThe change hours typically assignedEmployee speak to out sick policyIf Olive Garden hires felonsThe break policyOlive Garden’s employee dress code

Olive Garden beginning Pay

In 2021, Olive Garden increased its minimum wage for any kind of worker, for this reason they can earn at least $10 one hour, including tips.In 2022, it will be increased to $11 one hour, and in 2023, the minimum hourly fairy for all workers will be $12 every hour. In states where the minimum wage is higher, the beginning pay will generally be over the minimum wage.

Olive Garden organize Pay

The first person Olive Garden customers see is typically the host, and this employee makes an mean of $11.85 one hour. Many hold jobs space part-time and also if you occupational 25 hours a week at this rate, you have the right to make about $296.25 a week.If you work part-time together a host and also average 25 hours a week, you would make about $15,405 a year.

Olive Garden Server Pay

The mean hourly wage, consisting of tips for servers, is $14.70 one hour. Working 30 hrs a week in ~ this rate would give you roughly $441 a week, and that would certainly equal around $22,932 a year.You may have the ability to work in a high-volume restaurant and earn much much more than the over amount early out to an ext customers and far better tips.

Olive Garden Bartender Pay

The median salary because that a bartender in ~ Olive Garden comes in at about $15.35 one hour. A permanent bartender would make about $614 a week and, ~ above a yearly basis, about $31,928.Just prefer a server, your complete wages depend mostly on exactly how well her restaurant color etc customers and also whether castle give good tips.

Olive Garden Line chef Pay

A typical hourly wage because that a line cook is roughly $14.85 an hour. A heat cook, working around 35 hrs on average, would make about $519 a week and a yearly value of $27,027.Some people who have operated as a line cook at this restaurant talk about how hectic and also fast-paced the job have the right to be.

Olive Garden Dishwasher Pay

Surprisingly, a dishwasher at this restaurant chain makes a higher than average hourly wage, and also approximately $14.43 an hour.A dishwasher who works 35 hrs a week, ~ above average, have the right to make around $505 a week and also $26,262 yearly.

Olive Garden Prep chef Pay

Prep cooks at Olive Garden do an average of $14.45 an hour.A prep chef working an average of 35 hrs a week deserve to make around $506 Weekly and also a yearly value of roughly $26,299.

Olive Garden To go Specialist Pay

The average pay because that a “to go” professional is roughly $12.15 one hour.If you work 40 hours a week at this job, you deserve to make around $486 a week and a yearly value of $25,272.

Olive Garden Busser Pay

A Busser in ~ Olive Garden makes one of the lowest hourly earnings at $11.40 an hour.A Busser will frequently work 30 hours a week and also make $342 every week. This equals around $17,784 a year. If you start out this job, you might be pleased to know there are also a few Olive Garden managers who started out years back working in this exact same position!

Olive Garden Restaurant Manager Salary

The average salary because that a restaurant manager at Olive Garden is approximately $53,527 a year. On peak of that, this salaried employees obtain anywhere between a $3,000 come $5,000 bonus every year.This value is about average contrasted to various other casual dining establishments for this position. Save in mind this is a salaried position and also if you occupational long hrs exceeding 40 hrs a week, you will certainly not get extra compensation for it.

Does Olive Garden pay weekly?

Most Olive Garden areas pay their employees ~ above a weekly basis. There are some areas that will pay girlfriend biweekly unless you room a server or bartender.The pay duration starts ~ above a Monday and also ends on the following Sunday, then you obtain paid top top the following Friday.

How regularly does Olive Garden provide raises?

Every year, the usual worker at Olive Garden receives a 1% to 3% raise. So, because that example, if you are earning $14.45 an hour, and you acquire a 2% raise, this would certainly equal a raise of $.29 an hour, boosting your complete hourly fairy to $14.74 an hour.

Full-Time Hours

Full-time hourly employee at Olive Garden usually work anywhere between 35 and also 40 hours a week. Functioning anything past that requires administration approval.

Part-Time Hours

Part-time employees at Olive Garden usually occupational anywhere in between 15 and also 25 hours a week. If you space someone who has proven you yourself to administration as being an outstanding worker, you may either be given more part-time hrs or you may be advocated to full-time.

Shift Hours

The change hours vary for every location, yet here space some general transition hours you deserve to expect:9 am to 2 PM9 am to 5 PM1 pm to 5 PM2 pm to 8 PM4 afternoon to 10 PM4 pm to 12 PMYour transition hours are booked every week, and they can be flexible, depending on how you occupational it out v your managers.

Employee contact Out Policy

For every 30 hours you work, you can accumulate 1 hour of ailing leave. Therefore, if you are someone that works 30 hours weekly, you would earn about 6 noble days every year.If you’re walking to call out sick, make certain you give your management plenty that time to uncover a replacement prior to your reserved shift. Try your really best to offer them time to uncover someone to cover for you therefore you have the right to stay in the an excellent graces the your administration team.As with any company, if you make it a habit of calling out, you might be subjecting yourself to being terminated. However, that understandable that there room many cases we can’t regulate and crashes or emergencies execute occur.

Does Olive Garden hire felons?

Yes, Olive Garden will hire you also if you have actually a felony past. Be right up with your interviewer and let that or she know how you have rehabilitated yourself from your previous mistakes. The interviewer will be more concerned through your personality and ability to be a positive reflection ~ above the company much more than anything else. So, impress the rental manager through your positivity and show them exactly how you can benefit their agency by becoming an employee.

Break Policy

While some places offer 10-minute paid breaks for every 4 hours worked, others execute not. This all might depend on her state laws, which mandate that companies provide their employees a paid break ~ a certain variety of hours.Usually, you will likewise get a 30-minute unpaid lunch throughout an 8-hour shift at Olive garden.

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Olive Garden dress Code

Full uniforms space not provided at Olive Garden because that employees. Some places will carry out you v an apron and shirt, and all you must do is acquisition nonslip shoes and pants.Men wear black slacks and women wear black color dress pants. Everyone needs to wear a black belt, as well. Olive Garden usually issues a black color polo shirts to each employee. If she in a location that go not, you’ll have to purchase the polo shirt on her own.Yoga pants are not permitted and headbands are sometimes allowed.In many locations, unnaturally fancy hair is no allowed. Additionally, you can not wear visible human body piercing or tattoos, and jewelry should be kept to a minimum.Featured photo courtesy of Anthony92931, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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