The work requiring this skill have actually decrease by 78.57% due to the fact that 2016. Pest manage Technicians with this skill earn +121.12% an ext than the average base salary, i m sorry is $19.64 per hour.

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1 Pest control Technicians task openings on without doubt require this ability in 2015, it increases by 1 in comparison to previous year.

Job TrendYearNumber of task openings on requiring this skillChange indigenous previous year201520162017
1increase by 1
14increase through 1300.00%
3decrease by 78.57%

Top skillsDoor-to-Door Experience+121.12%salary



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45% the Pest regulate technicians in the United claims think their salaries are enough for the price of life in your area.

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If she unsure about what salary is suitable for a pest manage technician, visit"s value Calculator to gain a free, personalized pay selection based on her location, industry and experience.