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I have taken many, numerous trips on Amtrak end the years. Have actually gone every the way across the us and shorter trips to Seattle, Iowa, Texas and also within CA. I have no complaints. Occasionally they room late however never take the train if you room in a hurry. I choose the train together I feeling my holidays starts the minute I obtain on the train. My last expedition was indigenous Sacramento CA come Provo, Utah for a wedding. The train was 7 hrs late obtaining into Provo indigenous Chicago yet they video game me a 200.00 disagreement discount top top my following trip. Therefore I checked out Washington. LOVE AMTRAK
The train is never on time and also your employees have actually all these lame excuses why the train is 2-3 hrs late! It’s comes from mountain Diego to san Louis Obispo! Also, normally there is a homeless human who flings him or herself on the tracks and also then all of us wait, wait, wait because that 4 hours until it’s every cleaned up! There space never any type of beverages or food offered and also the a/c is turned off so that hot, hot, hot
They seats space comfortable and i choose the times they have actually for going and also coming ago feom whereby i travel to ~ above the amtrak
They seats are comfortable and i favor the time they have actually for going and coming ago feom wherein i travel to top top the amtrak +1 215-856-7924 60 Massachusetts Ave NE Washington, DC 20002-4285

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How lot is one Amtrak train ticket?expand_moreThere are a selection of prices on the same trip, which counts on some components as distance, type of train, and also kind that ticket fare.Can i buy Amtrak tickets online?expand_moreYou deserve to buy a train ticket any kind of time in ~ Buy virtual is the quick and comfortable means to get your ticket. The website accepts payment by valid credit transaction or debit card. Prefer American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, JCB, China Union Pay, and also Universal Air take trip Plan. ~ you perfect the purchase, you will obtain a confirmation email with all the details around the trip.Can you change your Amtrak ticket?expand_moreAmtrak has actually a simple procedure to make a adjust on a reservation. You can do it through the website, Amtrak app or terminal anytime.If the train ticket to be booked digital at, you could adjust online.If you space logged into the website, you deserve to start the transforming process through the site. Everyone that made a reservation together a visitor on Amtrak website should give details to make any changes.These details room ticket number, call number, and email address.After reporting this data, the transforming can be excellent at you choose to adjust your reservation utilizing Amtrak App, you can do it by picking the button "Change your reservation option."Note, if you carry out not watch the readjust button, her reservation deserve to not have the alteration.Get in call with the firm for an ext details. The agency does no charge transforms fee.How do I acquire the best fare on Amtrak?expand_moreBook her train take trip at the very least 14 days before the journey, and get 20% turn off on regular adult fare. The deals above are easily accessible in the entirety country.Amtrak is likewise offering an exclude, discount on some the train routes.Does Amtrak have Food?expand_moreAmtrak trains have food, however the choices of meals are regarded the type of travel.Short-distance trains the food organization is available in the café Car.Medium-distance trains sell food business in the Lounge Car.In both cases, Amtrak selling carry-out style foods;Like pizza, snack, sandwiches, and beverages, favor liquor, wine, and also beer.Long-distance trains include a full-service dining car.This form of train serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared on board.Can I obtain a refund on one Amtrak ticket?expand_moreRefunds will be identified for the total fare paid because that each journey.Check each possibility of refunds.Acela Express first Class and also Acela business ClassWhen canceled before the exit time, the ticket is fully refundable without a fee.In a case of the cancellation ~ the leave time, the ticket is refundable less a 20% refund fee.Acela Express service ClassRefund rules have variations according to the fare paid.Value FaresThis form of fare is refundable approximately 48 hours before the departure time.Plus a 20% dues if refunded less than 48 hours.Flexible FaresThis fare is completely refundable and doesn"t have any kind of fee.Sleeping AccommodationsIn this case, the is essential to request the cancellation that 15 or more days prior to the departure date.If the cancellation is requested 14 days under the take trip time, the ticket is no refundable.However, the worth paid can be used to one eVoucher that deserve to be used for future trips.How do I find the cheapest Amtrak train tickets?expand_moreYou can obtain the cheap Amtrak ticket when you purchase the saver fare.How carry out I acquire a college student discount ~ above Amtrak?expand_moreStudents between 13 to 25 year old may receive 15% off on Flexible and also Value Fares. To acquire this offer, lock must existing a college student identification.Is alcohol offered on Amtrak trains?expand_moreYes, alcohol beverage is served.There are easily accessible for sale together liquor, wine, and also beer.How deserve to I acquire a discount top top Amtrak?expand_moreThere room special discounts for some teams of passengers favor children, students, elderly and also others. Another method to obtain a diminished price top top train ticket is v Amtrak discount code. The company offers an Amtrak promo password on the website during some sales campaign.How much luggage can you lug on Amtrak?expand_moreYou can bring up to two an individual baggage for free.In a instance of the traveler who carries just one item, the size need to be 12 kilograms or 25 pounds and 14 x 11 x 7 inches because that each one. Everyone that carries on 2 items, the baggage dimension of them must be 23 kilograms or 50 pounds and 28 x 22 x 14 inches every one.How do I purchase Amtrak tickets?expand_moreThere are plenty of ways to acquire an Amtrak train ticket. You can buy utilizing online and also offline channels. All of them are fast and easy.How lot is excess baggage fee top top Amtrak?expand_moreThe excess baggage fee is U$ 20.00 per item over the quantity and also size limits.All charges will certainly be got at the train station, before the boarding time.Does Amtrak have a smoking Car?expand_moreNo, Amtrak doesn"t have actually a smoking cigarettes car.Smoking is not permitted in Amtrak Train.Including an digital smoking device, like digital cigarettes.How to acquire Amtrak ticket by phone?expand_moreIf you want to obtain information and also buy a train ticket through the Amtrak phone number, friend should speak to the company.Call Amtrak contact: 1-800-872-7245.This choice is easily accessible 24 hours a day.For TTY service, please call 1-800-523-6590.Can ns buy Amtrak ticket on train?expand_moreYou can buy a train ticket onboard on many train travels. However, only complete fare room available. Usually, passenger find greater fares when they"ve bought it onboard. In many circumstances, you must buy a ticket before you board a train.Where have the right to I find Amtrak Schedules? is a modern tool the helps you to uncover the ideal train schedules for your next trip. As well as the Amtrak train schedules, girlfriend can uncover cheap Amtrak ticket, stations, and also routes. So, if you are looking for more details around Amtrak train ticket, is the appropriate place.Does Amtrak offer special needs discounts?expand_moreDisability person have the right to travel through someone, and also both can obtain 15% turn off on their tickets.Is Amtrak ticket refundable?expand_moreYes, Amtrak tickets is refundable. However, the company charges a cancellation fee. The fee has a minimum the $5.00 and also the preferably $250.00 per transaction.Does Amtrak permit pets?expand_moreThe company allows small cats and also dogs in your trains if this pets have weight up to 20 pounds. The train ticket fare is U$ 25.00 for each pet.To do a preventive to your pet, contact 1-800-872-7245 or visit a staffed station.Is over there a senior discount on Amtrak?expand_morePassenger over 65 years old receive 10% off on Amtrak train ticket.It is important to present an ID to prove the passenger age.Does Amtrak check Baggage?expand_moreMost of Amtrak trains and also stations check luggage.Before you take it a trip, inspect if your train and stations accept examine baggage.It"s crucial has checked baggage at the very least 45 minute prior your train departure.Does Amtrak have actually Wifi?expand_moreAmtrak has Wifi available on part trains and stations across the US.How do I gain military discount ~ above Amtrak?expand_moreEvery U.S. Military and also their family members can gain 10% OFF. The is important to show a document.Can i cancel one Amtrak ticket?expand_moreIf your ticket to be bought online on the website, you need to log right into your account.Inside the Amtrak"s site, there is one area come cancel a trip.If the train ticket was bought in other channels, you could do the on Amtrak"s website too.To execute this, you must have the preventive number and also the email resolve or call number used throughout the purchased. V both information, friend should click on "Modify Trip" top top is important to request the publication at the very least 24 hours prior to the board time. The company can use a cancellation fee. Prior to canceling your ticket, check if your ticket fare permits modifications because that free.All you need to know around Amtrak