If you prefer to watch tv in the morning, your first stop could be Good Morning America. It provides both news and also entertainment and can be a great way to start your day prior to heading to the office. And also one point you can be curious around is exactly how much some of the show’s stars earn. Well, we have some answers.

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Here’s how much Robin Roberts and your various other favorite Good Morning America anchors really make, according to study from Variety, Celebrity network Worth, and sources from approximately the web.

Amy Robach

Amy Robach | ABC

Salary: $300,000

Amy Robach started working as a news anchor for Good Morning America in 2014. Prior to that, she was a national correspondent for NBC News, co-host that the Saturday execution of Today and anchor on MSNBC. Robach is now on her method to start hosting 20/20. She will replace Elizabeth Vargas, that announced her exit in December 2018. Amy Robach has actually a network worth that $1.5 million.

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Ginger Zee


Ginger Zee | Jamie McCarthy/Getty photos for dress for Success Worldwide

Salary: $500,000

Ginger Zee joined Good Morning America Weekend in 2011. In 2013, she came to be the cook meteorologist because that Good Morning America and weather editor for abc News. Zee took over from meteorologist Sam Champion, who embraced a job with The Weather Channel. Native time come time, Zee shows up on ABC’s Nightline and ABC World News Tonight. Ginger Zee’s net worth is $3 million.

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Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Salary: $3 million

In addition to her duty as a co-anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America, she is also a correspondent because that Nightline and ABC News. Before that, she hosted television news display The Insider native 2004 to 2011. Spencer is also known for hosting Antiques Roadshow native 2004 come 2005. She at this time hosts Flea industry Flip, i beg your pardon airs top top HGTV and also the an excellent American country channel. Lara Spencer has a net worth the $9 million.

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George Stephanopoulos


George Stephanopoulos | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Salary: $15 million

George Stephanopoulos wears countless hats. In enhancement to his duty as a co-anchor the Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos is the cook anchor and also the chief politics correspondent because that ABC News and the host of This Week v George Stephanopoulos. In addition, he consistently fills in as a substitute anchor because that ABC civilization News Tonight. Stephanopoulos has a net worth of $35 million.

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Michael Strahan


Michael Strahan | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Salary: $17 million

Michael Strahan started his career as a professional football player. After a successful college football career, Strahan was drafted through the brand-new York Giants in 1993 as their 40th as whole draft pick. He retirement in 2008, and also then in 2012, he replaced Regis Philbin, ending up being a co-host on “Live! with Kelly.” 4 years later, Strahan began hosting Good Morning America. Michael Strahan has actually a net worth the $65 million.

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Robin Roberts

Salary: $18 million

One of the most familiar deals with on Good Morning America is Robin Roberts. Roberts started her career as a neighborhood television and also radio sporting activities anchor in her hometown that Mississippi. From 1990 to 2005, she offered as a sportscaster ~ above ESPN’s SportsCenter. After ~ leaving ESPN in 2005, she came to be co-anchor on Good Morning America. The program won a Peabody Award for the coverage that her fight with myelodysplastic syndrome. Robin Roberts has a net worth that $35 million.

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How GMA staff incomes compare to various other networks

Good Morning America wages are best up over there with several of the hefty hitters on various other news networks. NBC’s Lester Holt earns $12 million annually, and also CBS’s Scott Pelley earns $16 million. CNN’s Anderson Cooper earns $12 million. However, one outlier is NBC’s Megyn Kelly, that will reportedly receive a $69 million salary over three years, reports The wall Street Journal.

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Big changes are coming to an excellent Morning America

Some alters will be happening ~ above Good Morning America. Among the biggest transforms is Lara Spencer’s palliation in airtime. Meeting reports Spencer’s function was decreased from 5 days a main to 3 days a week. Follow to People, she wanted to take time to focus on her lifestyle brand and production company (Her production agency Duffkat Media produces mirrors for HGTV and Cooking Channel.)

In addition, Good Morning America will certainly be longer. ABC determined to expand the present to 3 hours, reports web page Six. The network is likewise getting rid of its food display The Chew. ABC said in a press release that details about the show’s title and anchors will be announced soon.