Has Alec Baldwin shed A Bunch that Weight?

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Throughout his exhilaration career, Alec Baldwin has been well-known as a sex symbol. However, he began to have problems regulating his weight as he got older (like so countless of united state do!).

Then in 2011, Baldwin gained the wake-up contact he needed.

On a routine medical professionals visit, he found out he to be pre-diabetic. He was 54 years old in ~ the time.

At the point, Baldwin walk cold turkey…from sugar.

He shed 35 pounds in a small over four months noticeably an altering his appearance and also giving that much more energy.

While that does eat fruit, his main emphasis is preventing white sugar. In addition, starches such together cake, bread and others are now the enemy.

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The actor additionally began an exercise regime that blended several tasks together including, yoga, Pilates and walking.

Baldwin works out an mean of 5 time a week and his wife just happens to be a yoga instructor (which provides things easier).


As the actor continues toward upper center age, he stays in good health and also with fairly low human body fat.

Stay away from white sugar is a phrase we must all live by!

Alec Baldwin fat?


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Alec Baldwin FAQs

How go Alec Baldwin shed weight?

Baldwin provided up sugar fully resulting in a 30 pound load loss over a 4 month period.

How lot does Alec Baldwin weigh?

Baldwin stands at 6 feet tall and also reportedly weights 176 pounds.

Does Alec Baldwin have actually a wife?

Baldwin"s an initial wife was actress Kim Basinger. The married his existing wife Hilaria Baldwin in 2012.

Where is Alec Baldwin's wife from?

Hilaria Baldwin, one actress and also dancer was born in Spain.

Is Alec Baldwin sick.

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Baldwin announced in 2011 that he suffered from chronic Lyme Disease.


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