Since 2014, exploration Channel viewers have actually been complying with the adventures of the Brown family and also their distinctive life in the Alaskan wilderness top top their reality TV show Alaskan bush People. End the years, they’ve watched as the family withstood fires, health scares, and also more. However the biggest tragedy struck on Feb. 7, 2021, once dad Billy Brown passed away suddenly the a seizure at age 68. 

“We are ruined to listen of Billy Brown’s suddenly passing,” check out a message from the show’s official Twitter account. “He has actually been part of the
Discovery family members for year — a trailblazer, a beloved man, and most definitely one that a kind. Our heart is through his family and those the knew him as they address this destructive loss.”

On Sunday, Feb. 28, discovery Channel will certainly air a one-of-a-kind tribute to Billy Brown. Prior to that, let’s inspect in through the Alaskan bush People cast and also see exactly how much castle may have actually earned for appearing on the show.

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Billy Brown’s net worth to be $6 million 


Billy Brown, Ami Brown, Matthew Brown, and also Gabe Brown in ~ the 2014 Winter TCA push tour | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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We nothing know exactly how lot the Brown household earns for their reality series. But In Touch Weekly approximated the Brown youngsters could be making $40,000 come $60,000 each for the show. Billy and also Ami had seven children: Noah, Snowbird, Rain, Joshua (aka Bam Bam), Bear, Gabriel, and also Matthew. The whole family might be worth as much as $60 million, follow to the publication. 

Will ‘Alaskan shrub People’ continue after Billy Brown’s death? 

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Right now, it’s not clear if the Brown household will continue to appear on TV ~ Billy’s death. The many recent season of Alaskan shrub People concluded in October 2020 and also Discovery Channel has not made any announcements about future seasons. However, the network will air a special tribute come Billy Brown on Feb. 28. 

The distinct will feature never-before-seen footage and interviews wherein Billy talks about the heritage he hoped to establish, which was fueled by his faith and also his love that his family.

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Viewers will likewise see new interviews v Ami, Bear, Bam Bam, Gabe, Noah, Bird, and also Rain.

The legacy of Billy Brown airs ~ above Sunday, February 28 at 8 p.m. ET on discovery Channel.