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The chairman of the united States need to be all set to travel anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice. Fortunately, modern presidents have access to a variety of transportation options — consisting of flying aboard Air force One.Technically, “Air pressure One” is offered to designate any Air force aircraft transporting the President, yet it is currently standard practice to use the term to refer to certain planes that space equipped to deliver the Commander-in-Chief.Today, this surname refers to among two extremely customized Boeing 747-200B collection aircraft, which lug the tail password 28000 and 29000. The Air force designation because that the aircraft is VC-25A.Air force One is one of the most recognizable signs of the presidency, spawning many references not just in American culture but across the world. Emblazoned with the indigenous “United claims of America,” the American flag, and also the Seal of the chairman of the unified States, the is one undeniable visibility wherever the flies.Capable that refueling midair, Air pressure One has unlimited variety and can lug the president wherever the or she demands to travel. The onboard electronic devices are hardened to protect versus an electromagnetic pulse, and also Air pressure One is equipped with progressed secure communications equipment, permitting the aircraft to role as a mobile command center in the event of an attack on the unified States.Inside, the President and his or her travel companions enjoy 4,000 square feet of floor space on 3 levels, including comprehensive suite for the president that features a large office, lavatory, and also conference room. Air pressure One contains a clinical suite the can duty as an operating room, and a physician is permanently top top board. The plane’s two food ready galleys can feed 100 people at a time.Air force One likewise has quarters for those that accompany the President, including senior advisors, an enig Service officers, traveling press, and also other guests. Several cargo planes generally fly front of Air pressure One to carry out the President v vehicles and also services essential in far locations.Air force One is maintained and also operated through the Presidential Airlift Group, component of the White house Military Office. The Airlift group was founded in 1944 as the Presidential Pilot Office in ~ the direction of chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt. For the following 15 years, miscellaneous propeller-driven aircraft served the President until President Dwight D. Eisenhower flew come Europe aboard VC-137A, a Boeing 707 Stratoliner, in august 1959.In 1962, President john F. Kennedy came to be the an initial President to fly in a jet specifically constructed for presidential usage — a modification Boeing 707. End the years, several other jet aircraft have actually been used, through the very first of the existing aircraft being delivered in 1990 during the administration of president George H.W. Bush.


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