Adriana Lima is a Brazilian professional Model, Actress and also Instagram Star native Salvador, Brazil. She is in fact, one of the world’s supermodels gotten in the industry in the so late 90’s and also has been on top ever since. From 1999, she is famed as “Victoria’s secret Angel”. She has signed by the Elite version Management, brand-new York. Due to the fact that 2000, she has actually been a Maybelline Contract challenge from 2003-2009. In early 2009, Adriana married Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric in and also gave bear to their daughter ‘Valentina’ in Nov 2009. Furthermore, she is one of the top and also successful model and also from 2014, she is the 2nd highest payment model. Various other than this, she has an tremendous fan complying with on her social media platforms.

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Net WorthApprox $15 million USD (As of 2020)
Primary Sourceof IncomeModelling Career
EndorsementsApprox $75 million
SalaryNot Known

Adriana Lima Facts

Adriana Lima to be born ~ above 12th that June 1981 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.She hold Brazilian nationality.Her mom name is Maria das Graças Lima and father name is Nelson Torres.As per her education, she is graduate. She has actually won plenty of beauty pageants, during her college days.Her mother was a single mother.Her mom is very supportive and also caring.She received provides after sending out her photos because that a modeling contest. In ~ the age of 15, she perfect on the very first place in “Brazil Supermodel” through Ford.In 1986, she also participated in Ford Supermodels the the World.In Sep 2017, she was the executive, management producer and host of “American beauty, beauty Stars”.

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For the renowned game called ‘Super bowl XLII’, she go an advertisement and it came to be the many watched advertisement by the viewers. End 10.3 views got to the video game ad.In 2009, she is the face of Italian phone agency Telecom Italia Mobile.She did a quick film the BMW series The hire directed by Wong-Kar-Wai.She also appeared in TV mirrors such as, “The stunner Ones” and also “The Follow”.Adriana signed through The culture Management modeling firm of USA. Presently, she is the brand ambassador of Barcelona based garments brand Desigual and Italian brand Sportmax. She showed up on Marie Claire Brazil as her first magazine sheathe of 1998. In fact, Marco’s wife walked for developers like Liverpool Fashion, Ralph Lauren, Richard Tyler, and also Betsey Johnson. She united v Maybelline to construct her portfolio and continued functioning as a spokesperson.She worked for the various reputed brand like, Emporio Armani, Donna Karan, bebe, Keds and also Marc Jacobs.

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She is a fitness freak together well and also maintains keto diet.Her hobbies include, zero boxing, rope jumpings and also painting watercolor canvases.She is secretly obsessed through frozen grapes and Brazilian soap operas. She is additionally a an excellent friend the Elsa Hosk (Model), who is additionally one the the famed Victoria’s mystery Angels. Lima was named “the most valuable Victoria’s an enig Angel” follow to analytics agency D’Marie, in January 2017.She belongs to Afro-Brazilian descent. She is very fluent in speaking Portuguese, English, Italian, and also Spanish.Her first magazine cover was Marie Claire Brazil in September 1998.In 2011, Lima signed a transaction as a spokeswoman for Megacity by Votsu, a Brazilian social gaming company, to appear in your commercials.In 2019, Lima was the challenge of Miu Miu cruise campaign of Chopard Spring/Summer campaign.Lima was provided in the 2005 Forbes’ edition of The World’s Best-Paid Celebrities Under 25.She works out twice a day.She was chosen as the Fashion icon honoree in ~ the everyday Front row Awards, in march 2019.

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