While he"s "known to autumn off the wagon," action Bronson speak Men"s Health, "You keep your eye top top the prize and don"t let yourself fall down"

Action Bronson has actually lost 127 lbs. And counting since the coronavirus pandemic lockdown began in march — however contrary come what one might think, he's "more interested in food currently than ever."

The reason, regardless of being a "boring eater"? There's a mindful decision-making process that goes right into his diet — one that the rapper describes in a brand-new feature for Men's Health as akin come "playing quarterback through your own body."

Bronson (real name: Ariyan Arslani) shared over the summer that he had currently dropped 80 lbs. In quarantine native a starting weight of 363, and also tells the magazine now that he was influenced in part by his son's 2019 birth.

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"You constantly want come be approximately for her family," says Bronson, 37. "It wasn't going to happen unless ns made the decision myself, and, girlfriend know, that takes part soul-searching and some s--- come really bother you. Prefer something that really it s okay under her skin to make that change. That occurred to me."

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The musician recalls "all type of f---ing dumb stuff that i had offered myself" prior to making a lifestyle change (like "prediabetes, eczema" and "asthma") and also says, "If ns made something that was a big, round dish, I would certainly eat the big, round dish. I wouldn't just have one piece."

Now, his diet is an extremely protein-heavy, consisting of the same breakfast every morning ~ a 4 a.m. Wake-up call: 2 eggs, 3 egg whites, one avocado and a solitary slice of sprouted rye bread.

He climate drives 30 minutes to train with Dave Paladino at impact Zone Fitness in Norwood, brand-new Jersey. Their workouts include HIIT maintain ("50-pound medicine-ball throws, friend know, under a 50-yard track, throwing it as much as you can, every the means down the track and also back," Bronson says).

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"I've currently got my occupational in while everyone else is snoozing, putting in large gains, big protein," he tells Men's Health.