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Have you ever wondered just how much cruise ship employees make? perhaps you’ve noticed that many cruise delivery waiters originate from nations like India and the Philippines wherein wages are lower?

Or possibly you’ve checked out that the cruise director glossesweb.comnstantly looks happy and also are wondering how much he have to be making to have actually such a large smile on his face?

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How lot do cruise delivery beauticians make?

Most cruise ships have actually spas, beauty, beauty salons and hair salons that offer services such together massage, hair styling, nails, acupuncture, teeth whitening and skin treatments.

As well as earning a salary, those working in the spa and salon have the right to make extra money by earning a board of directors on assets sold and from tips.

Beauty therapist – salaries for cruise ship beauty therapists and aestheticians variety from $2,400 to $4,200 every month.

Nail technician – Salaries because that cruise ship nail technicians variety from $2,400 to $4,200 per month.

Hairdresser – Cruise ship barbers and hairstylists make between $2,200 and also $4,400 per month.

Massage therapist – Cruise ship massage therapists make in between $2,800 and also $4,500 every month.


Cruise ship work that make the most money

Here are the cruise ship work in bespeak of salary:

JobApproximate monthly earnings
Chief engineer$9,000
Guest entertainer$6,000
Cruise director$4,900
Massage therapist$3,650
Casino dealer$3,300
Beauty therapist$3,300
Nail technician$3,300
Gift shop assistant$2,400
Youth staff$2,000
Room steward$2,000
Security guard$1,600
Source: CruiseShipJob.glossesweb.comm

The top-paying project on a cruise delivery isn’t always the captain. Often chief engineers and also ship doctors earn more, in addition to celebrity guest entertainers who room hired for short glossesweb.comntracts.

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There is no glossesweb.comrrelation in between the hours worked and also the money earned. Room stewards, waiters and captains occupational some the the longest hrs at sea, if musicians, photographers and entertainers have much much shorter days.