Last year, we thought the supplied pickup van prices were out of control. Now, they’re just downright bonkers. A new study native mirrors the shortest year-over-year price change is 26.8% because that the Nissan Titan XD. The highest increase is a lining 42.6% because that the ram 1500.

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If ns were one insert-emoji-in-news-copy type of person, this is whereby I’d location the small “wow” face.

The large factor below is clearly the semiconductor shortage. And also pickup trucks seem come be getting hit an especially hard as result of their boost in popularity and inability to be developed as they were intended without the chip. Because that example, Chevrolet has been deleting microchip-powered content from the Silverado in order to store pushing out the trucks, however it ultimately had to halt production for a week.

Thus, brand-new trucks simply aren’t available, so those who truly require a truck are buying used and paying a premium for the privilege.

In the chart below, you deserve to see the price boost of every full-size and midsize truck (minus Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator, which space too new), and also we’re officially gobsmacked.

Both the ram 1500 and the GMC Sierra 1500 do the study’s perform of all at once top 10 best increases, and also you’ll pay $12,016 and also $13,963 more for those supplied trucks in 2021 보다 you would have actually in 2020.

In terms of body formats with the greatest increase in price, pickup trucks rank third behind coupes and also convertibles through an mean price adjust of $11,440.

Pickup TruckAverage Used automobile Price (June 2021)$ Price readjust from June 2020 Year-Over-Year % Price Change
Ram Pickup 1500$40,200 $12,016 42.60%
GMC Sierra 1500$47,791 $13,963 41.30%
Chevrolet Silverado 1500$41,759 $11,620 38.60%
Ford F-150$42,683 $11,329 36.10%
Toyota Tundra$45,255 $11,972 36.00%
Average$30,766 $7,583 32.70%
Nissan Titan$38,348 $9,146 31.30%
Toyota Tacoma$37,268 $8,878 31.30%
Nissan Frontier$27,442 $6,314 29.90%
GMC Canyon$34,116 $7,773 29.50%
Chevrolet Colorado$32,529 $7,531 30.10%
Nissan Titan XD$41,805 $8,829 26.80%

The bottom heat on used pickup truck prices

Because the the scarcity, brand-new pickup van prices are also top top the rise. So, the ethical of this story is: If you don’t absolute require a new truck right now, wait. Seriously. Simply wait.

However, if you want to market your truck because you don’t need it at simply this moment and also can wait for a brand-new one, currently would be terrific time to do it.

One final point, if you need the flexibility to haul or tow things occasionally, and also you need a new-to-you car right now, you might think about a supplied SUV. Though their prices have also increased, the by far less than the pickup trucks, an ext than $7k less.

Editor’s note around methodology: analyzed an ext than 1.1 million used car sales from design years 2016 come 2020 in June 2021, and an ext than 800,000 used auto sales from model years 2015 come 2019 in June 2020. The median listing price of each auto model to be compared in between the two time periods, and also the distinctions were expressed together both a percentage distinction from the 2020 price and a disagreement difference. Heavy-duty vehicles, low-volume vehicles, vehicles discontinued together of the 2021 version year, and also vehicles through fewer 보다 4 that the 5 version years because that each period were excluded from further analysis.

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