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in reality the median UAW value is roughly $73 one hour. However the executives are much worse and also totally undeserving of any kind of taxpayer help:"While Uncle Sam discussions a $25 exchange rate rescue for the country"s automakers, some 9,000 GM managers continue to enjoy one of the industry"s ideal perks - a new car every six months because that $250 a month, v repairs and also insurance included. And also they have the right to write turn off gas on their expenses."http://www.nypost.com/seven/11182008/glossesweb.com/politics/gm_honcho...

deserve to you site that $73/hour wage? A cursory glance about the internet suggested something approximately $30/hr together of critical year. The only areas I experienced $73 were various other forums, however maybe castle all have a common, legit source.

i cannot say what the previous human was referencing, yet NPR has a great comparison of GM and Toyota at http://www.npr.org/glossesweb.com/specials/gmvstoyota/If you review the list, it looks prefer you"re both (partially) correct. The median hourly salary for non-skilled assembly-line workers is a little over $31. However, GM"s labor cost per hour over $73/hour for those workers.So, in terms of GM"s costs, it"s over $73/hour. I"m guessing the UAW has actually structured the in a method that services the employees, however I can"t imagine what benefits would be worth an ext than mine salary. Appears to me like more in salary and less in benefits would appeal to me more.

Well, the reason employer-sponsored health treatment took off was that WWII wage controls were still around for years of the post-war economy. Cultivation employers, auto manufacturers in particular, could not offer higher wages to entice workers. For this reason they readily available employer-sponsored health and wellness programs and also attractive pensions. In the 1970s, as soon as Nixon brought back wage controls, they improved their low-deductible health care plans to no-deductible plans.Here"s the scenario. From its boom era, Detroit ended up saddled with numerous pensions, expensive wellness care, and also a one-of-a-kind interest i m sorry fights cutbacks fiercely. It was basically structure up one deficit that, when merged with terrible mismanagement, sent it right into tremendous debt and would hobble it as soon as it hit bad economic times and also lost access to the capital markets.Does that scenario look at familiar? That"s about what"s happening come the unified States. Hey wait, walk a presidential hopeful write this op-ed? Hmm.

No, see, civilization have the number wrong. It prices GM $73/hour for labor because GM is still sustaining retirees (that retire early, at age 50) with health care and also a 70% value pension. To cover those costs, for some reason, lock cover it together "labor costs",This makes the union watch bad, while concurrently ignoring the truth that GM made lots of crap vehicles nobody wanted and has never tried come innovate.

I believe that $73/hour number has all executive, management pay and also obviously is an median chosen come misrepresent information. The mean assembly heat worker wage (and the mean wage) is closer to $30.
I have seen the $73/hr number cited as non-executive compensation. That"s total compensation, not simply wages, which covers the cost of benefits and also the like.edit: This has some links:http://mjperry.blogspot.com/2008/11/should-we-really-bail-ou...
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i love how civilization can"t stand the male who functions on the line. This man or gal works to do a auto for you. The customer. This human being puts up with all the very same bs the you need to put up v on your daily job.He/she was clever to acquire into the automotive and have a good job. One because they can support their family members put their youngsters through university so their son has an ext of an education and learning then they do. (that helps out America) and also their kids can success in America and also not depend on the automotive to assistance them. Second,because this person turns around and also puts that money they made, right back into their fellow communities. Security money so others can advantage off that their tough earn money.Thirdly, they can offer to charities assist out others and also do an excellent for their communities.So, why go everyone an insect the guy on the line....becasue the makes good money and also has no education, for this reason what!!!??What around the unlimited managers that leave the office and also go golfing on agency time that are educated? Or the limitless lunches that they never return from that the company has to salary for? Or how they can micro regulate everything and make it twice as worse then as soon as they started it. Or the male who functions out the his house and only place in 3 hours of occupational in a day. Please give me a break!!! this is not only automotive yet it is with every coporation, group in America! when will the educated civilization quite ripping off the corporation"s so that the world that can"t obtain an education and learning can make a decent living and survive in America and also enjoy the American dream!! So please quit wasting her time to uncover out of much the average line man makes and start looking right into your own firm and begin making changes!! Why carry out you have to have a degree to flip hamburgers?? since that is what is happening come us. Battered pointing the fingers and also start see what every manager and salary human is doing with the company money. Perhaps its time to start working different in America, start working because that the best reasons.

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$73 is labor cost, this consists of many points on peak of the $30 every hour. This is higher than your competitors however not by as lot as it seems.