You could be wondering, just in situation you should replace an old toilet or buy a brand-new one, how hefty would that be? would certainly you have the ability to lift it on her own, or would you call for a 2nd hand? A toilet weight deserve to vary widely, and also the kind and architecture of the toilet mechanism matter. But precisely, just how much go a restroom weigh?

How heavy is a Toilet?

Depending top top the kind and design, a regular toilet can weigh all over from 60 to 120 pounds (27 to 55 kilograms). Expensive and also more elegant one-piece toilets weigh about 80 to 120 pounds (35-55 kg), while traditional two-piece toilets would weigh 60 come 100 pounds (30-45 kg).However, this weight would increase by 20 pounds after the finish installation the the toilet. The includes adding a seat, lid and also filling the tank and also bowl with water.

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How much Does a One-piece Toilet Weigh?

One-piece toilets usually have their bowl and also tank combined in a single unit and would be transported and also installed together. A basic one-piece toilet would weigh roughly 88 to110 pounds thus heavier than a two-piece toilet.The Toto Ultramax II one-piece toilet weighs 99 pounds, if the American traditional Champion 4 one-piece toilet device weighs 119 pounds.

How much Does a Two-Piece toilet Weigh?

A two-piece toilet comes with the tank and the key apart. Every of the two main contents is lighter than a one-piece toilet. However, the the two main components, the bowl in a two-piece restroom weighs roughly 50 to 60 pounds and is much heavier than the tank.Though some bowls room as light as 35 pounds, averagely, a tank in a two-piece toilet accounts because that a 3rd of the total weight. It depends on the form or version of the toilet and would weigh between 25 and also 40 pounds. In total, both the bowl and tank would have actually an median weight the 80 pounds. Toto Drake’s two-piece restroom weighs 87 pounds. Read an ext on our comparison of one vs. Two-piece toilets to find out more.

How do You background A Toilet using A Wheelbarrow or Trolley?

An skilled plumber would always shot to lift and carry any toilet form as hard as it might be. As result of their azer shape, lack of ideal care while carrying, lifting, and also moving lock could cause spinal problems, back pains, and also other health issues.We recommend utilizing a hand trolley or a wheelbarrow to transport a toilet indigenous one place to a different destination. The is more secure for your backbone and also health. Friend might additionally lend a hand from someone to relocate the restroom over distances when you execute not have actually either a wheelbarrow or a trolley.

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What renders Toilets Heavy?

The most used product to make many toilets is porcelain. That is a derivative of Kaolin clay in enhancement to number of other species of clay. That is translucent building is archived by the enhancement of quartz, a natural, tough, and also dense substance the is mined from the earth. This materials increase the durability of your toilet and, top top the other hand, making it heavier.Although toilets deserve to have lighter materials like plastic or steel, porcelain is wanted as the is stronger, denser, durable, waterproof, weatherproof, and also comfortable. In instance of differing weather conditions, seasons, and bathroom temperatures, porcelain maintains a comfortable also temperature. It is also hard to instead of it with one more material because of its distinct look and also feel.

Why space 1-Piece toilets Heavier than 2-Piece Toilets?

Perhaps you can ask you yourself this question when comparing the weights that a 1-piece and 2-piece toilet. However, it’s difficult to compete with the explanation that the just reason is that a 2-piece toilet is lighter because it has actually its tank and also bowl separated, while because that a 1-piece toilet, it has actually them merged into one, making a 2-piece lighter.The key reason because that the extra load is the exquisite design used in do a 1-piece toilet. Much more porcelain is provided to produce a smooth skirted bowl that obscures the bowl’s innards and also s-bend shapes, making it heavier. 

Wrapping Up

You should lend a hand if you desire to relocate or move a toilet native one allude to another. Toilets may be for this reason heavy and hard come lift while alone since of your awkward shapes. Shot using tools like a wheelbarrow, small cart, or a trolley, together they may aid you alleviate the activity load. Feel cost-free to share your thoughts, questions, and also concerns in the comments below. We hope to administer answers to some of your puzzling questions about toilets and also other sanitaryware!
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