This short article is a guide to to buy a Tesla model 3 because that free.I to be interested in to buy a Tesla model 3 however I didn’t desire a significant liability on my balance sheet. After ~ doing a lot of research and calculations, I determined how to revolve it into an asset. Here’s how.

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Note: this is not for everyone. It counts on where you live and also your capability to stomach part risk. However dozens if no hundreds of people are law this, therefore it’s proven come work.

How come buy a Tesla version 3 because that free

Go to and also design your version 3. You’ll an alert the Standard range $35,400 model is off-menu.

The long-range RWD version 3 is additionally off-menu. This is the one i was interested in buying. My order covenant is listed below (more top top this later).


Screenshot of mine long-range RWD Tesla model 3 bespeak agreement.

If girlfriend take far the long-range RWD upgrade, she left through a base price the $35,400 because that a black color Tesla model 3 v aero wheels and also autopilot.

I want the long-range RWD upgrade because I didn’t want to need to charge as often. According to posts and conversations v owners, the long-range RWD version 3 reaches 325 mile per single charge. The standard selection plus design 3 achieves 220–240 per charge.

For this guide, stop stick through the Standard range Plus version 3 — the many affordable alternative on Tesla’s present menu. $39,400.

Choose “Loan” together your payment plan and put in $2,500.

This is the ceiling minimum. You have to pay $2,500 to place your order. There’s no means around it. This goes towards your down payment ~ above the car. (You have the right to use a credit card and also it’s completely refundable within seven days.)


$2,500 down. $38,400 loan. 4.25% APR. 72 months.

Your monthly payment will certainly be $608/month — constructed on a 4.25% interest price for 6 years.

There are additionally other prices to take right into account. Every one of these will differ on your an individual situation. These figures were mine. I live in the state of Virginia.

Insurance: ~$80/monthCharging: ~$30/monthTaxes: ~$125Registration: ~$45Delivery fee: $1,200

Total upfront payment: $3,870

Total monthly payment: $718/month

This is where it gets interesting.

There is a federal tax credit that $3,750 because that vehicles delivered before July 1, 2019. After ~ that, the tax credit goes down to $1,875.

Since shipment takes about two weeks, girlfriend would have to purchase your model 3 very, really soon to receive it before July 1, 2019.

If you perform qualify for the tax incentive, this method you’ll gain nearly all of your upfront costs earlier when you record your 2019 taxes.

It it s okay better.

There are additionally state taxes incentives.


If you happen to live in among the following states you room eligible for even an ext tax breaks:

Connecticut ($2k)Louisiana ($2.5k)Colorado ($5k)Pennsylvania ($1,750)California ($2.5k)New York ($2k)Massachusetts ($1.5k)Delaware ($3.5k)Maryland ($3k)

Finally, prior to we get to the monthly payments, stop talk about the “gas savings.”

Tesla likes to position the money you’ll conserve on fuel as an catalyst — together if that reducing the overall price that the vehicle.

For someone that is trade in a second car, it provides sense the there would be savings on gas down the road. But in no means is it reducing the revenue price of the car at the time of purchase.

More importantly, for someone like me who lives in a one-vehicle household and a Tesla would certainly be our 2nd car, this is an added fuel expense, albeit smaller than if we were to acquire a gas-powered second car. Yet still, paying for electrical charge is over-and-above what I would be payment with just one gas engine vehicle.

At this point, we’ve acquired our down payment money back, thanks to tax credits, but we still have actually a $718 monthly payment. That’s not free!

This is wherein it it s okay even more interesting.

To cover the $718 monthly payment because that a Tesla version 3, you have to use the vehicle to make the money back. You should make your investment create a return.

One the the ways to execute that is v Turo, the ‘Airbnb’ because that renting your vehicle. Car owners are able to perform their vehicles on Turo’s app and website and also charge a daily rental fee come renters.

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It turns out Tesla has three that the top 11 most renowned cars noted on Turo, based on how much they’re earning for their owners.