How lot money do skilled boxers make? for such a an easy question the price is surprisingly much more facility than one would certainly think. Over there are numerous factors that get in a expert boxers annual salary, such as how frequently they compete, assorted endorsement deals, and ultimately a fighters popularity. No issue how an excellent a fighter is, boxing is at some point a business and if no one is interested in her fights climate there isn’t going to be lot money to it is in made.

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The average salary because that a experienced boxer is $51,370, which might surprise plenty of of friend looking to end up being a experienced boxer. This method that half of the expert boxers competing today earned less than this amount. Only the peak 1% of all experienced boxers earn much more than a million dollars per year, the shortest 10% the all expert boxers earn much less than $19,220 per year. 

The fact is, the majority of skilled boxers carry out not earn million disagreement salaries comparable to the likes the Anthony Joshua, Canelo Álvarez, Floyd Mayweather and also the rest of the upstream boxers contending today. It’s no an enig Floyd Mayweather has actually made end a exchange rate dollars in the boxing ring alone, however, that is an outlier. 99% of skilled boxers contending today will never see that kind of money, that’s simply the cold hard reality to the ruthless company of boxing.

How Do professional Boxers do Money?

The way professional boxers do their money is a little more clear-cut than how expert MMA fighters make their money, therefore we have actually a much better financial photo for boxers 보다 we execute of the wealthiest UFC fighters. This is every in thanks to the Muhammed Ali Boxing reform Act or much better known just as the “Ali Act” i beg your pardon was created to protect the rights and welfare of every boxers completing today. Although, there room still countless ways boxers make their money external of the ring i beg your pardon we will talk around down below.

There are plenty of things that go into a skilled boxers annual salary the doesn’t incorporate fight night, such as sponsorships and merchandise sales (we’ll talk more about this detailed down below). This is crucial considering most expert boxers fight all over from twice a year up to seven times in one year, that’s a lot of time in between fights. Although I would say many elite fighters who space making a bulk of the money typically fight double per year.


It’s no an enig that the bulk of money expert boxers do come from completing in the ring. Boxers commonly earn a break-up of the “fight purse” for completing in a boxing bout. The struggle purse is the lot of money the a hit promotor pools into an occasion that splits the money in between “Fighter A” and also “Fighter B”. If you’ve ever seen a Mayweather push conference then you’ve probably heard the ax “A side” and “B side” more than a few times. What this way is that the “A Side” or “Fighter A” is the an ext popular fighter that gets a larger percentage of the purse, if the “B Side” or “Fighter B” gets a lower percent the the purse.

Don’t forget that once the fight is excellent boxers need to pay particular expenses such together training fees (which is generally 10%), monitoring fees (anywhere native 10%-35%), and also of course Uncle Sam the Tax male gets his cut. Once all is said and also done, professional boxers deserve to sometimes leave with less than fifty percent of their original purse. It’s not difficult to check out why most experienced boxers sometimes have other work such as being part-time trainers in ~ their local gym.


If you’re ever before watched a skilled boxing bout you’ve most likely noticed brand logos top top boxers quick trunks and all roughly the boxing ring. This is since boxing has actually a huge spotlight which countless brands love to cash in on, i beg your pardon of food is good for the promoters and professional boxers. Sponsorships are among the best ways for expert boxers to earn money outside of competing.

With the to explode of social media today, sponsorships have come to be an even bigger earnings stream for skilled fighters to do money. It’s much much easier to post a photo on instagram supporting a certain brand 보다 it is to shoot a complete blown commercial.

That’s why you check out so numerous professional boxers such together up-and-coming star Ryan Garcia posting tandem with details brands for this reason often, it’s a vast money making an approach that support the fighters, particularly ones with big social media followings. Boxers such together Canelo Álvarez are a prime instance of how experienced fighters can make a massive amount that money from endorsement deals.

When you think the Canelo Álvarez you probably will additionally think of Tecate, the Mexican owned beer. As soon as you think of Floyd Mayweather you most likely will also think the Hublot, the high-end watch brand the sells high value timepieces. This is by design, brands love to attach themselves to a famous fighter/athlete because many world look as much as these athletes and want come dress prefer them, look favor them, drink favor them.


Although not all of us space running come the store to acquisition an $100,000 watch, it simply goes to show how brands room identifying themselves with like-minded individuals. Tecate is a Mexican own beer, Canelo is a well-known boxer who is from Mexico. Hublot sells luxury watches, Floyd “Money” Mayweather prides himself on gift the civilizations richest athlete. Brand love to sponsor athletes that live a way of life that is attracted to your clientele, it’s simply smart business.

Professional boxers such together Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Álvarez and also Anthony Joshua make more than enough money v sponsorships and other service ventures the they truthfully never need to step right into the boxing ring again. Return this isn’t the case for the other 99% of expert boxers contending today.


Although this is a very small percentage that sales, that still is a way professional fighters can earn money exterior of competing. Not every struggle is like Floyd Mayweather v their very own brand such as “TMT” (The Money Team), however, most fighters carry out sell their very own merchandise such together supporter shirts, hats, or any type of other type of wearable gear. TMT alone has made Floyd Mayweather numerous dollars in revenue.

Buying a experienced fighters merchandise is just one of the ideal ways to assistance them. If you want to support a fighter then I indicate you buy your merchandise due to the fact that usually a bulk of money do from was sales goes directly to them.

The most elite and also best performing experienced fighters likewise have special merchandise deals with boxing glove brands that make minimal edition gloves that also support the fighters.

What Do skilled Boxers Do outside of The Ring?

The answer to this question is going come be different for every fighter due to the fact that no 2 fighters space the same. The most elite professional boxers are commonly training a bulk of the year, fighting double a year at most. Experienced boxers who are just beginning out will be training every one of the year and fighting as lot as humanely possible. It can take a lengthy time come make sufficient money from boxing to speak to it a career.

Many professional boxers who space just starting out and not making that much money yet will actually do their money by training various other fighters in their home gym. Sometimes expert fighters room hired to join other fighter camps and assist during sparring sessions.

Believe the or not, some experienced fighters I understand are students at their regional college, work straightforward 9-5 jobs and also live totally normal lives outside of the ring. This just goes to display that the life of a expert boxer isn’t always as glamorous as world think. Not every fighter is lucky enough to go on lavish vacations after ~ competing.

Who are The highest possible Paid experienced Boxers?

Who are the highest paid professional boxers the are right now active? It’s constantly one the the many talked about questions in the world of boxing. Luckily for you we’re going to failure the peak five right now paid skilled boxers. If you’re in search of a perform of the greatest paid MMA fighters, friend can uncover that here.

Canelo ÁlvarezEstimated income in 2019: $100M

The highest possible paid fighter is one we proceed talking about, Canelo Álvarez. This numbers room based turn off of his large 11 struggle DAZN transaction worth an approximated $365 million, yes we said MILLION. And his huge endorsement deals with brands such together Tecate and also Hennessy. The ceiling is high v Canelo who has the talent, great looks, and massive appeal to the mexico fanbase.

Anthony JoshuaEstimated earnings in 2019: $70M

Anthony Joshua is a sponsors dream v his hulk physique and also million dollar smile. He has actually deals with huge named brands such together Under Armour, Jaguar LandRover, and also Beats through Dre. The $70 million mark is no surprise as Joshua reportedly earned an approximated $60 from his rematch v Andy Ruiz in Saudi Arabia. Ns see big things in Anthony Joshua’s future together he has everything needed to success in the civilization of boxing.

Deontay WilderEstimated revenue in 2019: $35M

Almost every one of Wilder’s money has actually come from completing in the boxing ring. He has some little endorsements indigenous the likes the Everlast boxing brand. Most of Deontay Wilder’s money has actually come from the massive Tyson rage fight (an approximated 10M) that ended in a attract last year. I intend Deontay to earn even an ext in their blockbuster rematch later this year.

Manny PacquiaoEstimated income in 2019: $25M

A surname that appears to be forever identified with boxing is the one and also only, Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao has made millions of dollars inside and outside that the boxing ring, however, many notably inside wherein he has actually earned an approximated billion dollars in revenue native PPV sales alone. Although his days inside the boxing ring are numbered, i don’t think we’ve watched the last of Manny Pacquiao.

Gennady GolovkinEstimated earnings in 2019: $25M

Last but not least, round off out our perform is Gennady Golovkin, who most recently signed a 6 fight address DAZN streaming service worth an approximated $100 million. The only blemish on Golovkin’s record is the attract and majority decision loss come his brand-new DAZN partner, Canelo Álvarez. The Kazakhstani fighter has endorsement encounters Nike’s Jordan Brand, Hublot, Tecate and also Chivas Regal.

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Final Thoughts

It’s vital to remember that a lot of of experienced boxers aren’t fighting solely for the money. Many boxers fight due to the fact that they truly love the sports of boxing, it’s not always about the money. Back it’s vital to acquire the money while friend can, an entire lifespan precious of boxing have the right to yield serious troubles for your brain health. Over there is no task security as soon as it pertains to being a expert boxer, no 401k, no retirement plan, it’s a ruthless service that shouldn’t be taken lightly.