The average police officer value is higher than you might expect. The median yearly salary of a police officer is $65,400. Being a police officer comes through risks, however it can also be a financially rewarding career. Let’s take a closer look in ~ the average salary the a police officer and where policemans make the most. No issue what her job and salary, a financial torture can assist you do the most of your money, so take into consideration finding one v’s complimentary financial advisor equivalent service.

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Police Officer Salary: The Basics

According to the bureau of labor Statistics (BLS), the typical salary the a police officer is$65,400. That’s for a BLS category that incorporates police officers and also sheriff’s patrol officers. Detectives and also criminal investigators room in a separate category and also earn a typical salary of $81,920. Transit and also railroad wardens, an additional category, have median yearly salaries of $74,030, if fish and also game wardens earn median salaries of $57,710.

BLS data shows that themedian annual wage because that “police and detectives,” the category that encompasses every one of the over professions, to be $63,380 in might 2018. In 2018, the lowest-paid 10% of police and also detectives earned less than $36,550 and also the highest-paid 10% earned much more than $106,090. Many police and detectives belong to unions.

The BLS also tracks what that calls the “job outlook” for the job it studies. The job outlook is the percentage by which the number of people in a given job is meant to grow in between 2016 and 2026. The mean rate throughout all tasks is 7%. Because that police and detectives, the job outlook is additionally 7%, best on average.

Where Police policemans Earn the Most


The BLS collects geographical data top top workers’ salaries. Indigenous this data, we can identify the places where police officers earn the most. The top-paying state for police and sheriff’s patrol police officers is California, wherein the average annual salary because that police and also sheriffs’ patrol officers is $101,380 (again, this category does not include detectives, transit police or game wardens). Various other high-paying states are brand-new Jersey, Alaska, Washington and also Illinois.

What around the top-paying metro area because that police and also sheriff’s patrol officers? That would beSan Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA, where the average yearly salary in the ar is$125,990. Various other high-paying metro locations for officers are similarly clustered in California, consisting of San Francisco-Redwood City-South san Francisco, CA; Vallejo-Fairfield, CA; Santa Rosa, CA; and Napa, CA. Officers’ average annual salaries in each of these metro areas top $100,000.

Becoming a Police Officer


To become a physician or a lawyer needs years of extensive study, which might require student loans. Coming to be a police officer, ~ above the various other hand, is a much less costly endeavor. There space physical and an individual qualifications that aspiring police officers must satisfy. In some places and also for some ranks, a high school diploma is a sufficient educational qualification, if others call for a bachelor’s degree. Because that example, if you desire to work for a federal legislation enforcement agency, such as the FBI, girlfriend must have a college degree.

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Bottom Line

Being a police officer is no for everyone, but depending on your rank and also geographical location police work have the right to be areliable path to amiddle-class lifestyle. Police officers generally enjoy a high level of project security, therefore while the task outlook because that the field as a whole is below average, existing officers space in a steady position.

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