SAN FRANCISCO — With yearly pay exceeding $300,000, san Francisco Police cook Greg Suhr is the highest-paid cop in the nation, according to city payroll records.

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Over the food of the last fiscal year, Suhr took house a full of $321,477, a sum that — because that longevity pay given to officers with 27 year of company — was a $19,000 boost to his basic salary of $302,577.


san Francisco Police chief Greg Suhr is pictured. (AP Image) The number is higher than chiefs the police salaries in other huge cities, The mountain Francisco Chronicle noted.In Los Angeles, Police cook Charlie Beck makes $307,291, and brand-new York Police Commissioner ray Kelly, that works in the country’s highest populated city, earns $205,180.

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Suhr told the document that mountain Francisco has actually "one that the best-compensated police departments in the country, in one of the many expensive urban in the country."

He said he walk not setup to negotiate the pay raise, which has angered part city officials."Over $300,000 because that a police chef of a city less than a million people, it is too lot money,” City supervisor john Avalos called CBS. "It doesn"t it seems ~ right."

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