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The median NFL team is worth more 보다 $2 billion, therefore it renders sense that also the smaller, unheralded tasks like waterboys do surprisingly great money. For everything reason, though, the exact same can’t be said for the salary of NFL cheerleaders.

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Cheerleading is not as glamorous as you might think. The NFL’s professional cheerleaders must abide through a strict collection of rules and a rigid schedule. Their duties include day-long practices and showing face at team appearances for which they space compensated very poorly. It’s far from what you observed on the sidelines in high school.

Considering owners like Jerry Jones can afford a $250 million yacht, you’d think he’d have the ability to pay the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders at least minimum wage. The most famed cheerleading squad in America deserves means more than that, but that’s an argument for a different day.

While national Football league teams space printing money and the football players are cashing in on massive paydays, members that the cheer squads are gaining paid sometimes much less than minimum wage for their hard work and dedication.

NFL Cheerleaders Follow strict Rules

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The life of a cheerleader is no as glamorous as it seems.

For plenty of of this cheerleaders, to dance in mini-skirts isn’t their an initial job. The needs turn what looks favor a funny side gig or part-time job into another full-time job.

Practices deserve to be a appointment of as much as eight hours per week. Windy appearances and photo shoots eat right into their schedules. Home games are an all-day affair. Plus, part cheerleading squads should work when the team dram on holidays prefer Thanksgiving or Christmas.


“I yes, really felt like I had two permanent jobs during the season,” former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Tiffany Monroe said Money. “And our season never really ended. We got a small bit the a break in February.”

One anonymous previous cheerleader spoke through Cosmopolitan around the harsh realities that the sideline career. Obtaining weight is a no-no. Perfectly manicured nails and straight hair room musts. Even the wrong shade of skin might be grounds for firing. Cheerleaders are additionally barred from fraternizing through the NFL players.

“I quickly discovered out the the hardest component of experienced cheerleading isn’t finding out the eight counts, high kicks, or whatever cheesy dance move we to be being taught,” she said. “It was constantly looking perfect. Our contracts actually said, ‘Your appearance need to be impeccable at every times."”

How lot Do NFL Cheerleaders Make?

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Despite share the very same football ar with millionaire athletes, cheerleaders just make a small portion of what the players do.

The same former cheerleader revealed to Cosmopolitan the she made simply $3,000 throughout the 2006 season, however she just took residence a few hundred bucks after deducting things favor manicures, assembly and an individual trainers. Another former mountain Francisco 49ers cheerleader filed a lawsuit claiming to have actually made $1,250 in a season, or around $2.75 per hour.

According to Cheat Sheet, the usual rate that pay because that NFL cheerleaders is $150 each video game day and $50-75 every public appearance. Each team theatre 10 home gamings — two preseason and also eight regular-season contests.

How much NFL cheerleaders make relies on the variety of appearances, but they most likely make much less than $10,000 every year. That deserve to rise if their team makes the playoffs.

NBA cheerleaders, in comparison, earn comparable money per game. Yet NBA groups play 41 residence games, an ext than four times the lot NFL teams do.

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On height of the disastrous pay, some NFL teams make cheerleaders pay to audition in the an initial place. The Atlanta Falcons, for example, fee $35 while the brand-new Orleans Saints (the Saintsations) and also Indianapolis Colts call for $75.