The median news reporter salary is $38,961 per year, or $18.73 per hour, in the joined States. Civilization on the lower end of the spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make around $27,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $54,000. As many things go, location can be critical. Brand-new York, Alaska, Massachusetts, Missouri, and brand-new Jersey provide the highest news reporter salaries.
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Average News Reporter salary By State

The darker areas on the map show where news reporters earn the highest possible salaries across all 50 states.

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A reporter is responsible for developing written correspondence, covering various subjects together the monitoring requires. This task involves a many research investigations, conducting interviews, and also gathering reputable sources come verify the authenticity that data before releasing the write-ups on news portals and other society platforms. Journalists should have excellent interaction skills, both written and oral, conveying info to the target audience with high accuracy and efficiency. They analysis opinions and also testimonies, create eye-catching headlines, and ensure follow to deadlines.
A production editor is responsible for checking publication materials before printing and also distribution come ensure error-free and accurate content. Production editors have to have terrific writing communication skills to perform editing and proofreading of materials efficiently, adhering to strict demands of publishing deadlines. They additionally verify the sources of content, and also identifying highly requested feature opportunities by coordinating v writers and also other sector personalities. A manufacturing editor negotiates contract supplies for writers, provides feedback reviews, and facilitates brainstorming sessions.
An editor is the one responsible because that polishing and refining a story, article, and any product for publication in newspapers, magazines, books, or websites. Editors have the strength to either accept or disapprove a product as they should ensure the every manuscript which will be readily available for publishing is in ~ the ideal version as it have the right to be. There space several types of editors, indigenous copy editors, publications to regulating editors, yet they have few skills in common, like strong writing skills, an excellent judgment, and leadership ability to assist guide the whole editorial team. Most of them work-related in the office, however it is fairly becoming much more regular for them to work-related remotely.
A news anchor is a journalist who notifies the public v reports that events and also news stories. News anchors educate the public about the world, local, and national events. They connect with the reporters while they room in the air. Your job has gathering, verifying, and analyzing data from various sources. They produce news and also coordinate reports. Skills necessary because that this job incorporate verbal communication, the capability to improvise, collaboration, and also reading comprehension.
An editorial intern is responsible for assisting the editorial room of an organization with publishing miscellaneous media and digital content. Editorial interns zero tenured editorial staff on researching stories, validating information, writing captivating articles, interviewing target audiences, and screening it is registered manuscripts. They likewise assist in to plan promotional strategies and also marketing campaigns, such as monitoring press releases, posting on society media platforms, and developing marketing materials. One editorial intern must have excellent organizational skills, most importantly, a fast-learner to understand complicated tasks and perform assigned duties under minimal supervision.

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A contents editor is a skilled who is responsible because that proof-reading articles written by contents writers and write blog articles to encourage the products and services of one organization. Contents editors are responsible for producing monthly newsletters and optimize written pieces to boost user engagement. They require to interact with the consumers with the objective of sourcing feedback top top the content"s impact actively. Content editors must additionally conduct business research on existing trends to offer the firm an edge over the competition.
If you insist on understanding when your check is going come come and for how much, then you"d be much better off functioning for companies like Los Angeles Times and Lee Enterprises together they market the greatest salaries for news reporters.
Unknown news reporters have actually the highest average salary compared to various other ethnicities. White news reporters have actually the lowest typical salary in ~ $38,165.