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I have a 1997 Dodge lamb 1500 pickup that needs a new bedside - my daughter spun it out and hit a phone call pole. Does any kind of one have any idea what round park I"d be in to get a human body shop to repair it (new bedside and also paint job)? i was just carrying minimum insurance allowance on it so make the efforts to number out if it"s worth soaking up to get an calculation or not.

I have a 1997 Dodge ram 1500 pickup that needs a new bedside - mine daughter spun it out and also hit a telephone pole. Does any one have any type of idea what sphere park I"d it is in in to gain a human body shop to repair it (new bedside and paint job)? i was just carrying minimum insurance allowance on the so do the efforts to figure out if it"s worth taking in to get an estimate or not.
Wow the sucks, hope shes okay. Counts on how considerable the damage is and also if they can just bang the bed side the end or will they should replace a panel. Which constantly involves welding and also such. I have the right to tell girlfriend that just for a fender to sand it, element it, repaint it, clear, all that added prep I gained a quote because that $660. The biggest concern with one older van is walking to be making the repaint blend together so they will need to paint a bigger portion. For the Mustang we have to repaint the hood and blend the fenders I obtained quoted somewhere about $1400. Painting is expensive, you can do some of the work yourself and try Maaco. Castle are lot chepaer, but their work-related is not the greatest quality. They operation specials for like $300

1500 or less. A drunk driver took out my entirety right side and that is what it price my insurance for parts and also labor.

your ideal bet would be come buy a good used truck bed from a auto dismantling yardnew panel would run about $860 bed assemblies
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I to be finding the totality bed on craigslist because that $200 in yes sir to great condition... I am tempted to acquire one rather of repairing every the rust issues to mine... Look around for a bargain before forking out cash come a human body shop. Only issue is if the color is appropriate or not, climate it will require paint.

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