As couples embrace more unconventional wedding celebrations and also look for methods to conserve money, small weddings have become extremely popular. Small weddings, or micro-weddings, can create an ext personalized moments for couples and guests alike, making them one of our favorite brand-new trends that 2021.

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Choosing to have a small wedding venue and also guest list can significantly reduce wedding costs, leaving an ext room come splurge ~ above the details such as entertainment, decor, or a top-shelf open up bar.

A smaller wedding additionally affords couples the possibility to put an ext thought and money right into favors, a luxurious honeymoon, or even a location wedding. If you’re interested in having a much more intimate wedding, check out on come learn exactly how to plan a tiny wedding the you’ll never ever forget.

Types of tiny weddings

The desire to create more intimate weddings and also reduce costs has raised dramatically because the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. As more couples opt for small weddings, we’ve seen the increase of elopements, ‘minimonies,’ and also micro-weddings.



An elopement is a spontaneous, under-the-radar celebration, typically with less than ten guests.


A commitment ceremony through a small group the acts together a prequel to the in-person wedding. This is a good option for couples who’ve had to postpone your wedding but still desire to legally tie the knot ASAP. Some couples have also chosen come live-stream your ‘minimony’ to include loved ones that can’t to visit in-person.


A micro-wedding is exactly like a traditional big wedding, however with a guest list of about 50 civilization consisting of instant family and also close friends.

Reasons to have a small wedding

Destination weddings

For couples who want to hold their wedding in a special location, such together the an initial place castle met or a memorable holidays spot, small weddings are commonly a good idea. Because accommodations, flights, team activities, and other determinants usually make location weddings fairly expensive and also inaccessible to some guests, micro weddings room a great choice.

Minimize cost

The average price of a wedding in 2020 to be $19,000, a drop indigenous 2019’s typical wedding price of $28,000. However, this is greatly dependent on the number of guests in attendance. Catering and bar services generally take increase a big chunk that wedding budgets. Couples deserve to expect to invest an median of $4,075 top top catering for a mid-sized wedding (66 people) or around $62 a plate. A smaller wedding substantially reduces catering costs and also leaves room for splurging in other areas such together a dream wedding dress, floral displays, live entertainment, or an extravagant honeymoon.


Increased Intimacy

It’s usually difficult to say more than a fast “Thanks for coming” to guests at a huge wedding, however a micro-wedding create the possibility to have systematic conversations through guests. While tiny weddings do afford for much more intimate moments, the does median leaving some human being off the guest list. It deserve to be complicated to trim under a guest list, however it may be precious having much more special moments with the most important world in the couple’s life.

Unconventional venues

Couples who like a distinctive venue to classic churches may find tiny weddings to be a good choice. Tiny wedding venues can help couples conserve money there is no sacrificing their fairytale wedding day. Choosing a little wedding to meet also allows couples to job-related with the staff more intimately to achieve their preferred aesthetic. Micro-weddings additionally require much less planning i m sorry is perfect because that couples who want a an ext lowkey event.


How to setup a little wedding

1. Choose the right tiny wedding venue

Because many aspects of wedding planning depend on the location, detect a small wedding venue is the essential first step. While big weddings are minimal to expensive occasion spaces that deserve to accommodate a huge group, couples planning intimate nuptials can select between tiny event spaces, out spaces, arts galleries, gardens, and also many more unique options.

2. Narrow down the guest list

One that the trickiest yet most important aspects of a micro-wedding is only inviting the closestly friends and also family members come the couple. Couples should produce the invite perform together and also be together discerning as possible with who makes the cut. If the invite list is pushing 50, forgoing plus-ones might be a great option.

3. Find an officiant

Because little weddings space so intimate, couples may want to have actually a close girlfriend or special human being in your life to officiate the wedding ceremony. Couples deserve to ask your officiant to use a much more informal script that resonates with the couple’s values and also personalities.

4. Pick the wedding party

Some couples select not to have a wedding party at your micro-wedding because it’s only close family and also friends. Alternatively, plenty of couples choose only to have actually one human being stand up in ~ the altar through them or whole traditional wedding party, relying on their preferences. If couples decision to have a wedding party, sending out tiny favors before the huge day is a thoughtful touch.


5. Choose food and drink options

One of the best perks of having actually a small wedding is lessened catering costs. Micro Wedding couples can pick to have actually their reception dinner at a restaurant or select an affordable catering choice through the venue. Occupational with the meet to find the ideal food and also drink choices based on the dimension of the celebration.


6. Hire a Photographer

Regardless of just how understated a wedding is, couples will certainly still want to record special moments throughout the day. Rental a professional photographer so that you don’t need to rely on guest to take it photos. Take your time searching for the appropriate fit by reviewing virtual portfolios and interviewing the height candidates to recognize if their style and also personality will be a an excellent fit.

7. Splurge top top decor

Cutting the expense of catering allows for much more room come splurge that decorations to produce a picture-perfect wedding. Pick a florist to handmade the perfect floral arrangements and also work through the to meet to determine the layout and also other decorative elements. Friend can also DIY decorations or order indigenous Etsy if you’re feeling crafty!


8. Add personal touches

The entire point of a small wedding is to produce a much more intimate celebration and what better way to carry out that than v personalized touches? developing thoughtful touches the reflect your partnership and that her close friends and family will know will assist make the job even more special. This can incorporate handwritten invitations, calligraphy place cards, personalized gifts, and also anything else the feels favor a have fun of your love story.


San Diego’s Best small Wedding Venue

The newfound desire because that intimacy, sentimentality, and meaning has created some incredible new wedding trends prefer the micro-wedding.

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Choosing the best wedding venue is among the most an essential steps to planning a small wedding. Flora’s dynamic san Diego wedding agree venue is as functional as it is beautiful. Our all-inclusive services and amenities, along with the versatile event space, is the perfect backdrop for your intimate nuptials. We’re cursed to developing safe and enjoyable experience for every our guests and also love working with couples to customize our an are to fit your needs. Contact us come learn how our event team can help make your day unforgettable.