Hummers rank amongst the heaviest civilian SUV-styled vehicles ever produced. From the 7,000 pound plus H1 come the end 4,000 pound H3, Hummers tip the scale in regards to weight, making castle slow and also a bit unwieldy. In this article, us look at Hummers and also how lot they weigh.

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How lot do Hummers weigh?

Hummers have the right to weigh end 8,000 pounds to a small below 5,000 pounds depending on the model and year. The Hummer H1 Alpha was the heaviest of them. H2s weighed end 6,000 pounds if the H3 had the smallest bulk of 4,600 pounds.

Regardless the the type you love, every Hummers room heavy, and also this is just one of the factors for their an effective and gas-thirsty engines.

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Why space Hummers for this reason heavy?


How heavy Are Hummer Engines?

The Duramax Diesel supplied in the 2006 H1 Alpha weighs about 835 pounds, making it one of the heaviest used in SUV styled vehicles.

Earlier, H1s provided the 6.5 Li Diesel V8, which weighs 644 pounds if the Chevy tiny block motor weighs approximately 575 pounds.

The 5.3-liter V8 engine offered in the H3 weighs about 434 pounds. The 6.2-liter V8 provided in the H2 weighed approximately 460 pounds but delivered sufficient torque to press the car past 85 mph on the pavement.

Are europe Hummers Lighter 보다 U.S. Hummers?

AMG and also GM produced the same type of Hummers because that every an ar of the world. Despite the American appetite because that jumbo-sized items, the Hummer is much more than a mouthful for U.S. Roads.

In Europe, where roadways are narrower, and also pedestrians still have much more right that way, the Hummer is an oversized biology crowding out various other road users. But this hasn’t quit lovers of the auto from importing castle in huge numbers.

Final Words

The Hummer will continue to draw flak indigenous haters for its humongous size and fuel thirst. However these attributes endear the van to Hummer lovers. If you space comfortable speak a seven-feet-wide vehicle and have enough mechanical experience to keep it, nothing to win the durability and performance of a Hummer.

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For every the bad reputation of this truck, once shit access time the fan and also you must evacuate a flood-ridden neighborhood, the heavy-footed Hummer can just conserve the day.