new York City warm dog sellers are clearly shows on almost every street edge of neighborhoods with popular tourist attractions. (iStock)

New York City summer tourist season is well underway. After ~ a an excellent day the sight-seeing, what better way come stave off hunger than through a classic city snack—the warm dog.

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But visitors beware. One merchant near the world Trade facility memorial site was recently captured overcharging naïve customers, allegedly charging as much as $30 for one hot dog.

NBC 4 was tipped off to Ahmed Mohammed’s shady practices, and asked the merchant how lot he charges because that a warm dog. After ~ several secs of concerned hesitation, he responds $3. Yet the crew soon caught him trying to market one male named David a warm dog and pretzel for $15.

"I said, "What space you, a crook?"" David later on told NBC 4 new York. "I"m no a tourist, so I recognize the price in new York."

Several customers told the station that the merchant had charged them $15, $20 or also $30 for a single hot dog.

"I just felt favor I was gaining ripped off, and it"s simply making the 9/11 grounds favor a large tourist trap," one woman near the stall said NBC.

Hot dog from brand-new York City street merchants vary in price—usually between $1 and $3. But unlike countless vendors, Mohammed walk not post food price on his cart, a exercise which is no necessarily illegal however does constitute a violation of department of consumer Affairs regulations, according to NBC.

Now one local council mrs is do the efforts to readjust that regulation.

"As i was watching it, ns was outraged. First with his attitude, and with the gall," Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz stated after city hall the video. She has because introduced a bill to do posting prices law, and also imposing stiffer punishments because that those that don"t comply comply.

Ron Wolfgang, vice chairman of procedure for the Alliance of Downtown new York called NBC that because May 13, his organization has observed 5 altercations ~ above the street over prices gift charged on snack items choose pretzels, water, soda and hot dogs.

The department of consumer Affairs is investigating the incident and encourages world who space charged much more than a post price—or failure to check out prices posted at all—file a complain at or to speak to 311.

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As for Mohammed, once NBC contacted his boss, they to be told the this particular merchant was new on the job and the prices will be post on the dare soon. A warm dog will price $2.50.


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