I still remember the day i marched right into my local Hooters to apply for the waitressing position — worried as hell for the chance to offer chicken wing in orange prey shorts and nude nylons.

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But the fact was, becoming a Hooters girl wasn’t something i was proud of. In fact, after I got the project I maintained it fully off of society media and hid the from my household for months.

Like numerous of the girls that work at Hooters, I had actually much greater aspirations.

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I remained in college. I wanted to begin my own service someday. I want to contend at miss out on Universe. I want to be a role model because that young girls. And also I didn’t want my suffer working together a Hooters Girl or the poor reputation some human being have of Hooters to follow me into the future. 

But ns didn’t have well off parents to fund my greater education. Heck, ns didn’t also have college student loans to lean on. Ns was just a damaged college girl in search of an easy method to earn rapid cash and also support myself with school.

Working at Hooters assisted me to do just that.

If she considering applying and getting a project working in ~ Hooters, this short article is for you. Here’s my story, the truth around my personal experience working as a Hooters Girl.

Starting together a Hooters Girl.

Me and also my Hooters girl circa 2012 — Hooters, Doral.

While attending college, ns interviewed and also initially operated at Hooters in ft Lauderdale, Florida. I worked there for numerous months prior to transferring to what was at the moment the number one selling Hooters in the whole country. Hooters the Doral in Miami, Florida.

How did I get the project at Hooters?

As ns mentioned, ns was feather for basic job that I might make some extra money on the side while payment my method through school.

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There was a Hooters just down the street from whereby I checked out high institution that ns was currently familiar with. And also for some reason, I had actually the impression the the girls at Hooters must make a many money (after all it was much better than working at a strip club, and I didn’t need to take my clothing off or perform anything shady), so why the heck no I thought. 

I marched into my neighborhood Hooters one weekday afternoon, as soon as I knew they wouldn’t be too busy, and asked the hostess if they were hiring. She saw the ago office come grab the manager who immediately came out, without doubt to examine me out, and also decided to interview me ~ above the spot.

We sat under at one of the tables in the dining room, whereby he asked me part pretty generic interview questions. He readily available me the task on the spot.

A pair of days later I to be to go back to pick up my uniform and officially began working together a Hooters Girl the adhering to week.

Tips on gaining the job

I’m not certain if Hooters has an online application process available today (you can check their website here), yet if they do, forget about it. Dress up, placed yourself together, carry a resume and walk ideal in come apply.

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If friend look great, space friendly and also professional, don’t be surprised if management asks come sit and interview through you best then and also there.

If the doesn’t happen, and also you i can not use heard back re your application or interview, nothing be fear to circulation up and follow through!

Do Hooters Girls have requirements for appearance?


Contrary to renowned belief, Hooters (as much as I’m conscious of) does not have actually a weight border or comparable appearance needs to job-related there as a bartender or waitress Hooters Girl.

However, the no secret that Hooters does ar a most importance on the illustration of the girls.

Hooter Girls certainly tend to be slimmer (as opposed plus size), look put together, and also fit a details “image.

Also contradictory to well-known belief, I also don’t think chest or bust size matters much. The girls I operated with ranged native the itty bitty tittie committee come extra-large dual D implants.

How lot do Hooters girl make?

If you think Hooters pays girls some extra distinct waitressing value to be scantily clad, you’re sadly mistaken.

Hooters Girls room paid the very same hourly wage or base salary as any kind of other waitressing position at any type of other restaurant. The yes, really numeric worth varies from state come state.

In the state of Florida, because that example, Hooters Girls are paid about $5.60 every hour add to what they do in tips.

Unfortunately, yes sir no extr incentive for looking cute in her padded press bra and a small tank top.

No special inspiration in her base salary the is…

How much do Hooters Girls make in tips?

How Hooters girls really make their money is v tips.

On a regular great night, Hooters Girl waitresses have the right to make $150-250. Bartenders can carry home from $200-$300. Of course, this depends on what location you work and also if it’s a video game season or not.

The fact is, world aren’t simply throwing money in ~ Hooters Girls since they have actually Hooters written across their chests. Hooters girl gotta work-related for the money honey!

The average customer will reminder the typical 15-20% for standard service — just like any other restaurant. If you desire to do the large tips, you’ve obtained to hustle.

Hooters Girl tips on tips.


What does hustling look favor to make an ext money together a Hooters Girl? right here are part tips on advice from a previous Hooters Girl.

Get to recognize the regulars.

You recognize the males that virtually live in ~ Hooters and also chat the girls up for hours on end. Obtain to understand them. Back they will usually already have your favorite girl they favor to sit with, those girl aren’t always at work.

Don’t be fear to find out their names, speak hello, and also chat castle up. Regulars have tendency to be great tippers.

Come to work, to work.

Seems favor a no brainer right? however the truth is, a lot of Hooters Girls concerned work to look cute. Part girls come to socialize. And some girls come simply because, well, the manager placed them on the schedule.

When you tie the buffalo sauce stained apron approximately your cute small waist, don’t forget to revolve on her hustle mindset. That’ll placed you in ~ the head the the pack.

Deliver phenomenal service.

Looking cute in your Hooters uniform will certainly only gain you so far with customers. The truth is that civilization come to Hooters come yes, perhaps to look in ~ the girls, yet mostly come drink, eat, and also enjoy themselves.

Make sure to supply fabulous hospitality to your guests. Refill their cold beer. Make certain they have actually lots that napkins. Take treatment of your guests if you mean them come take care of you.

Hooters girls rules.

Every Hooters location will have its very own rules. There room the rules applied by monitoring like don’t huddle and also gossip, run hot food as soon as it’s up, and come calendar season market sell sell.

There are additionally some needs Hooters asks their girls to adhere to — her uniform and also shoes must always be impeccably clean, there should be no operation in her pantyhose, take out crazy piercings and cover distracting tattoos.

Is gift a Hooters girl precious the money?

The reality is working as a Hooters girl is nearly the very same as waitressing at any kind of other restaurant in America.

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Many families, young people, old petiole too, all sorts of civilization come come Hooters to drink beer or $5 margaritas and also eat chicken wings and also curly fries.

If friend hustle and also perform exceptionally well, there is an chance to do slightly much more than the mean server at any type of other restaurant with the exact same traffic and menu price points.

The significant difference is going come be the Hooters is absolutely a more of relaxed and playful functioning environment. And also so you have the chance to make brand-new friends too.

Is it worth the money? Id’ to speak after reading this post you should have the ability to weigh the pros and cons to make the finest decision for you.

Have a plan. Of exactly how you will usage working in ~ Hooters or everywhere for that matter as an opportunity to further yourself personally and also professionally — and you’ll be simply fine.

Hooters is a method to one end, a component of your journey, certainly not the destination. Simply keep that optimal of mind.