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Choosing the right phone, particularly an easy-to-use flip phone for seniors, doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, seniors and their loved ones have the right to narrow their choices by concentrating on functions that aid make life simpler and also safer.

Cell phones room increasingly useful tools for seniors, a fact reflected in the farming percentage the older americans who very own one. They no only carry out an easy method to talk and also text v friends, take photos the family and also keep monitor of contacts, yet many also include medical alert capabilities, can collection reminders for appointments and medications, and are compatible through assistive technology and devices.

If she a senior or you treatment for a an elderly who stays alone or has a chronic clinical condition, a cell phone can make it straightforward to contact emergency services, lug out daily functions and also increase safety and peace the mind. If you or your an elderly loved one just need one easy way to store life organized and also stay connected, a phone is one invaluable assistant.

Flip Phones vs. Smartphones

In an era where smartphones are easily the many popular kind of phone, it’s vital to mental the benefits of a basic flip phone. A smartphone is a valuable tool, however for part seniors, the may have actually too countless distracting or confuse applications and also features.

Alternatively, flip phones provide an easy communication functions. They’re likewise less expensive and tend to have a much longer battery life than most smartphones. Those more, lock less complicated than smartphones and also will commonly be easier for seniors to get used to. Flip phones are wonderful option because that seniors looking come buy their very first mobile phone call or for anyone that prefers the simplicity and also security of a straightforward phone.

Criteria for Flip Phones Seniors should Consider

Use this list to aid you determine important features and functions in a brand-new flip phone for you or one older girlfriend or household member.

Ease of Use and also Accessibility

Basic functions that do a phone straightforward to use include:

A large, tactile keypad for simple navigation, texting and also calling.A bright, high-contrast screen to counter vision problems (a backlit key-board may also be useful).Loudspeakers v volume control, specifically if you’re experiencing hearing loss.A much longer battery life than many smartphones (typically lot of days) so you don’t have to worry about constantly charging her phone.An capacity to set multiple alerts and also reminders end a variety of timespans (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) easily.

Ultimately, a flip phone should be easy and intuitive for you or your senior to use.


Bluetooth compatibility on a flip phone is vital if you arrangement on utilizing hands-free services or have actually a pair the wireless headphones or wireless-enabled listening aids. Voice-to-text solutions may likewise rely top top a Bluetooth connection.

Voice-to-Text Compatibility

People who have an obstacle typing or find it cumbersome to text—or merely prefer come dictate messages—should look for a phone v voice-to-text (also dubbed speech-to-text or voice texting) capabilities. Some phones can additionally read message to you, though you will pay a greater price for this feature.

Hearing assist Compatibility

If friend wear hearing aids, you likely know the battles of do the efforts to use a non-compatible phone: Feedback and interference can destroy a conversation. Hearing aid-compatible flip phones come with an M and T rating, based on standards collection by the Federal interactions Commission (FCC). M procedures compatibility v acoustic hear aids and T steps compatibility v induction hear aids. Look for an M or T rating that 3 or 4 for the ideal user experience.

Emergency and SOS Services

If you desire the an easy emergency services, look because that phones v a dedicated emergency aid button, generally located ~ above the keypad or ~ above the exterior of the phone. Most cell phones made for senior consumers include this feature.

Only a select variety of flip phones come with much more complex, built-in medical alarm capabilities, so salary attention once purchasing. These phones can include features like fall detection, amplified GPS and a certified urgent an answer system come make sure a an elderly user deserve to quickly and also easily receive help anywhere, any time. You likewise save money through not having to purchase a separate clinical alert device, despite be conscious of battery life differences in between products.

Compatibility through Chosen company Provider

Not every flip phones room compatible v every business provider—in fact, part are just compatible through one. So when purchasing a flip phone, inspect that that compatible through your specific carrier. Friend can additionally ask details carriers around the packages they offer. Some companies offer discounts on plan if other members the your household use the same service.

Flip phones are quite affordable loved one to most smartphones. Most cost about $100 or less and also can be uncovered for together low together $30. The last price that a phone depends on the model, features and retailer.

Check to view Whether you Qualify because that Lifeline

The Lifeline program provides discounts and no-cost cell phone services to standard low-income consumers and their households. If one individual’s income is listed below the commonwealth poverty reminder or they usage federal aid programs, they might qualify for Lifeline. The application procedure is straightforward and can be completed online or through the mail, but it does need formal files like proof of earnings in order to confirm eligibility.

AARP mobile Discounts

AARP offers its members cell phone discounts. These packages carry out discounts on the call itself, and accessories. AARP works straight with service providers, too, ensuring straightforward and high-quality plans. For accessible discounts, examine the AARP Membership and Benefits website.

Though that tempting to keep old, unused flip phones in a crate in the attic, an different is come donate them for a great cause. If your phone is still in an excellent shape, consider donating come campaigns and also nonprofits favor Hope Phones and Cell Phones for Soldiers. You can likewise drop off her old call at mobile recycling kiosks.

Many electronics stores or mobile carriers additionally offer trade-in and exchange options for old flip phones. Check with your carrier first, because you may have the ability to receive future discounts.

Other programs choose Gazelle enable you to letter a phone come their agency location for free and then receive a examine or gift card once the final value of her phone is assessed.

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Finally, most city federal governments have a regimen in ar for recycling or repurposing old phones. Check your local federal government website for details.